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Central Park NYC - A Place for Turtles & Ghosts

Everyone loves watching the turtles swimming in NYC's Central Park's Turtle Pond including an occasional ghost or two.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2014 -- For well over a century, people and of course some happy-go-lucky spirits from all around the globe have enjoyed the many ponds and lakes that can be found throughout the 843 acres that make up NYC's Central Park -- a green oasis in the heart of Manhattan. And the history of the park as well as its many bodies of water have drawn the attention of two of New York's seasoned ghost hunters -- Pete and Stew Kandel(known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) aka the “Ghost Doctors” noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides. And according to the Ghost Doctors, it seems that the park's long history has attracted quite a few ghostly inhabitants who enjoy sticking around for a friendly ghostly encounter.

“Turtle Pond is the last remaining remnant of the old receiving reservoir that occupied the area which is now known as the “Great Lawn” in NYC's Central Park,” says Dr. Stew. “Back in 1931 the reservoir was drained, but a small portion was left untouched and became the now famous “Turtle Pond.”

According to the Ghost Doctors, the reason the pond is called “Turtle Pond” is because a great number of turtles call this body of water their home. In fact, most of the turtles were actually pets of local residents who dropped them off at their new residence in Central Park -- which by anyone's standards is a great place to call home.

And this beautiful pond may just have attracted some ghostly spirits who enjoy leisurely strolls past this pond. Strangely enough, it seems that the Ghost Doctors have found some signs of paranormal activity in the vicinity of this scenic area and they ought to know -- since they are often seen leading different groups of amateur ghost hunters (with ghost detecting equipment in hand) through some of the parks most iconic locations.

“In lieu of the fact that we have picked up some strange readings on our instruments in the vicinity of Turtle Pond, we are now including this area when taking out our future ghost hunting adventurers through this iconic park.” says Dr. Pete. “And that's what makes ghost hunting so exciting, you just never know what will be passing by or in this case...swimming by.”

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