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BreakoutEA Developed by Adam Johnson Made a Profit of 266% in 2 Months with a Risk of Only 4%

In 2 months of live trading, BreakoutEA turned a deposit of $1500 into $5,491.68 making a profit of 266% with a risk of only 4%.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2014 -- BreakoutEA has been developed by Adam Johnson. BreakoutEA has an incredible winrate of 90% meaning it wins 9 out of 10 trades on average. On a backtest, this robot turned a small deposit of $250 into $10.7 million in a period of 6 years. BreakoutEA can trade both EUR/USD as well as GBP/USD pairs. It uses a unique breakout strategy. In 2 months of live trading, it turned a deposit of $1500 into $5,491.68 making a profit of 266% with a risk of only 4%.

Many traders cannot keep their emotions in trading. When the market starts to move rapidly they can’t control their emotions become nervous and start making decisions which are not based on market technicals. For example most close the trade early when they should have let the trade run. In the same manner, many traders make the mistake of getting in too early and not waiting for the confirmation that is required. Adam Johnson says that his EA is the best solutions for such type of traders. This EA does not take emotions into account when trading and is not handicapped from obtaining huge forex profits.

This is what Adam Johnson says: “That is why I’m going to reveal to you in full disclosure the Strategy behind BreakOutEA. Breakout EA utilizes a unique breakout strategy, one that determines proper market timings of channel trading to prepare for a breakout. BreakoutEA then catches the breakout regardless of whether it goes up or done, while stealthily avoiding whipsaws. It includes an advanced trailing stop that is designed to carefully determine where the best trailing stop should be set based on the movements.”

About Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson is a professional forex trader who has a passion for developing automated trading systems. He is so confident about his BreakoutEA that has is willing to give full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that anyone interested can test his robot on the demo account.

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