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Chewable Tablets for Pets to Get Rid of Bladder Problems


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 -- Bladder problems are common in dogs and cats. It usually happens when our pet goes to bathroom outside andbacteria from the feces or surrounding area gets trapped in the vulva which results into the infection. It has been seen that female dogs and cats suffer this problem more than male. Bladder infection can cause some serious type of disease in the pet. It affects the pH balance of the system and leads to the formation of stones. These stones can be of any shape and hardness. These stone adversely affect the stomach region and cause tears in the intestine lining. Sometimes even soft kind of stones also causes irritation during the excretion. In cats chronic type of inflammation occurs in bladder that cause extreme pain and even leads to bleeding and secondary infection.

To end up this painful condition for our pet we can select Methio Form Chewable Tablets. This product is given in different doses according to the weight of the pet. DL-Methionine is the main active ingredient used in it.

Direction to use this product is quite simple and easy. It can be either placed inside the jaw of the animal so that it can be dissolved in the mouth or it can be given by mixing it into the food. Remember do not give this medicine in case our dog is suffering from diseases related to liver, pancreases or kidney. Plenty of water should be given. It helps to dissolve the medicine into the various part of the system. Moreover water helps pet’s body to fight in the stone problem.

In addition some side effects can be observed with this drug. These are Diarrhea, vomiting and decrease in appetite.