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Canine Addison's Disease - Percorten-V


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 -- Percorten-V is prescribed as replacement therapy for the mineralocorticoid deficit in dogs with primary adrenocortical insufficiency (Addison’s Disease). Addison’s disease all begins with the two hormones, mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids that the adrenal glands, which are located near the kidneys, produce. Both of these hormones are critical to the healthy functioning of the body, and an abnormal increase or decrease of either of these hormones can lead to serious health problems if not addressed in time.

Ailment Associated with Product:

Addison’s disease also known as hypoadrenocorticism is characterized by a deficient production of glucocorticoids and Mineralocorticoids.In a healthy pet, the adrenal glands release glucocorticoids and Mineralocorticoids in a response to the body’s nutritional needs. Glucocorticoids are released in response to the level of sugars found in circulating blood. Blood level sugars which have diminished are raised once again by the production of the glucocorticoids hormone. Mineralocorticoids are released in response to the opposite element of sugar, which is salt or sodium. Increased salt levels in the blood will cause an increase of the bloods over all pressure, with the release of Mineralocorticoids; salts are reabsorbed, reducing high blood pressure. A patient that has been diagnosed with Addison’s disease, fails to carry out these bodily processes leading to severe health complications.

Addison’s disease can be life-threatening and causes a variety of symptoms. They include lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, shaking, polyuria (increased frequency of urination), polydipsia (increased thirst), depression, dehydration, weak pulse, collapsing episodes, low temperature, blood in the feces, hair loss, and pain in the abdomen. There are these causes of Addison’s disease: adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) deficiency, metastatic tumors, or long-term glucocorticoid withdrawal.

Product to cure ailment:

Percorten-V replaces the aldosterone hormone which is not present in a pet with Addison’s disease. Percorten-V contains 25mg/ml desoxycorticosterone pivalate, which is recognized as having the same qualitative effects as the natural hormone aldosterone. The initlal dose which a veterinarian may prescribed as the recommended treatment is 1 mg per pound of body weight every 25 days. Percorten-V increases the velocity of sodium absorption and enhances potassium excretion. Percorten-V will also increase the extracellular fluid volume, therefore, expanding the blood volume which improves the venous return to the heart and cardiac output.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, & other aliments to affect this breed:

The breed of the horse or dog is irrelevant to developing Addison’s disease. Pets which are at risk of developing Addison’s disease are those on inappropriate diets. In order to diagnose Addison’s disease, your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam, including routine laboratory tests, a complete blood count, biochemistry profile, and urinalysis. The complete blood count may reveal anemia, an abnormally low number of eosinophils and an increased number of lymphocytes. A serum biochemistry testing may be conducted in order to reveal an abnormally higher level of potassium, and an accumulation of urea in the blood.

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