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Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2013 -- China, with a plenty of field and great demand for crops, has the great potential in GM crops. Stimulated by the approval of safety certificates of GM rice and GM corn, two key grain crops in Asia, GM technology and GM crops have attracted unprecedented attention in the world.

By interviewing researchers, governmental officers and citizens, CCM tries to study and introduce the situation of five main GM crops (GM rice, GM cotton, GM corn, GM wheat and GM soybean) in China, finding out whether GM crops will come into commercial production in the near future and what the future for Chinese GM crops industry is.

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To figure out the future trend of GM crops in China, especially for GM rice, CCM will carry out a deep investigation in this research in order to:

Help clients understand Chinese GM crops industry
Find out influencing factors for GM crops development
Analyze the competitive landscape of Chinese and multinational GM crops producers
Assess market risks and identify business opportunities
Find out GM crop prospect

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Table of Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

1 History of GM crops in China

2 Current situation of GM crops in China
2-1 China's status in global GM crops' market
2-2 Situation of GM crops in China
2-3 Main production of GM crops
2-3-1 GM rice
2-3-2 GM cotton
2-3-3 GM corn
2-3-4 GM wheat
2-3-5 GM soybean
2-4 Problems of GM crops in China

3 Future prospect
3-1 Influencing factors
3-1-1 Governmental policies
3-1-2 Researchers and public attitudes towards GM crops
3-1-3 Grain supply risk
3-2 Future prospect of GM crops in China

4 Risk and opportunity

List of Tables

Table 2.3.1-1 Development of GM rice in China, 2012
Table 2.3.2-1 Development of GM cotton in China, 2012
Table 2.3.2-2 Planting area of cotton in China, 2008-2012, ha.
Table 2.3.2-3 Output and import volume of cotton in China, 2008-2012
Table 2.3.2-4 GM cotton approved for import as processing materials, as of Aug. 2013
Table 2.3.3-1 Development of GM corn in China, 2012
Table 2.3.3-2 Import situation of corn in China, 2010-H1 2013, tonne
Table 2.3.3-3 GM corn approved for import as processing materials, as of Aug. 2013
Table 2.3.4-1 Development of GM wheat in China, 2012
Table 2.3.5-1 Development of GM soybean in China, 2012
Table 2.3.5-2 GM soybean approved for import as processing materials, as of Aug. 2013
Table 2.3.5-3 Import volume of soybeans in China, 2008-2012, tonne
Table 3.1.1-1 Key regulations on GM organism and GM technology
Table 3.1.1-2 Safety assessment requirements of GM crops in China
Table 3.1.1-3 Guidance for GMO in China
Table 3.1.3-1 Grain supply in China, 2008-2012

List of Figures

Figure 2.1-1 Global planting area of GM crops, 2004-2012
Figure 2.1-2 Planting area of China's GM crops and its share in the global GM crops, 2004-2012
Figure 2.2-1 Procedures from experiment to commercial production of GM crops in China

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