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Change in Seconds Celebrates Its Official Launch to Uniquely Help Motivate Their Site Visitor's Weight Loss

Change In Seconds officially announces its company launch with an innovative weight loss simulator designed to help site visitors stay motivated to lose weight.


Surrey, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2014 --With a very unique take on motivating weight loss a new company called Change In Seconds taps into the power of visualization. The forward-thinking company’s website is host to a weight loss simulator that helps visitors get a firm grasp on body image. Designed to show before and after weight loss visuals via a virtual model that grows either wider or more slender depending on what information is provided, the simulator is a helpful motivation to lose weight. One need only to enter current and goal weight numbers, height and body shape to start the process. Once complete two virtual models stand side by side to show what one’s body looks like at present and what the result will be when the weight loss goal is met. Having thought of every helpful motivation, the two virtual models show all of both body’s angles with a 360 degree turning platform and a manual slide video bar.

Rhonda Shade, Founder and CEO of Change In Seconds said of the company’s launch, “We understand that staying motivated to lose weight feels impossible sometimes. We’ve done the research here. There’s ample documentation to support the fact that when people visualize a desired outcome they’re more likely to see it through. Our weight loss simulator is just one way to track progress visually and stay on course.”

Creating a sense of accountability the weight loss simulator is an exceptional first step in a healthful direction. Also included on the new weight loss company’s website is added resources for achieving a smaller body. Change In Seconds has been careful to integrate many delicious recipes to support site visitors with healthful choices for meals. Taking their cue from various cuisines across the world makes use of appropriate meal choices without sacrificing color, taste and desirability. Also included on the new website are weight loss and fitness content and products plus food preparation and materials for purchase.

About Change In Seconds
Change in Seconds is a company based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada that was founded by Rhonda Shade to help support women with weight loss concerns. The company’s website is host to a virtual model weight loss simulator that gives visitors a way to track progress visually.

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