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Commodity Robot Gold Module Secret Strategy That Made a Real Gain of 916% Revealed by the Developers

The gold module of commodity robot has got over 3,000 lines of code that have been written and rewritten over the period of last 2 years.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2014 -- The Commodity Robot developers have released the Gold Module Secret Paper. The gold module of commodity robot has got over 3,000 lines of code that have been written and rewritten over the period of last 2 years. The following filters are used by the commodity robot in trading:

1-Moving Average
2-Ichimoku Cloud Filter (very powerful)

Around 35% of the trades are spotted using the moving average and RSI. But unlike most trading systems, the trades are not opened right away but are further confirmed using MACD. Trades are only opened when big volatility is expected in the market so as to secure as much profit as possible. Ichimoku is used for the entry signal when the Ichimoku line crosses the cloud.

This is what the developers say: “Ichimoku then gives the execution order when the line is crossing the cloud, BUT there is another verification that is involved. Our in-house custom filter that we developed and called Phalanx, in honor of the battle formation invented by the Spartans in the 7th century before Christ...

It basically uses a combination of and with custom variables of to protect and validate the trade operation before jumping in... basically the last line of "defense" or validation... and the trade is opened.

Now according to our backtests and real money life results such an opened trade has a success rate of 72% of being profitable. But even if against all odds and against ALL possible predictions, it should go against us... there is still hope. ;)

A custom filter we call "????? ?????", which is Russian and stands for "security layer" or "security net". This special filter—whose settings we don't even write on paper because they are too big a secret to even trust our gfx designer to black them out (sorry Chevchenko)—protects the open trade with counter positions so ingeniously placed that it basically guarantees a profit... and the best thing is it's not a double-up martingale compulsory gambler's technique but a safe and stable counter strategy to reduce open trades risks immensely without hedging. We are very proud of this invention and will seek patent as we have yet to see something even remotely similar!”

About the Commodity Robot Developers
Commodity Robot has been developed by 2 Russian programmers Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. Both of them are highly accomplished commodity traders as well. They are giving their Gold Indicator for H4 chart with 89% average accuracy FREE for a few days.

For more information about the Commodity Robot and the Gold Indicator FREE download, please visit the following website: