Carlsbad Lending Releases Video on How to Obtain a Free Credit Report

The brief video explains how people can obtain a free credit report in a timely manner without wasting time.


Carlsbad, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2013 -- Home loan specialist website has posted a new Youtube video, aimed at helping people obtain a free credit report California style. With each state being slightly different in policies, the Carlsbad, California based company explains how things can be done quickly and efficiently.

In order to start turning around a current financial situation, people first need a proper credit report to assess the situation. Specializing in San Diego credit repair, makes sure to briefly touch on the most important application tactics a person should use. Most of these tips can be used right away, and they can also be applied to any state regulations found elsewhere.

The video, which runs only 1:38, is just meant to be a brief primer for those looking for some basic information. Additional tips and instructions can be found on the official website of the company for those who still need assistance. To view the video, or to jump straight to the link in the description below the video, remove frames and visit

Rich Luisl, the Executive Finance Director of Premiere Financial, has helped build up into one of the top financial websites in the state of California. He specializes in home mortgage services, but also provided additional tips and bits of information on finances and lending in general.