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China Aviation Market Analysis


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2014 -- Aviation industry in China began way back in 1951 with some domestic travel and agricultural services being their primary goals. Greater growth happened much later in the mid seventies. The industry posted major growth in its revival phase between 1977 and 1996. After 1996, there was a general period of growth in the economy and this reflected in the volume of general aviation operations and services that have increased throughout China each year. It has shown double digit growth in aircraft numbers and in the number of flight hours since 2001 while consumer aviation has been growing at a rate of 21% since 1996.

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In recent years China has emerged as dominant player in global aviation sector driven by supportive government policy framework. The extent of contribution from the aviation sector can be derived from the fact that from 2008 to 2012, the total throughput, passenger throughput and the cargo & mail throughput in China had respectively grown more than 15%, 16% and 13% year-on-year whereas the average global growth was around 5% in all segments year-on-year. China's civil aviation system is the second largest global aviation system after the US while the total transportation throughput and the passenger throughput of China's civil aviation is ranked fifth. The aviation growth seen in China is the highest growth in the world in this sector. In the global market, China is the second largest national air travel market and also the fastest growing. To meet the demand of the market, China buys more than 100 new passenger jets every year and this forms more than a tenth of the world's total demand. While this indicates a huge domestic market, the country is keen to develop and promote its local manufacturers of aircrafts.

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It is expected that China would spend about a quarter of a trillion dollars in the next few years, to build the aerospace industries in the country. It is expected to be the biggest market for the aircraft giants Boeing and Airbus, even though the country has a strong focus on localizing manufacture of aircrafts. With more than two-thirds of the worldwide airports now under construction being in China now, the country has laid out ambitious plans and investment targets in the field.

"China Aviation Industry Analysis" research report discusses following aspect related to aviation industry in China:

- Aviation Industry Overview
- Civil, Commercial & Defence Aviation Overview
- Ongoing Aircraft Developments in Aviation Industry
- Civil & Commercial Aviation Fleet Strength
- Industry Emerging Trends
- China Civil Aviation Law
- Opportunities & Issues to be Resolved
- Key Airline & Aircraft Manufacturers

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Major points from Table of Contents ( ) are listed below:

1. China Aviation Industry Overview

2. Civil Aviation Industry
2.1 Industry Overview
2.2 Ongoing Development Projects

3. Commercial Aviation Industry (Aircargo & Charter Services)
3.1 Industry Overview
3.2 Ongoing Development Projects

4. Defence Aviation Industry
4.1 Industry Overview
4.2 Ongoing Development Projects

5. Aviation Infrastructure
5.1 Civil Aviation Fleet
5.2 Commercial Fleet
5.3 International & Domestic Airports

6. Emerging Trends
6.1 Utility Aviation
6.2 Focus on Domestic Manufacturing
6.3 Aviation Industrial Park
6.4 Aviation Subsidy
6.5 Increasing Investments
6.6 Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Market

7. Aviation Industry Mergers & Acquisitions
7.1 China Aviation Industrial Fund
7.2 M&A Activities

8. Future of Aviation Industry
8.1 Opportunities Ahead
8.2 Key Issues to be Resolved
8.3 Fleet Requirement

9. China Civil Aviation Law
9.1 General Provisions
9.2 Nationality of Civil Aircraft
9.3 Rights of Civil Aircraft
9.4 Airworthiness Management of Civil Aircraft
9.5 Airmen
9.6 Civil Airport
9.7 Air Navigation
9.8 Public Air Transport Enterprise.
9.9 Public Air Transport
9.10 General Aviation
9.11 Search and Rescue and Accident Investigation
9.12 Liability for Damage to Third Parties on the Surface
9.13 Special Provisions Governing Foreign Civil Aircraft
9.14 Application of Law to Foreign Related Matters
9.15 Legal Liability
9.16 Supplementary Provisions

10. Regulatory & Policy Framework
10.1 Civil Aviation Administration of China
10.2 Ministry of Transport

11. Aircraft Manufactures
11.1 Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China
11.2 Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
11.3 Shaanxi Aircraft Company
11.4 Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
11.5 Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

12. Airlines
12.1 Air China
12.2 China Eastern Airlines
12.3 China Southern Airlines
12.4 China Cargo Airlines
12.5 Shanghai Airlines

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