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Company Features New Website - Has Strong Background in Telecommunications

The Greek prefix tele- means distance, and telecommunications means electronic communication over a distance.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2014 -- This is the core of S-Wave Telecommunications, but the company has reaches into all areas of telecommunications for the most effective products for their customers. We have experience in the areas of mobile, Internet and VoiP. Each of our employees is versed in these areas and some specialize as well,?said Lamont McGee, Founder of S-Wave.

Recent innovations for S-Wave have expanded to cloud management as a part of the telecommunications industry. Much of the industry is moving in this direction, and S-Wave recognized the importance of being a part.

Communication is sharing information. The cloud allows us to access that information across the globe, almost instantly. It made sense for us to incorporate this into our core,?said McGee.

To that end, S-Wave recently debuted a new, modern website.

The website matches the three elements of S-Wave's vision, mission and goals. Additionally, the new website allows visitors to learn more about the key realms of telecommunications and technologies that S-Wave specializes.

This is an ever changing and evolving industry. The rapid advancements made on an almost daily level mean telecommunications specialists have to be ready to adapt, change and move forward to meet the demands of its customers. This is why we developed the new website,?said McGee.

All of the services of S-Wave are featured prominently with detailed information. Customers are able to see firsthand what is offered and how S-Wave can help.

We want to be with you, the valued customer, from the initial bid or drawing to the operations and training,?said McGee.

Learn more at http://www.s-wave.us/

S-Wave Telecommunications
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