Chicago Waffles

Chicago Waffles Redesign Matching the Savory Theme of Company


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2014 -- Chicago Waffles is pleased to announce the relaunch of our new site. Breaking from the traditional norm that plagues many web sites, a vision of conveying the attitude Chicago Waffles has was first and foremost our goal.

We’ve partnered with Anatoly Nirshberg’s ParadigmNext to create an experience which totally encapsulates the sentiment Chicago Waffles offers.

We know a meaningful web presence is a necessity in 2014, so when presented with an opportunity to include that Waffle touch, we did. Our new website provides the aesthetic ‘it’ factor we believe is crucial to asserting that web presence. ParadigmNext also helped include some unique functionality. We have a timeline of the waffle, with its history and our history intertwined. Nirshberg had a special interest on this project, “I love Chicago Waffles, and their unique attitude at their location, so we tried to transfer that attitude to the website,” he said.

In addition to the timeline we have full integration with social media, in that, the people can voice and express their experience at Chicago Waffles through mediums like Instagram. Our customers can now see for themselves the potential of not just having a meal, but sharing an experience with friends, family, and waffle enthusiasts alike.

The site is also equipped with a reservation maker, which can greatly improve waiting times, and enables a more enjoyable time at our packed house.

Chicago Waffles serves a variety of diverse and brilliant courses, and as such we wished to bring that to the world in our special way. Reserve, cater, review, and enjoy the relaunch of! A special thanks to ParadigmNext for the hard work they put into translating our mission onto a digital frontier.

So check it out:

For more information on Chicago Waffles or ParadigmNext, feel free to contact them:

For Chicago Waffles:
(312) 854-8572

For ParadigmNext:
(847) 780-NEXT


Anthony Berg
Ideation Director