Lays out Essential Business VoIP Information and Service Selection Guide

Business VoIP Guide offers information to educate any business owner on choosing the best provider, features and phones for their business.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2012 -- The age of the Internet has brought about changes to methods of communication. The breakthrough was so tremendous that the need for a regular phone line is essentially eliminated, with analog audio signals on regular telephones converted into digital data and transmitted online. The revolutionary technology, dubbed Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP utilizes the Internet for phone calls and communications.

The benefits and savings that VoIP technology promises has made it a must-have for salespersons in the office, work-at-home entrepreneurs, real estate agents on the road who have Internet connection. is an informational website provided for businesses to read and gain knowledge about the industry. Featuring news, reviews and information, the website serves as a guide for businesses in choosing the best VoIP service for their phone system setup. explains that VoIP uses software to create a large range of features. Business VoIP features, in particular, solve business needs, such as multiple lines, conference calling, faxing, toll-free vanity number, multiple devices sharing all features, and higher calling capacity than home accounts.

To assist businesses, outlines some VoIP solutions and their corresponding features for Call Center, Mobile, Office and Online Fax. The website notes that a small-sized company can start with a basic set of small business VoIP features, and add additional VoIP features to the plan as employees learn from experience. advocates that putting business VoIP solutions in place is a sure way to save money and streamline the basic services needed and used on a daily basis. However, when deciding to use the VoIP service – such as phone service, fax, and other VoIP products – many factors will need to be considered, with the service provider topping the list. notes that there are 50 individual VOIP features from various providers such as Nextiva, 8X8 and Vocalocity. The website highlights the VoIP services of Nexvita, which has established itself as an award-winning leader in providing cloud-based, VoIP business communication services to small businesses.

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