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Sleep Solutions 101 Introduces Triple Solution to Snoring

Research Claims that Snoring is Linked to Cardiovascular Diseases


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2014 -- Istvan Mucsi, MD, PhD, has carried out research on loud snoring along with Marta Novak, MD, PhD. According to him, “Our findings suggest that loud snoring carries a significantly increased risk for cardiovascular disease and is close to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) on the spectrum of sleep disordered breathing…”

That having been said, there are a large number of products available on the market to contain this condition. However, to choose wisely for individual needs is a tough task.

If individuals are having issues with snoring, they already know it. It is very likely that they have disturbed their sleep partner many times over the years. If the condition is severe it is likely that they have had hardly any restful sleep during the night and have often stayed awake for an extended time.

A good night’s sleep is an essential element for healthy living. It lets the mind and body function properly and allows it to recover from everyday stress. Without good sleep, the general health of a person starts deteriorating. So, what is the best solution to control snoring? The right sleep aid can be helpful.

Sleep Solutions 101 urges you to eliminate snoring by using anti-snoring devices. They have come up with three anti-snoring devices, which are:

Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Snoring Nose Clip
Infrared Watch

The anti-snoring mouthpiece, also known as the Breathe Easy Mouthpiece, is a simple yet very effective mouthpiece that keeps the upper jaw in its correct position thereby preventing the jaw and the tongue to slip backwards towards the throat, which then allows free flow of air into the lungs. Snoring is caused when the airway to the lungs is restricted because of the jaws or the tongue. While sleeping, the tongue and jawline often collapse backwards towards the throat thereby causing air movement restriction. With Breathe Easy, the airway becomes free and free flow of air translates into zero vibration of throat and so… no snoring.

The infrared watch is the Snore Stopper. It automatically detects when a person is about to snore and stimulates the nerves on their skin, encouraging the body to change sleeping position.

The Snore Stopper Nose Clip is yet another effective solution for snoring. This small nose clip, when attached, opens up the nasal passages and allows air to pass easily. This in turn reduces snoring.

All three products are now available from Sleep Solutions 101 at a reasonable price.

Are there any disadvantages to using Breathe Easy?

Well, there is one disadvantage, and that is that the device takes some time to get used to. It takes a few nights to become accustomed to this device.

Customers must buy it from reputable sites.

With several websites claiming to sell the original product, customers must use caution when buying Breathe Easy. The shopper should understand that they will receive the authentic device with a full money back guarantee.

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