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Chop Magic - Does It Work as Advertised

The Chop Magic food chopper makes slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping easily and in just seconds. It has been widely featured on infomercials and covered on the news in both Canada and the United States but how well does it work ?


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2014 -- Forget using cutting boards and chopping fruits and vegetables the old fashion way. A new product has become available at As Seen on TV Canada which has simplified food preparation. The Chop Magic is an food chopper that allows anyone to chop, mince, slice, cube and dice any food in just seconds. This as seen on TV kitchen accessory saves both time, frustration and from any potential accidents.

Food preparation no longer has to be a chore. Chop Magic makes food chopping easy. Chopping onions with a knife typically results in tears and in just seconds. However when you just place an onion into the Chop Magic you can complete the task tear-free and in a fraction of the time. Even food which are difficult to chop such as sweet potatoes can now be chopped into perfect slices to make sweet potato fries.

Chop Magic is designed with two separate lids which has two sharp stainless steel blades which sit over-top the catching container. One blade is a dicing blade and the other is a slicing blade. Select the blade depending on whether thick or thin slices are desired. The blades never need sharpening and is a much safer alternative to food processors, other food choppers and knives.

"I saw this product covered on the news as well as on infomercials. It really works as advertised which is "lightening fast with just one pass". I've used it on onions, peppers, apples and even hard to chop potatoes. It's so easy that even my kids were able to use it. I really like how I can chop onions without tears, it give a neat and uniform chop every time and I can every use it to store food I've chopped until it's ready to serve or used for cooking.

The Chop Magic container it comes with three parts: the food catcher, the blades and the pushing device. This product is extremely easy to both setup and use. To use Chop Magic simply clip the blade side over top the container. Place the fruit or vegetable over top and press down. The final product will be perfectly sliced or diced. When finishing using it, the Chop Magic is extremely easy to clean. Just disassemble and either wash by hand or place in the dishwasher. Due to it's cube design, storing this food chopper is convenient.

This as seen on TV food chopper has become a popular product in both Canada and the US and is now available at As Seen on TV Canada for a special buy 1 get 1 free offer.

Find out more about the Chop Magic Food Chopper and read Chop Magic reviews at As Seen on TV Canada.

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