Can-C Offers Dog Cataracts a Safe Solution and Alternative to Surgery

Available at, Can-C is an eye drop solution that is deemed to work effectively for dog cataracts instead of surgery.


Eustis, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2013 -- Unknown to most people, cataracts also affect dogs, and is in fact one of the most common problems affecting the animal's eyes. A problem besetting dogs of all ages and breeds, dog cataracts are come in various types with many known causes. The common treatment option for canine cataracts is undergoing eye surgery using the same procedures and equipment in removing cataracts in humans.

However, there is a limited supply of artificial intraocular lens or IOL available for dogs. In addition, dogs that have undergone eye surgery to remove their cataract develop more eye inflammation and more scarring than post-op humans do. As a result, canine cataract sufferers who have been operated suffer from a slightly decreased vision and experience visual issues. In fact, 5% to 10% of dogs that have been operated do not regain vision due to complications, and their operated eye might even become permanently blind.

“Can C eye drops could be described as a Vitamin C for your eyes. The immune-system boosting Vitamin C is used to treat the eye, just like the millions of people who understand the health benefits," explains the website.

Can-C is a non-prescription eye drop for cataract reversal and aging eye conditions. The original clinically proven NAC eye drops by Innovative Vision Products, Can-C is normally used by individuals who wear contacts, use computers daily and rely on excellent eyesight. Notably, Can-C is an excellent alternative to cataract surgery both in humans and dogs. is an online shop that sells the leading solution for cataracts in humans and dogs. According to the website, both veterinarians and dog owners are using and recommending the product to effectively address pets' cataracts. In fact, the clinical results showed that Can-C may even work more effectively in canines than in humans. notes that the Can-C protocol adopted by pet owners is similar to the process being administered in humans – and the results are just as good. Cataracts in animals are often more obvious and when using Can-C eye drops, it is often visible when the cataract begins to get smaller. ensures customers of fast, traceable shipping. The company ships from Florida via USPS for fast, traceable, delivery times. Customers can turn to the website to effectively manage and track their orders online, and take advantage of the fast reorder process. In addition, customers need not have a PayPal account, and all credit cards accepted.

Guiding individuals in making the purchase, offers in-depth details about the product. Published clinical studies behind Can-C eye drops are provided, along with relevant eye health information.

To find out more about Can-C for dog cataracts, please visit for information.

About Can-C
Can-C provides a 100% safe, proven and healthy alternative to surgery with over half a million bottles sold worldwide and many happy customers. Available at, the eye drop is deemed as a better alternative to surgery.