Cloud Application Marketplace 2012 - 2017


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2012 -- Cloud Application Marketplace 2012 - 2017 informs decision makers and provides an understanding of the key trends impacting the cloud application marketplace. This research evaluates the key benefits, challenges, trends and development process impacting the market for cloud-based applications. This study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information including inputs from key participants in the industry. The report includes comprehensive market and vendor analysis as wells as forecasting through 2017.

The global cloud applications marketplace is driven largely by the increasing adoption of a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets PCs and ultrabooks. Mobile device penetration and usage drives application demand with the latter indicating a strong correlation with cloud adoption rates. This trend is expected to accelerate as the lower cost of cloud application operations is a significant deployment factor. The market is booming and will rise considerably from 2012-2017. There are thousands of cloud applications in the market that are offered by various vendors. To gain a competitive advantage in the cloud applications market, companies are collaborating in the development and/or delivery of cloud-based applications.

Target Audience:
- Mobile network operators
- Wireless service providers of all types
- Wireless/mobile infrastructure providers
- Cloud infrastructure and service providers

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List Of Figures

Figure 1: Concept Of Cloud Computing
Figure 2: Cloud Categories
Figure 3: A Modern Application Platform Can Be Viewed As Having Three Parts
Figure 4: The Grid Application Architecture Separates The Core Application From Its Data Processing Nodes
Figure 5: A Transactional Application Separates An Application Into Presentation, Business Logic, And Data Storage
Figure 6: Comparison Of Costs: Internal It Vs. Cloud
Figure 7: Google Insight Cloud Adaption
Figure 8: Cloud Application Search Trends: Computer & Electronics Vs. Telecom Vs. Jobs Vs. Leisure
Figure 9: Yoy Bpaas Market Value Growth Forecast 2011-2017
Figure 10: Bpaas Sector View Cagr In Terms Of Revenue Generation 2012-2017
Figure 11: Cloud Advertising Cagr Revenues 2012-2017
Figure 12: Cloud Payments Market Value Projection 2012-2017
Figure 13: E-Commerce Enabled Bpaas Based Platform Growth Value 2012-2017
Figure 14: Application Services Growth Forecast 2012-2017
Figure 15: Fastest Growing Saas Area's Cagr 2012-2017
Figure 16: Saas Based Crm Revenue 2012-2017
Figure 17: Sector View Market Value 2012 -2017
Figure 18: Saas Based Erp Market Value 2012-2017
Figure 19: Saas Based Scm Market Value 2012-2017
Figure 20: Paas Based Growth Forecast 2012-2017
Figure 21: Cagr By Paas Sub-Segment 2012-2017
Figure 22: Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas) Projected Revenue 2012-2017
Figure 23: Cagr By Iaas Segment 2012-2017
Figure 24: The Computing Sub-Segment Revenue Growth 2012-2017
Figure 25: Comprised Market Value 2012-2017 Of Cloud Management & Security
Figure 26: Cloud Management And Security Services Cagr 2012-2017
Figure 27: Cloud Application Adoption Trend 2009-2013+: Saas Vs. Iaas Vs. Paas Vs. Bpaas
Figure 28: Cloud Adoption Info Graphics In Apac
Figure 29: Average Proportion Of Cloud Applications By Industry 2011-2017
Figure 30: Cloud Investment By Industry Application 2012
Figure 31: Benefits Of Cloud Over In-House It Service 2011-2013+

List Of Tables

Table 1: Old It Infrastructure Versus The Cloud
Table 2: Comparing The Cost Of Different It Infrastructure
Table 3: Cloud Adoption Rates In % 2009-2013+
Table 4: Cloud App Proportion In % By Industry 2011 - 2017

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