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Bridges Executive Centre Successfully Concludes Seminar on HK Working Visa Acquisition

Providing top-of-the-line business solutions and services for expats in Hong Kong, Bridges Executive Centre details the successful conclusion of its free seminar on obtaining a Working Visa in Hong Kong.


Central, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2012 -- A leading trade, investment and business hub in Asia, Hong Kong remains steadfast in terms of providing foreign entrepreneurs a way to expand business and create a niche in the increasingly competent Asian market. Home to many multinational corporations and financial service companies, Hong Kong continues to attract more investors with its robust financial and banking economy, coupled by its geographical proximity to China.

The Hong Kong Immigration Ordinance provides that any person, other than those having the right of residence or right to land in Hong Kong, must get a Visa before coming to Hong Kong for the purpose of employment, investment, residence or training. As a Working Visa is a primary requisite to start working in your own business, efficient assistance on Working Visa Hong Kong application should be obtained to quickly start a successful venture in the city.

Bridges Executive Centre, a leading business solutions provider, specializes in a wide range of packaged services for expats who want to try it out in the Hong Kong business landscape. Detailed at, Bridges particularly offers Working Visa Hong Kong advice and assistance across the entire spectrum of immigration activity in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or HKSAR.

Expanding on the rules and processes involved in obtaining a Working Visa Hong Kong, Bridges Executive Centre has recently concluded its free-by-invitation seminar called "ADVICE & TIPS to Get Your Working Visa Successfully". The two-hour discussion, which took place last October 26, 2012 at the 20th Floor of the Central Tower, focused on the HK Working Visa scheme, with emphasis on assessment requirements.

Seminar speaker Ms. Fion Sen, Managing Director of Bridges, also divulged proven tactics to enhance success rate and speed up the process, emphasizing on how you can strengthen your case background. Notably, is backed by a professional counselor whose years of incontestable experience in dealing with the Hong Kong Immigration Officer makes possible the efficient acquisition of Hong Kong entry permit within the shortest time. A Q & A session was also held to answer questions from participants.

In addition to the Working Visa assistance services it offers, Bridges Executive Centre is also the go-to solutions specialist for expats who plan to start their venture in HK, helping them form the company in as fast as 2 days. Without the cost of a physical suite, Bridges can help HK entrepreneurs run their office virtually everywhere while having a prestigious image.

To learn more about the Working Visa acquisition services from Bridges Executive Centre, as discussed during the recently concluded seminar, please visit for information.

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