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Complete Private Label Perfume Design Package Revealed by Parfum De France

Innovative perfume design service enables the creation of personalized perfumes, from concept and branding to production and shipping.


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2012 -- French perfume manufacturers, Parfum De France, has revealed an innovative perfume design package that is now available to clients. The private label perfume design package takes perfume production from the initial concept stages, right up to manufacturing and the shipping of a “ready to sell” product.

According to Parfum De France, the package enables anyone to create their own personalized perfume and bring it to the marketplace.

“With our private label package, anyone can now create perfume. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the perfect fragrance and branding is achieved to bring their dreams of a personalized perfume product to reality. We are there every step of the way right up to shipping the product to client warehouses,” said a company spokesperson.

The perfume creation package offered by the company consists of the following life cycle:

1. Marketing Brief – to identify the exact requirements of the client and help them choose the perfect fragrance, prices, packaging and target audience.

2. Fragrance – several fragrance samples are created based upon the initial description, and changes made until the perfect balance is achieved.

3. Bottle and Cap – clients choose their perfume bottles and caps from a huge catalogue of over 90,000 items.

4. Packaging – Experienced designers work with the client to produce packaging that matches the image of the brand.

5. Production and Shipping – The product is manufactured by Parfum Du France and “ready to sell” perfumes are shipped directly to the client warehouse.

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About Parfum Du France
Formed in 2008, Parfum Du France provides a professional and affordable solution for personalized perfume design and production. Clients are taken through the entire perfume creation life cycle from concept and design to production and shipping. The company is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and they work primarily with local manufacturers to achieve this.