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When Your Clients Are Not "Real" Clients: New Book Details How Internal Service Providers Can Become Invaluable

From expert business consultant and former CIO, Simon Chapleau, ‘Green Elephants: How internal service providers can deliver amazing value’ is a new book dedicated to those leaders who want to create value for their organizations, but may have little – if any – client interaction. With precise language and powerful real-life interviews, Chapleau exposes how ISPs can match their personality type to their company’s needs, and become a driving force for success.


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 -- The Accountant, The Butler, The Nanny, and The Agent. Which personality profile fits you?

Finding out, claims Simon Chapleau, can change the way that employees relate to their organization and pave the way to greater accomplishments in the workplace.

Author of anticipated new book, ‘Green Elephants: How internal service providers can deliver amazing value’, Chapleau contends that internal service providers’ (ISPs) focus should be on their personal characteristics when navigating the complex world of work.

“It isn’t enough to simply rest on your laurels and believe you are significant to your boss or to your fellow co-workers,” says Chapleau. “That’s especially true for ISPs. Often, they will have little contact with clients and almost no chance to prove their worth in a measurable way. It can be a struggle to be recognized, but CEOs are going to demand more from ISPs in the coming years.”

Continuing: “In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, more than 50% of CEOs consider their ISPs to be a commodity and expect major changes from them in the future. It’s time for ISPs to rise to the challenge.”


How can an internal service providers create value? How can you add value when you don’t have “real” clients? Whether IT, HR, finance, legal, logistics or other, internal service providers are being asked to step to the plate and become value creators. But how? Why are some internal service providers considered strategic partners while others are merely cost centres? Why some ISP seem to have limitless budgets while others fight for every penny they have? Personality: the most powerful way to look at internal service providers and the value they add. And it all starts with four personality profiles: the Accountant, the Butler, the Nanny and the Agent. Personality plays a role in every type of daily actions, from how your service team handles user requests, from the way you manage projects to the employees you hire. And by aligning your personality to the need of the organization, you can become a real strategic partner. To explore and explain the role personality plays in every day action, Simon Chapleau looks beyond internal service providers, delving into behavioural and social studies, psychology and marketing, as well as conducting in-depth interviews with internal service providers that succeeded at becoming value creators. Chapleau reveals why a majority of spouses are surprised by their partner’s decision to divorce, and why you shouldn’t trust your intuition when evaluating the status of your relationships. What differentiates successful dieters from the others (hint, they start their day in a very bad way). And why giving great service isn’t enough to satisfy your users. Whether you realize it or not, you are already an Accountant, a Butler a Nanny or an Agent. The question is, are you playing to your strengths and are you aligned with what the organization expects of you. This book will show you.

As the author points out, his book is resource that internal service providers can use as they adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace.

“Delivering business value is now a priority for most ISP leaders, but doing so is a difficult task,” says Chapleau. “This book use familiar concepts to help ISP leaders communicate the importance of service to their team and align with the needs of the organization.”

‘Green Elephants: How internal service providers can deliver amazing value’ is available now from Amazon:

About Simon Chapleau
Both as a Gartner consultant for ten years and a CIO for four, Simon has helped several organizations build their IT services through the use of innovative tools and approaches. Simon has also applied these approaches himself, as the VP of IS for a manufacturer where he implemented an ERP and rebuilt the entire IT organization, which earned him the Octas of the ERP project of the year.

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