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Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2014 -- A company's CEO is often seen as the single most important factor driving its performance. The appointment or resignation of the top executive can have a significant effect on everything from staff morale to share price, and the likes of Steve Jobs and Jamie Dimon have become celebrities in their own right. This case study examines how the role of the CEO is changing in the 'age of personality'.

Features and benefits

Examines the importance of a CEO and what the role entails
Analyzes how the role is evolving and the increased importance of image in the 'age of personality'
Explores the issue of executive pay and how it can be justified in relation to employees' pay
Looks at a number of chosen CEOs, what makes them stand apart from their peers, and how their success can be measured

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The role of a CEO has evolved and now goes far beyond being a figurehead or the face of the company. In the 21st Century, their personality and appearance hold almost as much sway as cold, hard financial results. This case study examines how important perception of a CEO is and looks at how they work to cultivate their image.

Executive pay has increasingly drawn the ire of many in recent years as it has continued to rise, sometimes with little in the way of justification from financial results. The disparity between CEO pay and that of the average worker has also been the target of great criticism. This case study looks at CEO pay and whether it can be justified.

This case study analyzes the cases of standout CEOs. The CEOs considered in the report are Steve Jobs, who helped transform Apple, Elon Musk one of his generation's great innovators, Marissa Mayer, who bucks the trend of white, middle-aged male CEOs, and Fred Goodwin, who went from hero to zero following the near collapse of RBS in 2008.

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Your key questions answered

What does the role of CEO entail?
How important is a CEO to the performance of his/her company?
What are the average rates of pay for CEOs and can they be justified?
Who are some of industry's standout leaders and what sets them apart from their peers?

Major points from Table of Contents ( ) are listed below:

List of Tables

Table: CEO to median employee total compensation ratio
Table: RBS Group revenues, net income and growth 2001-2007 (GBPm, %)
List of Figures
Figure: Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during presentation of Surface Tablet 2012
Figure: Microsoft revenues, net income and share price at start and end of Steve Ballmer's reign as CEO
Figure: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's Vogue shoot
Figure: Linda Sawyer CEO Deutsch North America
Figure: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's total annual compensation 2006-2013
Figure: Average pay of CEOs of 500 largest companies in the US 2006-2011
Figure: Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad

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