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Green Coffee Bean Max Review - Weight Loss from Un-Roasted Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are simply the raw form of roasted coffee beans. Their growing popularity derives from their weight loss and natural health contributions. Green Coffee Bean Max is a product that combines the natural health and weight loss qualities of green coffee bean extract with other proprietary components for a synergistic fat loss boost. releases its review.


Westfield, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2012 -- Green Coffee Beans are fresh coffee beans that have not been roasted. Standard coffee beans have been roasted at 475 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is where their dark color comes from. In their 100% pure form, Green Coffee Beans have become an overnight sensation in the science of natural health and weight loss.

States Randy Johnson of, "The most important thing you need to know about green coffee beans and extract products is that the roasting process causes the green coffee beans to lose 90% of their primary fat-burning and anti-oxidant component – Chlorogenic Acid. This is incredibly significant, as this scientific discovery has given the natural fat loss market a 'brand new' product that has actually been around forever."

In a study presented recently at the American Chemical Society’s spring national meeting in San Diego, 16 overweight young adults took, by turns, a low dose of green coffee bean extract, a high dose of the same green coffee supplement, and a placebo. Though the study was small, the results were striking: Subjects taking the full dose of the green coffee extract lost an average of 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks and reduced their overall body weight by 10.5%.

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