Bonville Announces Health and Weight Loss Online Resource


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2014 -- Bonville is pleased to announce the launch of their online resource dedicated to weight loss tips and health education. Website representative Kevin McDonald explained, “With so much interest in getting fit and losing weight these days it has resulted in several websites that pop up promoting the latest and greatest weight loss pills, all claiming to produce miracle results. We felt that consumers deserved to have an online resource dedicated to providing the best information on weight loss. We cater to both men’s supplements as well as weight loss supplements for women on our website.” The website features a clean responsive design and is broken down into specific categories for easy browsing on both desktop computers and mobile users.

“With so many different websites available all claiming to offer the best weight loss supplements we felt consumers needed to have a place to visit to not only learn about the best weight loss pills, but also become educated about exercising and healthy eating as well. A diet pill alone will not provide instant results, regardless of what the product might claim. To see the best weight loss results you need to combine a weight loss pill or supplement with regular exercise and a sensible diet. Consumers can get information on all of that on our website, so we see it as a very valuable resource,” added Mr. McDonald of Bonville.

Consumers that have specific weight loss questions can utilize the contact function of the website. “We receive many requests, but the most common questions come from those looking for the best fat burner supplement for men, and we simply direct them to section of the site dedicated to men’s weight loss supplements. They can read reviews of the top supplements, and as more come to the market you can be sure they will be included as well. We also welcome consumers to contact us with requests of particular weight loss pills and diet supplements they would like to see reviewed and read more information about. Our goal is to ultimately provide our visitors with the most in-depth information on the products they are interested in,” concluded Bonville’s Kevin McDonald.

About Bonville
Bonville is an online health guide that provides weight loss information to both men and women. The website is constantly updated with new weight loss health tips related to diet, exercise, and weight loss pills and supplements. The information found on Bonville is free to access and there are plans to keep it updated on a regular basis in order to keep up with the rapidly changing health and weight loss industry. To learn more or to learn about the most effective weight loss pills and supplements please visit