Helps Identify High Blood Pressure Risks and Various Treatment Options provides a mixture of information and advice about blood pressure. It lists a useful blood pressure chart that help HBP sufferers understand their BP readings and take the appropriate actions for treatment.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2012 -- Global statistics indicate that high blood pressure is causing 62% of all strokes and 49% of all heart attacks. Moreover, 7.6 million premature deaths each year are caused by HBP - which works out at one in five deaths is caused by the condition every year. The alarming figures, which are continuously on the rise, bring attention to individuals with high blood pressure to properly understand their condition, and, more importantly, do something about it. aims to provide helpful information about blood pressure in order to save a life against this silent killer condition. The main focus of the website is to detail a blood pressure chart, enabling people to compare and better understand the blood pressure readings during visits to doctors and hospitals.

Richard Gumsley, the man behind, used to be an HBP sufferer, but has managed the condition with diet and lifestyle changes. Mr. Gumsley also wrote the book "Six Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure."

When was diagnosed with HBP at age 34, Mr. Gumsley started the quest to take charge of his situation and have normal blood pressure without the use of medication. Armed with the right knowledge from three years researching, talking to experts and experimenting to see how HBP can be lowered, he was able to be cured and prevented the progression of heart disease through diet and healthy lifestyle changes.

"I believe it is our responsibility to look after our health in the first instance rather than burdening our health systems with our largely preventable lifestyle illnesses. However if we still get ill, our doctors should be in charge of our treatment, but even then our health is our responsibility not theirs. Arm yourself with knowledge of your condition, ask your doctor questions, request tests, question treatments and if in doubt ask for a second opinion," Mr. Gumsley says.

Notably, emphasizes the ways to lower and cure high blood pressure naturally through diet and lifestyle changes, as opposed to simply relying on medication to treat the symptoms while continuing with an unhealthy diet.

To learn more about high blood pressure and understand the figures with a blood pressure chart, please visit for details.