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Complete Coverage of Toy Fair 2013 NYC to Be Provided by DadDoes.Com

Dad Blog will Report on the Best New Toys for 2013


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2013 -- The International Toy Fair 2013 in New York City will kick off on February 10th, 2013 and DadDoes.Com will be there to provide complete coverage. Toy Fair NY will feature over 100,000 products and it is at Toy Fair that many of the hot holiday toys for 2013 will be announced.

As Toy Fair is an industry only event and not open to the general public, DadDoes.Com, a Dad blog that does product reviews, will be providing complete coverage to interested Moms and Dads around the world. In addition to toy reviews on the Dad Does site, they will also be creating numerous toy review videos for their popular YouTube Channel - DadDoesBlog.

“Our goal in covering Toy Fair 2013 in New York City is to provide our audience with as much information as possible about the new toys coming out for 2013. There will obviously be a good deal of hype and salesman ship at the Toy Fair, we will do our best to cut through all that and find toys that are actually fun for kids” states Dan Nessel of DadDoes.Com .

DadDoes.Com focuses on providing real world toy reviews. Rather than creating reviews from reading press releases or seeing product demos, Dad Does takes every toy they review and tries it out in a real world setting. Families play with the toys for a number of weeks and then report back on the pros and cons of the toys.

While 2013 is just one month old, DadDoes.Com has already been busy reviewing new toys for 2013. In the past week they did a full review of the Air Hogs Gyroblade RC Helicopter. This new remote control helicopter has gyro stability and is extremely responsive. In addition, it has a metal frame so if you do have a few hard crashes, the helicopter is much less likely to get damaged.

In addition, DadDoes.Com reviewed Ubooly. Ubooly is new interactive toy that works with your iPhone or iPod touch. At first glance Ubooly looks like a standard plush stuffed animal. In truth, you put your iPhone into Ubooly and he comes to life as an interactive pet.

Ubooly can tell stories, crack jokes and even interact with the kids. The voice recognition software in Ubooly app allows kids to talk back to Ubooly and have a great time.

Nessel concludes, “2013 is looking to be a very interesting year for the toy industry. Will apps start to replace toys? Will toys make a comeback by combining apps into the gameplay? As we scour the Toy Fair floor, these are the questions we will be trying to answer. Of course, the most important question we want answered is - what are the best new toys for 2013?”

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