Cannabis Classifieds Maintains Its "Craigslist for Cannabis" Standing with Website Re-Launch

Having patiently anticipated the legalization of marijuana, launches a redesigned website to cater to the trend. Already a mainstay in the niche market for 14 years online, the one-of-a-kind site has advanced features for the new era of marijuana marketing.


Vancouver, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2014 celebrates marijuana's new legal place at the table with a website redesign. The only one of its kind, the site has provided its faithful users with everything it takes to find local marijuana for 14 years running. It uniquely combines the benefits of platforms like Craigslist, Ebay and Angie's List to make cannabis readily available to the masses. Assuring the potent herb's followers it's well on its way to grasping the golden ring of public approval.

Shane Chattin, CEO of Cannabis Classifieds said of the site's dedication to the niche business, "We have been waiting patiently for over a decade for our opportunity to help promote free enterprise in the cannabis industry. That time has arrived. We're stepping forward in a larger way now to assure that sellers have on online presence like never before."

Now that cannabis is so available, Cannabis Classifieds answers the growing need to find the most advantageous way to market products. As growers scramble to fill both medical marijuana dispensary orders and recreational marijuana store shelves an issue arises; how to link buyers with reputable sellers. This is never more obvious than in Washington State were marijuana dispensaries are already running low on cannabis supply.

Chattin adds, "That's were we step in. While we don't sell marijuana ourselves, we do provide comprehensive information on where to buy it from reputable sellers in the U.S. and Canada. Never in the history of cannabis has there been one website that combines this many features on a large platform like this."

So how does it work? Unlike other websites, visitors can search for a product by name rather than just by the dispensary. A pioneer in this search feature Cannabis Classifieds allows visitors to, much like Ebay, search for a product and then visit the marijuana dispensary or cannabis store online to view their entire storefront.

Cannabis Classifieds is an authority site for the sale of cannabis developed in 2000 and launched as a classified ad resource in 2014. Cannabis Classifieds is currently developing an iPhone app and auction feature that will be integrated into the website after the first of the year.

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