Business Networking Company ReciProty Revitalizes Local Community

ReciProty’s Resource Exchange Network Merges Community Members, Local Businesses and Non-Profits


Beaverton, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2014 -- ReciProty is a resource exchange website that helps friends, colleagues, and businesses grow by integrity, values, and ethics. As one of the first Oregon companies to receive the Oregon Benefit title, it’s allowing businesses and individuals to achieve their goals faster.

Businesses must prove commitment to creating jobs and a positive social impact in order to qualify as an Oregon Benefit title. Founder Renee Wilbur explains how ReciProty meets these saying, “ReciProty provides a place where members are making more contacts and connections while gaining knowledge and saving time. The service is available any time of the day and can help hyper-grow your business.” As of today, more than 1,700 people joined as a way of bringing back the old community ideals through a networking platform. This not only includes individuals, but major corporations, organizations and more- well beyond the borders of Oregon.

The networking group includes a number of easy-to-use features that allow its members to quickly receive and offer support. Simple posts are written and anyone within your state or neighboring ones can read these. With its growth, ReciProty offers a number of benefits members can utilize, such as posting discounts, advertising for free, promoting events, and networking with other professionals. Most important to the B-Corp status though, is their ability to find and start support groups, search for donation sources, and get help from thousands of people simply by asking for it.

The platform offers a full-cycle service in that every member shares these benefits. Businesses help individuals who then spread feedback and become repeat customers. Non-profits and those in need are able to link themselves together, making it easier for them to make a social impact. When someone becomes a member, they instantly begin creating community change and having an impact for the better.

ReciProty built a supportive and large encompassing networking group faster than Wilbur expected. She explains how people across the nation, “are in need of help now and then and cannot succeed without others.” She goes on to say that she is, “surprised, but mostly proud, of how quickly ReciProty was received and the warm welcome that came with it.” There are few places that allow businesses to merge with individuals in a way both benefit and even fewer that are committed to social responsibility. ReciProty is leading the way in establishing a community where this is commonplace.

For those with questions about how the exchange works, there is a video that may be beneficial. Wilbur is always more than happy to answer questions as well. For those ready to begin immediate networking, they can start here to begin sharing services.

About ReciProty
ReciProty is a new and unique productive resource exchange networking website that re-establishes the community support system of yesteryear with a 21st century twist. By using its geo-location capabilities to organize and harness resources on a local level, ReciProty is advancing community services, business networking, small business resources, and online marketing opportunities at a global level. ReciProty does not only allow connection, but hope and increased profits as well.