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ClassesNCamps Has Launched Boot Camp Activities for NYC Children's


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2014 -- Summer camps are a great way to keep your children engaged during summer time. Summer camps in NYC helps children to build their confidence especially when it comes to interacting with the others and expressing themselves.

Summer camps are a great way of making friends outside one’s school. Some of them are a learning experience, for example rock climbing. The students get to learn about different types of rocks not to mention life experiences that one can never be taught in school or by mum and dad. There are things that you probably didn’t know about rock climbing as part of the boot camp in NYC.

Rock Climbing Offers Many Health Benefits

Who said summer camps in NYC are just about fun and making friends. Summer camps that also include rock climbing also have health benefits. Rock climbing is an exercise by itself because the kids get to involve their muscles when holding on to their ropes, ascending and descending the rocks.

You find that by the time some of these kids come back from the camps, they have lost a little weight. They would not have lost this weight had they not gone for the camp. Again, rock climbing engages one’s mind and it helps the kids when it comes to problem solving techniques.

Rock Climbing Instills Discipline

Summer camps in NYC can be a pain in the neck for the campers but it turns out to be a good thing for the parents because the children get to learn discipline. It might be the hard way but at times, it doesn’t matter how the discipline was instilled. Children are taught how to keep time and be tidy and neat at all times. Clumsiness is also done away with and any parent would do anything to have his or her children learn all these things without a fuss.

Rock Climbing Can Offer Fun for Everyone

Rock climbing can be a painstakingly hard task to accomplish in summer camps in NYC. However, parents should not worry because even in the midst of all the pain and misery, there is still some fun to be derived from it and you find that some children do not even become homesick. There is a lot of fun and so much to learn that children do not even notice time elapse.

Rock Climbing Helps in Building Face-to-Face Relations

You probably didn’t know that once kids check in for the summer camps in NYC their phones are kept away by the camp masters. This is one way to help them in making friends and concentrating on the rock climbing and the rest of the activities in the summer camp. Phones are notorious in making people appear as snobs. They tend to concentrate so much on the phones and they drift in a world of their own, thus shutting out the other people. You will notice that once the kids come back from the camps, they are able to engage well in whatever conversations.

Rock Climbing Helps Parents Slow Down

It is natural for any parent to be involved in everything in their child’s lives but boot camp in NYC that involves rock climbing helps the parents to slow down. This is because once the child or children are out of the house for the next 6 weeks or whatever time, the parents have more time to concentrate on other things while slowing down a bit.

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