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Brain Fortius Review: Is It Really Working? Must Read

Announcing groundbreaking research that sheds light on how 30, 40 or even 70+ year olds can dramatically boost the power of their memories. New information in today's Press Release reveals a quick and effective way to maximize alertness, enhance concentration and sharpen focus - in 30 minutes or less!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2014 -- Today's Press Release is the culmination of efforts that have been verified by many years of solid research, and validated through thousands of clinical trials. As a result, the research team at Altius Life Labs is proud to reveal its breakthrough findings on memory enhancement in the form of Brain Fortius, a specially manufactured, high grade brain supplement proven to boost brain power in under 30 minutes!

Athletes, professionals in various fields, stay-at-home moms, students and aging individuals all desire to maintain peak mental performance at every stage of their lives. They all try to address that concern by dieting, exercising and taking a number of OTC memory enhancing drugs and supplements. Sadly, not many of those drugs work. Research has also proven that many of those drugs actually have side effects, causing untold damage to the brain and other organs of the body.

Today's announcement makes public the results of groundbreaking research that's gone into producing a memory enhancing supplement that's so effective that it can literally start showing results within 30 minutes or less. This research is scientifically proven, and has lead to harnessing the power of 5 super brain foods that help protect brain nerves and naturally enhance the production of beneficial brain neurotransmitters. They include:
- Ginkgo Biloba
- Korean Ginseng Root
- Bacopa Extract
- Vinpocetine
- Phosphatidylserine

The team of Researchers, Clinical Psychologists and Neuroscientists at Altius Life Labs are extremely pleased to announce today that they have successfully harnessed the power of all these super foods, and packaged them into a single delivery mechanism through Brain Fortius. Safe, effective and well tested through thousands of closely monitored trials, this amazing wonder formula has proven it's self to deliver extraordinary results. It replenishes the key nutrients that our brains require to deliver peak performance.

The result - individuals will:
- drastically improve their memories!
- dramatically improve their concentration!
- help fight short attention spans!
- boost energy levels!
- increase blood circulation to vital organs in the body!
- pre-empt various other heart, kidney and brain conditions!
- relieve stress!
- help reduce fatigue!
- help enhance mental alertness!
- boost the body's immune systems!
- increase their productivity manifold!

These super brain foods, coupled with other formulations contained in Brain Fortius, can restore the human brain to an energized, stronger and more revitalized state. Backed by mainstream science, this brain supplement has been carefully formulated by Clinical Psychologists to support healthy brain function and enhance mental performance quickly and safely.

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About Gary Busey
Gary Busey is the Chief Researcher at Altius Life Labs, and one of the driving forces in the research and development of the amazing Brain Fortius. His team of neuroscientists has been tirelessly researching and testing various combinations of formulae, including natural herbal and botanical extracts, for many years now. Finally, Gary's team was able to make a breakthrough that has resulted in the most effective brain power boosting and memory enhancing formula discovered to-date.

Gary is so committed and passionate about his creation that he has even gone on to instruct his team to offer unbelievable discounts on Brain Fortius to any customers willing to share their success stories with Gary and the team. That's the kind of confidence that Gary has in the ability of this amazing wonder drug to deliver high-quality results!