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New website provides hard-to-come-by neopoints, as well as other items that can be used to augment user experience on the virtual pet website Neopets


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2012 -- A new website dedicated to the famous Neopets, called neopoints Now, provides its users with easy and affordable access to the in-game points used as the main currency for acquiring new items and pets. In addition, users can buy neopets items that are usually very rare without having to go through the usual channels to get them.

Neopets uses a proprietary system for plugging ads to its users. It was the first website to use this interactive advertising scheme, which essentially integrates sponsors in the gameplay. Users have to complete a series of sponsored games or quests in order to get the points they need to acquire new items, pets and accessories.

While many players do not mind the ad scheme, most would prefer not having their hands forced by the site’s developers and publishers. neopoints Now is among the first platforms to answer this demand, by allowing its users to buy neopoints without having to complete in-game quests, games or being disturbed by ads, therefore contributing to a more streamlined experience.

The market used by the pet websites extends to the real world as well, since users can trade their in-game points for actual money. Buying cheap neopoints from Neopoints Now will enable more and more people to start trading on this newly-emerging market.

This type of gaming becomes increasingly popular on the Internet, many individuals getting rich in real life after trading the points and items they gain through online games. Neopets makes no exception, especially since it has been online starting with 1999. It has an unbelievable number of dedicated fans, which contribute to the content of the site via direct weekly submissions.

More and more often, Neopets users search the Web for accessories, items and pets to use in the game. Some of the items they are looking for can only be acquired in exchange of a huge amount of points, which can only be obtained after an extensive exposure to the interactive advertising scheme, and this is an experience that many users would prefer to avoid.

The services Neopoints Now offers provide a way around this obstacle, enabling a lot more user to reach higher rankings.

About Neopoints Now
Neopoints Now was founded in order to help Neopets users experience their favorite website in a new, improved way. Buying points online can significantly improve users’ experience, by allowing the acquisition of new pets, items and accessories.

Easier access to points can boost the in-site market and increase the potential gains from buying or selling various items in the real world, since more and more people get involved in this process. Neopoints Now facilitates this change by providing in-game points to Neopets users at low, affordable prices, and also by providing a place where this can be done easily. The service is very easy to use, even for beginners.