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BTC FAPT2.1 Premium Version That Deals with the Recent Market Changes Including Bitcoin Price Drop and MtGox Closure Released by the FAPTurbo Team

From Jan’13 to Mar’14, this latest version shows a profit in excess of +$29,000 (MTS mode) and a little more than +$13,600 (Scalper mode) with 0.1 lots on BTCUSD alone!


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2014 -- FAPTurbo team recently announced that it has released BTC FAPT2.1 Premium Version. With the recent drop in Bitcoin prices as well as the closure of MtGox last month, it became imperative for the FAPTurbo team to ensure that their BTC robot stays on top of the market, especially with the new BTCUSD feeds that their preferred brokers have switched to.

With that in mind, FAPTurbo team is very pleased to announce the release of the latest BTC FAPT2.1 Premium, which significantly outperforms its predecessor in more ways than one. From Jan’13 to Mar’14, this latest version showed a profit in excess of +$29,000 (MTS mode) and a little more than +$13,600 (Scalper mode) with 0.1 lots on BTCUSD alone! This is a VAST improvement over the results of the first BTC FAPT version, especially with the Scalper mode! Take a look at the list of improvements in the latest version:

- INCREASED PROFITS with lower drawdowns, especially in Scalper mode! The scalper in BTC FAPT2.1 is far superior in performance to the first version, and with a super-low drawdown as well as a better Profit/Loss setting that you can take full advantage of.

- BREAK EVEN feature added: The BreakevenOffset feature allows saving profitable trades from falling into a loss, incase the market price were to turn against a favorable direction.

- Automatic MaxSpread (-1) : By setting MaxpSpread to -1, the latest BTC FAPT2.1 robot will now automatically set the best MaxSpread based on the broker the robot is running on.

- Improved WatchLevels in StealthMode : The robot will keep a closer watch on a trade especially around the T/P and S/L levels when in StealthMode.

- Authentication: Addressed certain validation issues that have been occurring ever since Metatrader4 has been forced to update to Builds#600 and above.

- Cosmetic changes: ReverseTrade info has been added to the robot’s chart display and the UseFilterMA section has been rearranged and given a little more importance over the other filter parameters.

Regarding Metatrader’s latest Builds# 600 and above

Metaquotes had recently forced their new MT4 Build#600 update and more recently, the latest Build#610. The new build of MT4 terminal has some new features, different file structure and location of the directory for storing custom files (indicators, Expert Advisors, scripts, templates, logs, etc). Essentially, the old Metatrader sub-folder for experts has now been moved into the new sub-folder MQL4Experts (note the case change). Everything else remains the same.

With Build#600 and above, some of the traders may have noticed that they could not find our FAPT2 robots pre-installed in the new FxChoice or Tallinex updated metatraders. It seems that in Build# 600 and above, the new Metatrader may not ‘see’ the robot ex4 files which have been successfully moved into the new MQL4experts sub-folder. As a result, all the favorite robots may not be visible in the Metatrader’s Navigator window, under Expert Advisors. This is especially true for users running Windows Vista and above.

About FAPTurbo Team
FAPTurbo team is led by Steve Carletti from Austria who is considered to be one of the best forex software coders at the moment. FAPTurbo robot has been trading exceptionally well and right now more than 80,000 traders are using it around the world.

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