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Chad Mureta's New Course App Empire Teaches How to Program iPhone Apps

iPhone apps are big business and anyone wanting to start a startup or have their own business can learn, says Chad Mureta


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2012 -- A new webinar from millionaire iPhone app developer Chad Mureta is set for June 4, 2012, and will explain Chad's new course, App Empire, and his widely anticipated iPhone app tutorials. "iPhone apps are big business and anyone wanting to start a startup or have their own business can learn," says Chad Mureta.

According to Ned Wisely, who is an expert on the Chad Mureta App Empire course, "The iPhone from Apple (Appl) is the only product making money in the mobile market right now, since Blackberry is all but dying off and Nokia has dwindled to a struggling excuse of a company," he says. "Data from Bloomberg shows that Apple makes over 67% of the profits in the entire worldwide mobile phone market, almost all of it because of the iPhone," Mr. Wisely says. "Thus, the iPhone is the major phone in the world today, and that is why iPhone app development is so promising. The great thing is that entrepreneurs and even home businesses can get into the iPhone app business because it is possible to get your idea made into an iPhone app for very little cost, and App Empire by Chad Mureta teaches exactly how to do this. Anyone wondering how to program iPhone apps will find what they need in the new Chad Mureta App Empire course."

"As Sprint loses customers and AT&T and Verizon grow, the iPhone is a very important part of the picture," he explains. "There is no other real opportunity in mobile apps other than the iPhone because Apple completely dominates this market. Chad Mureta is the expert on this and will show how he did it and what to do to get into the iPhone app market. Chad Mureta shows the fastest growing and most lucrative iPhone app niches, and exactly how to get your own iPhone app out there. This is more than an iPhone app development tutorial, Chad Mureta\'s App Empire is an iPhone app development business course that will get anyone going in this market."

There will be a live webcast by Chad Mureta on June 4, and those interested in this opportunity can register for free at, the website of App Empire Review.

About Chad Mureta and App Empire
Chad Mureta is a millionaire developer of iPhone apps and teaches regular people how to start the same type of business that has skyrocketed him to success. His new course "App Empire" is a video and audio course that is one to one training by Chad Mureta to teach everything needed to get into the iPhone app business.