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Canine Flea & Tick- Frontline Plus for My Dogs


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2014 -- Canines love to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, hunting, swimming, and playing outdoors in the tall grass or wooded areas. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks also are enjoying the warming of the season, awaiting your dog to become a parasitic nuisance. Luckily there is an effecting, long-lasting monthly topical preventative to stop these parasites from attaching to your pet. Frontline for dogs works fast, killing 100% of adult fleas within 12 hours and 100% of all ticks within 48 hours. Frontline plus is also water resistant, allowing your active dog to enjoy all his regular activities without the concern for product wash off. Frontline Plus for dogs has the highest veterinary recommendation for topical preventatives.

Ailment Associated with Product:
Ticks live in wooded or over ground areas of the country, searching for blood meals from your dog. These ticks become engorged with blood and eventually burst. The tick will remain under the skin once the tick has burst, forming a pyritic located spot. Lyme disease, Canine Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Hetatozoonosis, and Babesiosis can also be transferred by ticks.

Fleas can cause allergy induced dermatitis, anemia, and skin lesions. Skin lesions are defined as infectious sores on the skin. Flea allergy dermatitis can be caused by a single flea as the pet will break out in hives or small pyritic lesions. Fleas’ bites cause pets to scratch at themselves vigorously. This violent scratching often opens the skin, allowing bacteria to enter the wound and cause infection.

Female fleas consume approximatly13.6 micro liters (+/- 2.7 micro liters) of blood per day, which was equivalent to 15.15 times their body weight. If a dog is heavily contaminated with fleas, blood levels decrease and cause anemia. Anemia is defined as a condition in which the individual contains a lower population of blood cells than what is necessary for body functions. A pet which is anemic will display signs such as; pale mucus membranes, lack of energy, decrease in appetite or thirst, and in extreme cases death.

Product to cure ailment:
Frontline plus for dogs, is a onetime monthly treatment applied topically. Frontline for dogs contains fipronil, cyphenothrin, and (S)-methoprene to effectively kill fleas and ticks. The oil based product works with the natural oils of the dog’s skin, dispersing the product eveny for even parasite protection.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, and secondary aliments:
Ticks and fleas are in higher population during warm seasons in geographic areas. Ticks and fleas can infest any dog no matter the breed, yet tend to infest the dog breed the beagle. The beagle dog breed is a hunting breed of dog, with defiant characteristics of droopy ears with colors or black as well as tan.

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