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Blendtec - Important Information Now Released


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2012 -- Blendtec, one of the most exciting high end blender manufacturers to ever hit the marketplace has had to drop its Made in the USA label. The Blendtec company is based in Utah. There, they have a factory where they employ hundreds of Americans to design and manufacture their products. The decision to drop their made in the USA label comes as a surprise to the many people who have purchased Blendtec products in recent years.

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The labeling adjustment was made in response to a Californian law. The law states that companies who have any of their parts manufactured outside of the USA cannot display the Made in the USA designation. Because Blendtec acquires a few of their blender components from other countries, they have decided to drop the label to be compliant with the Californian law. Of course, Blendtec will continue to design and manufacture their products in their facilities in Utah.

Blendtec makes commercial blenders and dispensers that are perfect for commercial kitchens as well as home kitchens. Their extensive line of blenders include the Total Blender Classic Fourside, the Total Blender Classic Wildside, and the Designer Series Wildside. These blenders are heralded as being the best in the industry, and they are even featured in a popular YouTube series called, Will It Blend.

Although Blendtec can no longer display their Made in the USA label, they will continue their mission to support and donate to American organizations. Recently, the company donated some of their blenders to the Culinary Institute of America. Thanks to this generous donation, chefs in training at this world class New York academy can now practice their skills with Blendtec blenders.

In addition to reaching out to various schools and charitable organizations, Blendtec also has a strong commitment to ensuring that their clients are happy. Most cooks who use Blendtec products claim to be incredibly happy with their performance. In an effort to ensure continued customer satisfaction, Blendtec has extended their warranty period.

Now, consumers who buy Blendtec products receive a three year warranty that includes all genuine parts as well as factory labor from their Utah factory. The warranty is in effect regardless of how often the Blendtec blender has been used during the three year period.

In spite of the new label, Blendtec continues to be an American product from an American company. Consumers who buy this product may not see a Made in the USA label, but they can rest assured that their blender comes from Utah where Blendtec employs hundreds of Americans.

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