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Borrower or Lender Matching Technology for Quicker Loan Applications Online

DrPaydayLoans.co.uk is the newest licenced brokerage business, advancing a matching technology for borrowers and lenders and having its own direct lender network.


Northampton, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2014 -- DrPaydayLoans.co.uk helps people get unsecured short-term loan agreements in a shorter time by matching them with a compatible and trustworthy lender on the market through its new matching technology. Applicants will be paired with their best lending company within minutes.

The technology used by DrPaydayLoans.co.uk matches consumers with over 100 different lenders, all of these being licenced ones. The credit brokerage business makes these introductions between borrowers and lenders with the purpose of helping one enter quickly into the aforementioned type of loan agreements. These short-term or payday loans are used in situation when quick money is needed to make unexpected payments like medical bills, utilities bills, pay for mortgages etc. without many questions asked. The expense of a holiday can also be covered through payday loans.

The customer satisfaction rate with DrPaydayLoans.co.uk is of 98% and the company is accepting online applications 24 hours a day. Applications are quick and it takes less than a couple of minutes for one user to be paired with an appropriate UK lender to secure a loan.

The online payday loans are safe and secure and have been widely preferred across the UK when facing relatively small but unexpected payments and expenses that could be handled if the next month's paycheck arrived quicker. The application on the website is rendered safe through a 128-bit secured encryption.

Getting approved for a UK payday takes only a few minutes once the application is received. These small loans are suitable to all people in need of cash, even to those with bad credit history. Funds are available within 24 hours. Qualifying is easy, as many companies have no problem with lending small sums of money that can be paid back from the applicant's next paycheck.

Individuals who have previously been rejected or disqualified for large loans can still find their short-term lender through this matching technology. According to their status and needs, they will be matched with the lender which can grant them the money on spot, thus eliminating many hours or searching, of trial and error. Based on the info they provide, applicants are matched with companies that offer them the easiest terms and conditions concerning the repayment. Loans can be obtained without a checking account.

Anyone in need of quick cash can use the Dr Payday Loans service to find exactly the lenders which make for a real match. The company has its network of direct lenders, which ensures that users get access to the funds in no more than 24 hours. No credit check is required – only filling out the application form.

About DrPaydayLoans.co.uk
DrPaydayLoans.co.uk is the newest licenced brokerage business, advancing a matching technology for borrowers and lenders and having its own direct lender network. It is not a lender itself, but a search and match service. It helps find the right company for a short term loan, also known as a payday loan, with a most convenient repayment policy.

To get matched quickly with a most suitable payday loan provider, go to http://www.drpaydayloans.co.uk