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Choose Rain, Inc Expanding Into China, Korea and Japan with Free Trade Agreements with the Aid of the Joondalup City Council and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia


Ormond Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --Choose Rain, Inc. (CHOS), through their Exclusive License Agreement with Cloudburst Distribution Pty Ltd (Cloudburst), has a manufacturing base in Australia giving it access to the WA North Asia Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China, Korea and Japan. Key members of the Australian base recently attended a one on one workshop at Edith Cowen University, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia to explore how to utilize this agreement and how to rapidly expand sales and export potential in these countries.

The workshop will combine practical and technical aspects of:

1. How to leverage the New North Asian FTA's to create new sales opportunities in Japan, China and Korea.
2. Export readiness for each market including available government grants to grow business.
3. How to determine and use FTA price advantages for the products and services in each market.
4. Relevant product, services and investment regulations; non-FTA barriers and industry specific market access information.

This is a good opportunity for CHOS to expand globally. China not only has the world's biggest population but it has the biggest target audiences for CHOS' product portfolio. The World Health Organization noted that nearly 50% of China's population is turning to herbal remedies (double the entire population of the USA). The possibilities are endless for the high quality herbal products available through CHOS. The current products on the market have significantly lower quality and supply is not able to meet demand.

The herbal products available through the CHOS portfolio are not the only products to benefit from such an expansion; with Whiskey values exceeding that of Gold in recent months the ability to meet demand for these bespoke spirits is becoming increasingly more difficult. The Platinum Whiskey Investment Fund, based in Hong Kong holds a collection of single malts valued at $5.65 million. They saw a 26% increase in the value of its top shelf stash over the last year. This new market is rapidly emerging and highly lucrative comprised of mostly affluent, self-made men, shelling out big money for unusual and bespoke spirits. The world's most expensive Scotch – a Macallan "M" – sold for more than $628,000 at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong in 2014. The Macallan Distillery is building a second distillery in Scotland by 2018 to keep up with demand in China.

Notably, China is the only nation where spirit consumption out performs that of wine and beer, seeing 69% of drinkers preferring spirits. Other countries see only 11-33% of drinkers choosing spirits over beer and wine as there drink of choice. Chinese newspapers report regularly that "drinking with clients and colleagues is seen vital to career advancement" and "some job advertisements highlight 'a good drinking capacity' as a potential requirement for their candidate". Distilleries are struggling to keep up with demand. Traditional aging methodology requires a minimum of 3 year's production time in cask, demand is increasingly difficult to satisfy. CHOS' new and exclusive, bespoke cask aging system allows high quality, rare and bespoke spirits to be produced in one tenth of this time. Cloudburst's manufacturing base, located in Western Australia, provides a transportation advantage using the Free Trade Agreement. Samples should be available by the end of the month and high volume orders could be filled beginning in Q4 2016. Key sales agents and distributors of herbal products, CBD Infused products and bespoke spirits for China and Japan are USA based. CHOS sales could benefit greatly from the ability to generate orders in the USA and distribute from Australia direct to China, Japan and Korea.

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