Black Internet Inventor Will Continue Struggle for Justice

While the Web continues to celebrate its 25th Year, the woman associated with the ideas that sprung its existence continues her struggle for recognition of her invention of the modern day Internet.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2014 -- People of color no matter what their contributions continue to be discriminated against and held back from economic advancement in this country. Now that the government has become empowered and corporations enriched by her intellectual ideas, the modern day Internet’s true inventor alleges that her rights are still being illegally suppressed. Even as her intellectual property supports billions and trillions of dollars in enterprise, the black inventor is suffering defamation, degradation, and financial hardship.

“It is no wonder that the economy is failing because those in charge have myopic vision – seeing very narrowly what only benefits themselves. Had I known when I went to the Federal Government in 1990 fresh with ideas of how to create commerce and jobs that I would end up being treated in such a manner – I would have kept my thoughts to myself. Then there would be no WorldWide Web. I will continue to pursue justice in court even though it is now 25 years and climbing because it is the just and right thing to do. “

As the World celebrates the 25th Birthday of the Worldwide Web ( the Internet across borders ) inventors of the Internet range from soup to nuts ! Some articles date the Internet from 1989 and others from 1967 and still others from 1995. Internet inventors range from Brer Rabbit, Wylie Coyote to Mother Goose or Humpty Dumpty . This is being facetious of course. These are cartoon characters and depending on what Internet History you read - it reads like a cartoon with so many different ones taking credit for its invention . Then there are there are the so called unnamed ‘Harvard professors’ or little known Brits claiming credit. No doubt anyone can get on television or the web today posing in front of charts and graphs and claim their “ invention of the internet “ but there is only one that can provide proof.

The Internet of today that has morphed into the WorldWide Web began in March 1990 when Hartman presented proposal(s) to the U.S. government through its Small Business Innovation Program(s) ideas on how to use telecom for business . Her proposals were submitted in an effort to obtain funding to start the first telecommunications services company , Talk Shoppe Inc . She alleges that the National Science Foundation stole the ideas because they were good and applied them to a failing telecom industry based on the Arpanet. That prior telecom network had phased out by 1989 . The NSFNet was essentially used as a holding place for the prior telecom network(s) while the National Science Foundation sought answers and solutions for saving the networks. Hartman alleges that while she was denied funding and support of any kind that the NSF used her ideas to revamp and revitalize the network(s). The fact that the NSF adopted her ideas of commercialization or privatization in November 1990 as witnessed by a congressional meeting report in April 1992 and corresponds to her correspondence to a U.S. Small Business administrator ‘ not to dispense her proprietary information to others for their enrichment as she had not received any help .’ “That is precisely what he did “ , says Hartman .

The theft continues to this day as she was the First To File and the First To Invent in her patent application for the process . She claims the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied it not because it had a Prima Facie case of none patentability but because the Office used fraud and malfeasance to deny a patent . The inventor alleges that it because of the tremendous size and success of the Internet and the wealth, greed , and power now associated with it . She alleges that she is being deliberately discriminated against because she is a disadvantaged minority . Hartman says that if the government had simply acknowledged her and compensated her in an appropriate manner- in other words had treated her as a human being - then patent applications and the fight for justice would not be necessary . Read more at her Blog , http://www.smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/blog