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Bo Ohrwall at Pickering Interfaces Nordic "Piab" in Co-Operation with Sovema/Bitrode Increases Orders in the Battery Industries in Sweden

Bitrode Europe provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) charge/discharge systems as well as customized formation and production lines for various kinds of battery chemestries such as LiIon, NiMh and Lead Acid.


Varberg, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2012 -- http://www.pickering.se/ in cooperation with Sovema / bitrode have recently closed a deal with Nilar Interna-tional AB for formation of 960 NiMh Modules using a Cell Switching Formation Management (CSM) in Swe-den. The system enables to form arrays of 20 modules of NiMh per circuit and a total of 16 circuits per test-system. I.e 320 modules. This is a simple and fast “plug & play” solution, that provides all the connections and analog sig-nals required for the formation, in order to drastically re-duce the production time.

In addition to the above, a CSM (Cell/Module Switching Management) allows to connect several modules to the same circuit, in order to reduce the amount of rectifier involved in the formation. Each module is monitored by the software formation system and bypassed by the series connected to the circuit based on the limit conditions de-cided by the operator in the formation program.

The complete formation system is composed of no. 3 sta-tions, each station including:

- Charger
- Analog Signals Acquisition
- Pallets Loading

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