Combo Slim Diet

Combo Slim Diet Offers Healthy Eating Meal Plan and Workout Guide for 80% off Price offers downloadable blueprint for healthy-meal-and-workout combination with a deep 80% discount.


Pleasanton, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2012 -- Compared with overweight or obese people, those who weigh just right are less prone to issues that spring from the condition, including heart diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke and even cancer. Keeping a healthy weight can lead to significant savings in the long run and keep expensive doctor's visits, medications, and insurance costs off. The safest - and cheapest - road to freedom from obesity and overweight problems is a healthy lifestyle, which work best when taken as a powerful, results-oriented weight loss plan.

Combo Slim Diet is a weight loss system that lays out the ways to ultimately look better and feel healthier than ever. Detailed at, the guide emphasizes how a healthy lifestyle, achieved through the right diet meal plans, is a worthwhile investment.

Maya, who incorporated the healthy eating meal plan into her lifestyle, has this to say: "Thank you so much for developing Combo Slim Diet. It has been 60 days since I purchased it. I did not expect immediate results, but they did come fast. In just two weeks, I was smaller. I look even better than I did 10 years ago."

Because health is priority, is motivating people to begin working on their weight loss goals immediately. In a limited-time special discount promotion, the downloadable healthy eating meal plan is available for only $11, from the normal price of $55. With 80% off the price tag, losing weight healthily is not only easy, but also affordable.

The discounted plan offers easy-to-follow healthy eating meal plans with recipes that do not deprive people of the food they love. The weight loss method also includes a full body workout that pleasantly surprises people every time they step on the weight scale. In addition, presents a healthy eating meal plan that burns calories even during sleep, and increases energy levels while continuing to shed off the pounds.

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