Bongo Tones

Bongotones Allows Users to Rate User-Generated Wallpapers and Ring Tones

The setup allows for a much easier browsing experience for first-time and returning users.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2012 -- Bongotones was originally formed to make it easy for people find the mobile phone content they are looking for without wasting time. One feature that helps new users on the website is the rating system they use to track popular wallpapers and ring tones. This system is based off the votes of real users to help give shoppers a good idea on what is hot and what isn’t.

In order to keep a phone unique, users are constantly looking for fresh ways to customize their phone. That’s why if one is looking for an Eli Degrassi, a special 3D anime or any other type of hot wallpaper, the best place to look is through the ranking system on Bongotones. They instantly rank them according to how others feel about the design.

Most of the content on Bongotones is free and user-generated, although there is some premium content that users are required to spend a little money on. The great thing is users can easily avoid the content with low ratings without ever wasting their time downloading it to their phone.

For more information on how Bongotones rates their content, as well as the latest releases, visit

About prides itself on having one of the most extensive collections of mobile phone content in the world. They are one of the few websites to offer both free, user-generated content and premium content on the same website. Whether the search is for wallpapers or ring tones, Bongotones has the user covered.