Ahmad Hassam

Commodity Robot Palladium Module Turned $100,000 Into $196,000 in 1 Year

Commodity Robot has got 7 modules. Gold Module turned a deposit of $100,000 into $916,000.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2014 -- Commodity Robot Palladium Module was released today by the developers Antony and Ronald. Commodity Robot has got 7 modules. Each module trades one commodity. The commodities that it can traded are gold, silver, oil, copper, palladium, bicoin and coffee. Gold Module turned a deposit of $100,000 into $916,000. Similarly the Oil Module turned a deposit of $100,000 into $227,000 in a couple of months. The robot has been developed and tested thoroughly by the developers. In the next few days, the full Commodity Module will be made available to the general public. All the modules have been tested with real money $100,000 deposits. The trading accounts have been 3rd party verified.

According to the developers, their robot can make 70-100% return per month. Commodity Robot Palladium Module was able to turn a deposit of $100,000 into $196,000 in 1 year giving ROI of 96%. Trading palladium is not easy. The developers have provided 3rd party verified account statements of their trading account to prove that their claim is true and genuine.

This is what the developers say: “Palladium is a finite resource... it can be depleted or require very costly extraction from nuclear reprocessing facilities. Basing our assumptions on exactly this fact that palladium is a LONG TERM upwards-trending commodity... we were able to finally crack the code! 2450 lines of code went into this and while the earnings are less than the other assets it still makes between 4-6% in net revenue every month! Without the Palladium Module, the Coffee and Copper Modules wouldn't even exist... because those assets were developed right after we saw the possibilities that no one else has seen in palladium!”

About the Commodity Robot Developers
Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk are the developers. Both of them are famous as Russian programmers and coders as well as commodity traders. It took them more than 4 years to develop their commodity robot.

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