Cercacasa.it Prepares for Holiday Rush

The owners of the Italian real estate website plans to make a number of improvements with the holiday season approaching.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2012 -- Real estate website Cercacasa.it has recently announced their plan to make slight improvements to the website in anticipation for the holiday/start of the new calendar year rush. With more and more customers turning to the internet to do a cerca casa (house search), the website wants to make sure it can handle the needs of the extra traffic.

One of the features the website is hoping to implement is a more robust search engine feature. The team of employees is constantly working on making the search feature fast and easy to use, but new adjustments can always be made. The goal is to have the website be as specific as possible when a person does a cerca casa for a specific location and price range.

Another adjustment is to make searches and website pages load faster. With so much multimedia being added to each page, the website can take a few seconds to load for people. The company hopes to eliminate much of that waiting time by improving their servers and making the media more user-friendly.

To learn more about all of the changes, both already made and those planned for the future, or to start your cerca casa today, visit http://cercacasa.it/annunci/italia/veneto/venezia/venezia?contratto=Affitto.

About Cercacasa.it
Cercacasa.it is a website that is dedicated to bringing customers around the world the best possible real estate options in the country of Italy. From Rome to Florence, customers can search specifically by price range, location, size and more from their own current home.