Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Ayla Networks and Ever Win International Corp. Partner to Accelerate Innovation in Home Automation and Connected Consumer Electronics

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of Agile Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and Ever Win International Corp., a leading OEM serving mobile communications and consumer electronics companies, have unveiled a program to help manufacturers bring connected home and lifestyle products to market.

Widgets Town Releases Cool New Theme Preview App

Widgets Town is proud to announce the release of their first four Corona SDK based themes on a product line to include many more themes. These themes can be used as a starting point for showcasing your products in terms of what it can do with an easy to understand visual. One can also use bits of the code within the app, just like the drop-down, the image enlargement/preview and some other stuff inside it.Widgets Town plans to create more corona SDK widgets and themes in the near future. Enlightens Readers on What Motorola Earpiece for What Motorola Radio is the best resource website for all types of Motorola earpieces. With advice and news of the latest connectors and earpiece styles, is there for you and your questions. Currently with 7 connectors in circulation for an even larger range of radios, finding the correct connector and earpiece for the radio you're using can be difficult, and that is the reason that the website was created.

New Market Study, "Home Audio and Cinema in Hungary", Has Been Published

LogoThe importance of home audio and cinema continued to decline in Hungary towards the end of the review period as consumer attention turned to smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. Volume sales of home audio and cinema declined by 6% during 2012 and 2% in 2013, which was part of a long-term negative growth trend which lasted at least the length of the entire review period. Although current value sales declined in home audio and cinema throughout the review period, 3% current value growth was...

JI Phone Repair Gains Positive Consumer Reviews for Their Cell Phone Repairs in San Diego

Smartphones are now one of the most ubiquitous devices in the developed world, and are indispensible to their users, who do everything from checking their mail to buying their groceries and messaging their friends through these internet connected devices. The computing power is greater than that of many satellites, and yet their constant use and small size leaves them vulnerable to damage. These breakages can be expensive to repair, especially when individuals have to send their phones to the manufacturer. JI Phone Repair offers a more immediate and affordable solution that is well recommended by existing customers, they also offer a special on all local San Diego iPhone repair.

Donald Sterling, Floyd Mayweather Fiasco Illustrates the Need for More Personal Privacy and Security

Personal Security rises to top of list for early technology adopters. Siam Smartphone announced plans to emphasize security and encryption features in firmware in response to recent security violations made public in the news. Helps Get Rid of Cable Bills for Good

HD is the latest buzzword in TV technology and nobody understands this better than the team at The company which has helped millions of customers get their share of the best TV viewing experience has brought forward some amazing products to meet the promise.

Players Laud Need for Speed World Cheats for Protection from Getting Detected

Need for speed world cheats is one of the vastest tools available today in the internet, encompassing 12 hacks in one single tool. Each of these 12 hacks are useful for different purposes. This single tool can help a gamer to inlock different features in a game while also offering great advantages for races.

New Market Research Report: Consumer Electronics in Hungary

LogoVolume sales of all consumer durables declined in Hungary during 2012, with consumer electronics falling in volume by 3% due to the limited purchasing power of the Hungarian population. This was motivated by a 3.4% decline in real wages and rising inflation over the course of 2012. Volume sales of consumer electronics rise in 2011, which was considered by some as an early sign of recovery of Hungary's economy from the economic crisis. However, volume sales declined again over 2012, suggesting...

Krayze Games Releases New Challenging Baseball Game

App developer Krayze Games is pleased to announce the release of their new baseball game, Baseball Krayze, which is now available for immediate download from the Google Play store. “We are very excited about this release, as the Major League Baseball season just kicked off and we feel that our game hit the market just in time for the fans. We love to create apps that feature very simple, yet highly fun and addictive, and Baseball Krayze is just that. Players catch baseballs to score points while avoiding objects, and have to make sure to catch clocks to extend the time for each level,” stated Sam Jackson of Krayze Games.

Krayze Games Releases New Challenging Baseball Game

App developer Krayze Games is pleased to announce the release of their new baseball game, Baseball Krayze, which is now available for immediate download from the Google Play store. “We are very excited about this release, as the Major League Baseball season just kicked off and we feel that our game hit the market just in time for the fans. We love to create apps that feature very simple, yet highly fun and addictive, and Baseball Krayze is just that. Players catch baseballs to score points while avoiding objects, and have to make sure to catch clocks to extend the time for each level,” stated Sam Jackson of Krayze Games.

Auto Forward Kicks off Parental Awareness Campaign

According to a 2011 Pew Internet and American Life Project survey, 47 percent of parents worry about their child or children being exposed to inappropriate content while accessing the Internet or using a cell phone. In addition, parents express concern over data advertisers and what information they may collect from children using the Internet. "Parents need to know what their child is doing while using the world wide web and spy mobile phone software makes this an easy task," Patrick of Auto Forward declares.

Where to Find the Durable Motorola Barrage Cell Phone

LogoFolks looking for a top of the line rugged flip phone should consider the Barrage V860.Some people want the best phone but don't need a camera because security at their job may not allow cameras. These phones are also perfect for kids that break their phones a lot, or adults as well. They are available at at the best prices Nation Wide. They compete against every cell phone company and only provide the best phones, customer service, condition and warranty.

How to Find a Like-New Used Cell Phone on the Internet

LogoWhen companies sell refurbished, used, pre-owned, or like new cell phones, they are providing a great way to get a perfect working phone at the fraction of the cost of a new one in the box never opened. MobileCellMart offers an excellent selection of cell phones for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile including Flips, Keyboard, and Android Models. All their phones are fully tested and come with a 30 day warranty,and free first class shipping. No need to drive into town or look for some local store that may overcharge and has a limited selection.

Fonplus Highlights Lower Mobile Phone Tariffs with Free Call Apps

Fonplus, one of the most helpful blogs for UK residents and business, has just highlighted a new way for UK residents to lower their mobile phone tariffs. The Free Call App is now available for UK residents, and this enables people to make both local and international calls without any extra charges.

New Report Available: Home Audio and Cinema in the Netherlands

LogoHome audio and cinema showed a poor performance in 2013, continuing the 2012 decline in volume sales. Digital media player docks and audio separates were the only categories to see growth within home audio and cinema in 2013. Both categories appeal to the ongoing connectivity trend, as they support broad functionality.

Gallia Tech Set to Take on Apple with Their Ultra Functional L'Ultime Smartphone

Apple were once the leaders in the home computer world and became leaders in the mobile phone market with their iPhones, however it seems they are quickly losing their crown in the mobile phone world with all the problems they are having.

Pay More Stores Offers Secure Device Trading

Worry about personal data being found on electronic devices has stopped many people from selling old, unwanted electronics. Now, PayMore stores not only buys new, used, or broken electronics for cash, but they also ensure secure data trading, by professionally wiping purchased electronics of all personal data, free of charge.

DIY Surveillance Pro Announces Sale Price for Wireless Covert Spy Camera

LogoIndividuals can never be too careful about what is occurring inside or outside of their property. As technology advances, it is easier than ever to keep an eye on the most important aspects of life. To prevent others from being able to blatantly see a security device, DIY Surveillance Pro is announcing their sale price for its exclusive, wireless spy camera. The camera comes equipped with a portable DVR to allow users the ability to view their surveillance from the palm of their hands. This product, the Palmboy 4.0 is on sale for the low price of $199.99, over 25 percent off the retail price.

New Market Study Published: South Korea Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoThe South Korean consumer electronics is mature, meaning growth rates will be below those of emerging markets. We expect the market will remain in positive growth territory over the medium term but growth will be slow, with a forecast CAGR of 3% 2014-2018 to US$18.7bn in 2018. In the short term, high household debt levels will be a constraint on consumer spending and high penetration rates mean there are limited first-time buyer opportunities. However, consumer appetite for innovative products means we have a bright medium-term outlook. Tablets, convertibles/hybrids and emerging technologies such as OLED and ultra-HD TV sets and wearable computing devices offer medium-term growth potential.

New Market Research Report: Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoHong Kong is home to a vibrant consumer electronics market due to high incomes and strong demand for the latest products among local consumers. However, spending growth on consumer electronics devices slowed in 2012 and 2013 due to a combination of a weaker economic environment, price erosion and high penetration of devices in key markets. While growth rates will necessarily underperform emerging markets in APAC due to high penetration, short replacement cycles in key product categories such as smartphones and tablets will ensure spending growth remains positive over the medium term. There is, however, downside risk to this outlook from a hard-landing in China, or from the negative wealth effect of any cooling in property prices that would hit consumer confidence.

Steampunk Nixie Clock Now Available in App Form at Fraction of Price

LogoA Nixie Clock in limited edition recently hit the market, followed by an app of a 'steampunk nixie clock' that features many of the elaborate details found in the original timepieces.

New iPhone App Sets Buy-Sell-Hold Ratings for 5000 Stocks

LogoInvestors can enjoy a new FREE iPhone App ( that constantly monitors thousands of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds and gives Buy-Sell-Hold ratings for each stock and ETF. Ratings are updated hourly. Users can create their own portfolios and are notified when their stocks receive “Sell” ratings.

Fro Knows Photo Review Reveals How to Improve Photography Skills with Fro Knows Photo

This Fro Knows Photo Review introduces Fro Knows Photo, the latest program that helps people unlock their potential to capture amazing images. Also, according to this Fro Knows Photo Review, the program teaches people how to take full control of their camera, and how to create captivating photos in any situation. Fro Knows Photo is written by Jared Polin which is a master photographer and successful entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in the social media business. Since Jared Polin released the Fro Knows Photo program, thousands people worldwide used it to help them start a successful photography business.

Malaysia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Market Report

LogoSales of key digital lifestyle products such as digital TV sets, smartphones and tablets are growing rapidly in Malaysia, and the country remains one of the region's high-growth consumer electronics markets.

Market Report, "Australia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014", Published

LogoIn 2014, BMI forecasts that Australian demand for consumer electronics will grow by around 1.8%, as weaker economic growth is forecast to hit the market over the short-to-medium term. Vendors will look to emerging product categories such as ultrabooks, Windows 8 tablets and phones, ultra-HD, smart and 3D TV sets, and LTE smartphones as areas of growth.

New Market Study Published: Consumer Electronics in Romania

LogoConsumer electronics in Romania saw a good 2012, recording moderate value sales growth. Its performance was fully in line with the gross national product growth in 2012. Growth was also positively affected by decreasing unemployment and slowly rising job security. This allowed consumers to increase their spending on electronic products.