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Capsiplex - Important Information About Purchasing Capsiplex

In an unprecedented day of retail activity, shoppers flock to Harrods and empty their shelves on the first day of Capsiplex's launch.


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2012 -- According to management at Harrods, the world’s most notorious high end store, the opening day sales of Capsiplex were unprecedented in the store’s long history. Opened in 1834 and a trusted purveyor of luxury beauty goods and gifts of all kinds for close to two centuries, Harrods has never seen sales like they did on the opening day of Capsiplex's launch. On the first day of the product’s launch, they sold over 50,000 packets.

Because Harrods is located in Kensington, one of the poshest boroughs of London, it is no surprise that they attract the sort of high end shoppers who would be interested in a product like Capsiplex. Capsiplex is an all natural and safe dietary supplement that really works. Its efficiency as a weight loss supplement has been heralded in London daily papers like The Daily Mail and The Sun, and users have also attested this supplement’s efficacy in popular monthly periodicals like Now, Star! and Hello.

Capsiplex, as Harrods shoppers know, relies on the power of capsicums, hot red peppers that have been used in cooking for thousands of years. The main compound in capsicums is the ingredient capsaicinoid. This ingredient creates the heat that makes these peppers so popular, but as scientists have discovered in the last few decades, this ingredient is also capable of helping people to lose weight and manage weight loss.

In order to get enough capsaicinoids into their system so that they lose weight, dieters must eat ten grams of hot red peppers every day. To activate the dietary power of capsaicinoids, dieters must eat ten grams every day for months if not years.

However, as shoppers who visited Harrods on the day of the product launch realize, Capsiplex has been created to work perfectly with the complex dietary needs of the human body. Each tablet is made to withstand stomach acids so that it can journey unharmed to the large intestines. There, it can have the biggest effect on metabolism. As each tablet dissolves, it encourages the body to burn calories, and according to clinical trials, these tablets also make exercising more efficient.

In fact, people who take Capsiplex burn an extra three percent of calories while they are working-out, but the truly stunning thing is how many calories they burn before and after their workouts. Prior to working-out, they burn triple the calories that they normally would, and post-workout, they burn twelve time more calories than they would have without this supplement.

When these figures are all considered, the average person who takes this burns 278 more calories every time they work out. This means that a three mile run effectively burns as many calories as a six mile run when the runner is taking Capsiplex Plus.

Luckily, dieters who want this advantage do not have to travel to London. Shoppers of all stripes can now easily purchase Capsiplex online, and they can conveniently have it shipped to their homes. Now, regardless of budget or location, shoppers can all enjoy the power of Capsiplex.

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