Consumer Electronics Press Releases

The Rovux Group Sells Controlling Portion of Rovux Apps for $38 Million

On the heels of rumors about going public in 2015, 80% of Rovux Apps has been sold to the private equity firm Klatten. Already celebrating the tremendous success of reaching 26 million users in under two years the mobile development company will now have an even broader reach. With plans of commercialization and licensing with Israeli clientele the company is poised to take affordable mobile app building to a new section of the marketplace. Already a tremendous success on all fronts Rovux Group, Rovux Apps parent company, raised $10 million in investment funds to expand the app development company's services to Israel in 2014.

Widgets Town Releases Cool New Theme Preview App

Widgets Town is proud to announce the release of their first four Corona SDK based themes on a product line to include many more themes. These themes can be used as a starting point for showcasing your products in terms of what it can do with an easy to understand visual. One can also use bits of the code within the app, just like the drop-down, the image enlargement/preview and some other stuff inside it.Widgets Town plans to create more corona SDK widgets and themes in the near future.

Purdue Startup Formed to Advance Technology to Help Children, Families Affected by Severe, Nonverbal Autism

SPEAK MODalities LLC is working to advance and commercialize a Purdue University developed technology to improve communication for children and families affected by severe, nonverbal autism.

How to Shop for the Most Popular T-Mobile Cell Phones Online

LogoUndeniably one of the coolest cell phones ever designed is the Motorola Krzr. A shiny flip-phone coming in silver, or colors, the ultra sleek Krzr is sharp and sophisticated. Weighing only 3.6 ounces, and measuring a slim 16mm X 42mm wide X 103mm long, it slips easily into a pocket or purse. Similar in style to the Razr, the Krzr is longer and narrower.

How to Find a Replacement Cell Phone for Cheap on the Internet

LogoThe cell phone business is changing. The major carriers are now changing their contracts to make it easier for customers to buy high-end phones. Some contracts no longer require customers to purchase their phone from the carrier. In either case replacing a lost or broken phone with one of the major carriers can be pretty expensive.

GTA 5 Release for Xbox One and PS4 Set for March 2015, According to Laureate Trust

LogoLaureate BVI issued a strong buy rating on Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) based on anticipated sales of the upcoming release of GTA 5 and Red Dead for Xbox One and PS4. Laureate sees the current dip in price as an opportunity to buy a company that could increase 50 per cent in price.

Android Users Brace Up for Unbelievable Deals from Imoblife.Inc May Sales

This May is going to be one big surprise for Android users everywhere. IMobLife.Inc, a leading company of android app development, has launched its May sales. The sales feature, apps (All-In-One Toolbox; Memory Booster and Battery Booster) with huge discount on regular price; and a ton of free apps. For just $ 3, users can harvest 3 of the most popular apps in the Android market. This is a great deal customers simply cannot afford to miss.

HD Video Software Introduced iPhone Backup Extractor to Restore iPhone Data and Files from iTunes

With iPhone being more and more common around the world, more and more iPhone users would come across iPhone data loss situations. To help iPhone users easily restore lost or deleted data and files, HD Video Software officially introduced detailed solution by using professional 3rd-party tool - iPhone Backup Extractor on How to Extract files from iPhone Backup tutorial guide.

Market Report, "Russia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014", Published

LogoThe outlook for the Russian consumer electronics market has weakened due to a worsening domestic economic environment, rouble depreciation and political uncertainty surrounding the situation in Crimea. We still expect the consumer electronics market to record growth every year in our forecast period to 2018, but there is increased downside. We now expect spending to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 2.9% 2014-2018, to reach a value of US$35.446bn in 2018. Growth will be driven by the growing popularity of digital lifestyle products like smartphones, Smart-TVs, tablets, and hybrids/ultra-thin notebooks. The market should receive an additional medium term boost from Russia's WTO entry, confirmed in August 2012, with import taxes of 5-15% expected to be lowered within three years.

The South African Image Company Now Brings Fashion Stylist Courses in Johannesburg for Aspiring Candidates

The South African Image Company now brings fashion Stylist in Johannesburg for all those, who ardently aspire to be a part of the fashion world. The fashion stylist of The South African Image Company in Johannesburg has considerable years of experience in the arena of makeup consultation, wardrobe, color, style and shopping. The South African Image Company is the one stop destination for those who just do not want to make big money,but a reputable career in the fashion world as a fashion stylist. Fashion stylist courses are specifically designed for those who hold a deep passion in fields like fashion, makeup, image and anything that helps people to look at their best. Their fashion stylist courses cover everything that one needs to be a professional stylist. They adopt the most modern approach of teaching and training.

Shona Thomson with Exclusive Weight Loss Running Plan for New App

Scottish adventurer Shona Thomson has joined forces with a fast-growing health and fitness portal to offer an exclusive weight loss running plan within their latest free app.

Creation Application Adds UK's Largest Apple Premium Reseller Stormfront Ltd to Partner Channel

Creation Application Ltd are continuing their impressive growth in the app development world confirming they have recently signed up Stormfront Retail Ltd into their ever growing partner channel. As one of the only app development companies who run a partner channel, allowing companies to offer mobile solutions as part of their own business portfolios, signing such a credible partner is sure to increase demand for partnerships with this increasingly competitive player.

Game Repair Inc. Now Repairing PS3 Consoles This Spring

LogoWith new gaming consoles being developed and released at a frequent pace, many individuals are dedicated to their existing consoles and the games and features that are included. As PS3’s are used often, there comes a point in time where the system begins to malfunction, and errors with games and the unit itself begin to appear. When these instances occur, it is more cost effective to receive a repair than to purchase a brand new console. This spring, Game Repair Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering PS3 repairs to their valued clientele.

Why Americans Are Not Buying Home Security Systems

LogoThe home security market is worth nearly 40 billion dollars. New home security providers pop up every year and the big companies seem to increase their customer-base by thousands each year. However, there are still consumers who do not see the need to have a security or monitoring system installed in their home.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery Helps Customers Recover iPhone Data Without iTunes Backup

LogoNew software called Leawo iOS Data Recovery now makes it possible to recover iPhone data without iTunes backup. The users can now recover directly from iOS devices the deleted or lost files. The recovered data will be exported to a PC in a readable form.

Best Prepaid Cell Phones for Under $50 Selected by has unveiled its list of the Best Prepaid Cell Phones for under $50. The list includes the Samsung Galaxy Reverb Android smartphone, and feature phones/non-smartphones with touchscreens and qwerty keyboard phones. These choices are best suited for someone who likes a quality phone at a low cost, and who also want to be able to run the phone cheaply on a monthly basis.

New Social App "Snap Lotto - Meet the World" Now Available on iOS

New social application Snap Lotto - Meet the World is now available for download in the iOS app store and is poised to be the next big craze in social media, as it allows users to effectively meet anyone in the world from the palm of their hand. Snap Lotto co-founder Michael York spoke of the initial response stating, “We just released Snap Lotto on the app store and there were several hundred downloads in just the first day alone. The initial response has been excellent and I anticipate that the popularity will grow quickly as users introduce their friends to the app. We are prepared to handle an enormous worldwide user base and I am beyond excited for users to experience Snap Lotto.”

1000 Friv Games for School and Home Are Available at presents their huge collection of online friv games for boys and girls that can be played both at home or school. Players love these games that keep them constantly entertained. The website has several game categories that make it easier for the users to find their favorite games quickly.

Leawo iPhone Data Recovery V2.0 Now Fully Supports to Recover Deleted Notes from iOS Devices & iTunes Backup

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional software developing company which focuses on solving problems of multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, recently updated its iPhone data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery, to Version 2.0. The updated software enhanced the function of recovering files, and can help users to recover deleted files from iPhone with faster speed and more stable recovering process.

"Home Audio and Cinema in the Czech Republic" Published

LogoHome audio and cinema value sales declined by 8% in 2012. The sales were pushed down by the rising competition from computers and smartphones which newest technologies make the home audio and cinema products unnecessary. Also the unstable economic situation in the country caused consumers not to invest in such equipment as much as they had in the past.

Magazine Publishing Platform Now Makes Online Magazines Accessible on Mobile

LogoSince mobile readers and mobile buyers across the globe are increasing by leaps and bounds, users are needing to take advantage of the utility of mobile devices in order to view mobile friendly publications when they are on the go. Touted as a modern business person's dream, Flip magazines created by Flip HTML5 Magazine Publishing Platform enables entrepreneurs to stay on the competitive edge by creating highly attractive online documents; such as catalogs, user guides, auto brochures, audio books, other brochures, auto magazines and other eye-catching documents.

A New App Datissimo Gives You the Option of You Converting Your Excel Sheets Into a Full Database

Indiegogo has come up with a new project which is mainly focusing on getting backers for an app, Datissimo. This app, has been designed to help convert excel worksheets into databases that can be interpreted. People have been using excel to organize data, and make smaller databases that they can store and share. This app works on the shortcomings of excel workbook, and thus converts it to a format that is completely interpretable as well reproducible.

Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 Glass Supplier GT Advanced (GTAT) Rated Strong Buy Target US$22, According to Laureate Trust

LogoLaureate BVI issued a strong buy rating on GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) due to its partnership with Apple (AAPL) for its Sapphire glass applications. Laureate sees the current dip in price as opportunity to buy a company that could double in price.

With a Child Reported Missing Every 40 Seconds, Parents Look Towards GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

The Huffington Post recently shared certain surprising statistics on safety of children in the U.S., one of which being that a child is reported missing every 40 seconds. Many parents might think that they are well informed on their child’s location at all times and will never lose track of their own kids, however the publication on the blog also shared that nearly 90% of parents will experience losing a child in a public place at least once.

Waterproof, Durable Flip Phones Available Online at believes that cell phone technology has come along way, but most mobile phones are delicate creatures. Drop them on the sidewalk, or in the toilet, and you may be out hundreds of dollars for a new one. Consider a used cell phone from the next time the face plate cracks, and if it happens a lot,consider getting a tough, durable, waterproof phone like the Kyocera DuraXT for Sprint. The DuraXT has a rugged body with push-to-talk capability. It also has GPS and Bluetooth.

Complete iOS 7 Jailbreak Publishes Reviews of the Top 3 iOS 7 Jailbreak Solutions

The iPhone is more powerful than the satellites that send and receive its signals. Extraordinarily, the full extent of that power cannot be readily released or utilized by users, because Apple software locks the phone into only being used as they see fit. To unleash the phones full power users can jailbreak their iPhone, a legal process by which they can open the device up to third party apps that can unlock its true potential. With so many services claiming to jailbreak iOS 7 users can find it difficult to decide which claims are genuine, which is why Complete iOS 7 Jailbreak has reviewed the three best services available to see which comes out on top.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express Recommends iJailbreak Pro as the Best iPhone Jailbreak Solution

The iPhone 5 was the best selling iPhone of all time, and was the most powerful example in the range when released. The iPhone 5 improved in almost every way over the iPhone 4 besides one crucial and stubborn weakness- the phone still would not support apps from third party developers, or allow individuals freedom to use the power of the phone how they saw fit. For this, they still required jailbreaking services. Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express was launched to provide high quality consumer advice, and recently named iJailbreak as their top performing jailbreak solution.