To Pimp a Nation

Black Guy from the 'Hood, Reviews Racist Author's Books

Genuinely fascinated by the subject of racism, Ron (the Author) put aside emotions and evaluated two of Author Colin Flaherty’s books, “White Girl Bleed a Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” based on the books’ information. These books have several academic and professional reviews but nothing remotely comparable to this one.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2018 --Ron Polk, a successfully assimilated African America commercial Assistant Director from South Central Los Angeles, spends much of his spare time exploring social issues and has even wrote a book called "To Pimp a Nation," drawing from his past experience as a pimp to demonstrate parallels between how pimps operate and the way America governs its citizens. Genuinely fascinated by the subject of racism, Ron put aside emotions and evaluated two of Author Colin Flaherty's books, "White Girl Bleed a Lot" and "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry" based on the books' information. These books have several academic and professional reviews but nothing remotely comparable to this one.


The Author.


America initially formed with one branch of humanity, namely white men, having the vast majority of say-so as to how it would be organized. Its other citizens have since expended the majority of their energy fighting that structure in order to factor in (women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, etc.). President Trump's political chapter is shaking things up and without everyone at the table this time to decide how the Nation moves forward, America's future will be full of continued internal strife instead of cohesive cooperation to advance this great country. Flaherty's books lobby the Trump social undercurrent to fight for the old status quo (Make America Great Again) and America needs a genuine counter narrative that traditional journalists have yet to deliver. Without robust discussions America's future will be full of civil rights, feminism and religious struggles rather than innovative social advancements that would help regain our status as a beacon of prosperity to the world.


"Flaherty has skillfully packaged a combination of true racial violence with other violence as filler and fed it to his readers, who seem satisfied with the contents labeled, 'Black Mob' and 'Racial Violence.'"

"What white people often settle with words, gets them punched when dealing with black people from the 'hood. 'Hood folks know to stop arguing at a certain point to avoid violence, where white people will get in each other's face and yell at the top of their lungs to settle a problem. I observed this difference in my early adulthood when we would venture into white neighborhoods to go to parties. Some white guy would have a problem with one of my friends and charge him to yell in his face, only to be caught with a right hook and knocked out. I'm sure many white men have experienced the same thing and conclude that black people are violent. No. There are just cultural differences between people who have had the luxury of police that solved their problems and those who didn't."

"Flaherty doesn't seem to understand that lack of specificity when designating suspects leads to racism. Several times in his book, he takes issue with police not arresting someone based on vague descriptions. If you're in a crowd of black people and tell police that a six-foot black male punched you, you just described half the crowd. Should they just arrest all the six-foot black males to figure it out? They used to do this to us a lot. It caused a lot of trouble then and does in Flaherty's stories, but he doesn't see the fault. He has likely never experienced being in handcuffs lined up on a wall while some random white person who thinks you all look alike and may hate black people altogether, sits in the patrol car behind tinted glass deciding which one will go to jail tonight."

"Flaherty also speaks of a gentrification story where Tracie Halvorson complains that she can't visit her local park because of the violence and drug dealing there. He really thinks that a community is supposed to change its behavior to accommodate the new white resident. Only people not accustomed to considering others in their life's discourse would not find that idea ridiculous."

(Speaking of a source Colin Flaherty cited to prove black people are more likely to lie to the Census about drug use) "Flaherty was obviously just seeking a way to prove black people are dishonest and more likely to lie on census forms. Using relapsing cocaine addicts to explain black people's truthfulness is similar to the public pointing at ghetto dysfunction to explain African American behavior. But why did Mr. Flaherty only focus on cocaine? As the saying goes, when you point at others, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself. The same study also says, 'African Americans were more likely than white males to over-report marijuana usage.' HOLD ON! Police pulled me over countless times in the '90s and 2000s and not once did they ever say, "I need to search your car because I smell cocaine." They claimed they smelled marijuana, the primary drug responsible for turning traffic stops into jail time."

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