Busana Muslim

Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery Brings Muslim Fashion With Artistic Mix of the Islamic Faith and Modern Style

Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery provides fashionable Muslim clothes for the entire family from men, women and children. Their products include Muslim dress, called: "baju muslim" or "busana Muslim" in Bahasa Indonesia.


Jatiwarna, Bekasi -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2012 -- Gone are the days when Muslim dresses are typified as simply representative of the Islamic faith. Today it can be elaborately designed yet highly traditional. As demand for clothing style has risen through the years in and beyond many Islamic nations, the present era is welcoming a wide variety of Muslim fashion that blends with modernism and innovation. Indeed, fashion embraces and spans across all cultures everywhere in the world, with the Muslim apparel making its own mark.

Ranti.co.id is in the business of presenting Baju Muslim with elegant design that – as they have always been known for – resonate with the very ideals of Islamic faith. The online shopping site showcases an extensive range of Muslim apparel that creatively blends the ethnic style with globally known lines. As a result, customers are treated to modern Muslim fashion that do not only show elegance, but also exude the local touch.

At Ranti.co.id, customers will find variety of kids' wear; koko and gamis for men's wear; tunik, gamis, set tunik, rompi, vest, jacket and skirt women's wear; and accessories such as

jilbab or bergo, selendang and perlengkapan shalat. The online shop also offers Sarimbit, which has always been an attractive choice for couples at special moments such as Eid day. Constantly updated, Ranti.co.id also offers special discount prices and new arrivals.

Ranti.co.id gallery makes online shopping for Baju Muslim a breeze with great apparel choices that are displayed in full color photos and price details. Offering delivery services, the website operates on a system that can automatically calculate and estimate the shipping cost based on the shipping address and the total weight of order.

To learn more about fashion collection from Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery, please visit http://www.ranti.co.id to browse their full line.

About Busana Muslim
Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery presents Muslim dresses with a touch of style and elegance, but not detached from the Islamic faith. The online shop combines local ethnic design with international lines to create a modern look combining distinctive Muslim signature.