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Commodity Robot Coffee Trading Module Turned $100,000 Into $192,000 in 12 Months

Commodity Robot can trade gold, silver, oil, copper, palladium, coffee and bitcoins. Commodity Robot gold module turned $100,000 into $916,000.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2014 -- Yesterday the developers of Commodity Robot, Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk released the Coffee Trading Module. Commodity Robot Coffee Trading Module turned a deposit of $100,000 into $192,000 in 12 months giving a gain of 92%. The developers have provided 3rd party verified trading account statements to prove that their claim is genuine and true. Commodity Robot can trade gold, silver, oil, copper, palladium, coffee and bitcoins. Commodity Robot gold module turned $100,000 into $916,000.

This is what the developers say: “Coffee has a very big trade volume, placing it second after the Oil commodity. Changes in price for coffee are influenced by productivity in the countries which deliver the product to the world market.

In the long term it is easy to predict, because the prices of coffee rise when the coffee crop is small and fall when coffee crop is big.

Our long term indicators and backtests showed us that the price of coffee has been gradually decreasing for 11 years. We base the next indicators on that information.

When you have a slight edge already, knowing the general direction the market goes (even if the trend is MINIMAL and has huge spikes) gives you the advantage needed to make statistically good profits month after month.

The reason for the small depreciation of coffee is that the coffee crops in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda for 2013-2014 exceeded the record production of 11.9 million bags of beans. This unusual productivity was promoted by a season of rains in Ethiopia from the middle of March into May. The marked is flooded with beans, so we can capitalize very well on this bearish trend!”

Using the above facts, the developers build their coffee trading strategy, using trend indicators. The developers are predicting a very sharp increase in coffee prices in 2014. The Commodity Robot Coffee Trading Module, using internal trend indicators, corrects all the parameters and forbids trading if the situation becomes unstable. When everything goes according to plan and the situation stabilizes, the robot enters the market and makes good profit. Coffee profits are expected to be around 5-7% every single month—still making coffee a great, great trading asset to have in the robotic portfolio.

About Commodity Robot Developers
Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk are no new comers to the field of artificial intelligence. These 2 Russian programmers are already well known in the forex community due to their highly successful GPS Forex Robot that makes around 30% monthly gain on average. Both these developers took more than 4 years to develop the Commodity Robot.

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