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Common Sense With Money Inc Offers Free Printable Coupons to Save Money, a new website that provides links to printable coupons, online deals, as well as brick-and-mortar store deals, offers visitors the chance to receive a couponing book for free.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2012 -- Money is hard to earn: this is a fact that many people across the globe deal with every day, and the apparent reason why they work like there's no tomorrow. It is no secret that much as people would like to save, the temporary bliss that indulgence offers makes it difficult to say no to it - even when the situation calls for spending less and wisely. In fact, statistics show that nearly 80% of consumers can't help but spend easily and are unable to save even 10% of their earnings.

Wiser consumers, however, know that discount promotions and freebies are not offered for nothing. The use of money-saving coupons, for example, has been shown to save up to 25% of yearly grocery bills - or $2,400 based on an $800 monthly grocery spending - of a household consisting of two adults and two kids. The trick lies in knowing where to find such coupons and deals. focuses is a useful resource for tips on spending wisely and saving. The website offers useful links to printable coupons and promotional deals. A free couponing book is also offered to visitors when they sign up for the free daily email newsletter.

Mercedes, the blogger behind, is a Certified Public Accountant and MBA who wants to share her money-saving efforts. "Helping other people live better, spend less, and save more is something I am very passionate about," she says. "I combine simple frugal living tips and smart shopping techniques to help moms across the United States become better home economists."

At, visitors gain access to a hundreds of ways to save with discounted products from groceries, drugstores and malls. The blog is haven for online deals, free stuff, free gifts and free samples - just what people need to save more without giving up their wants.

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