Consumer Electronics Press Releases

RCA Antenna Launches Quality HDTV Antennas Aimed to Amplify the American TV Viewing Experience

The technology has probably changed the way people watch their favorite TV shows. From cable TV that has become an entertainment necessity in every household to digital HDTV antenna that improves the viewing experience of many people to the next level without paying for any cable fees. And with RCA antennas, Americans will surely be able to watch the best shows with their quality antennas that offer true multi-directional reception now that the number one antenna company has two new products to offer designed to delight people with a new kind HDTV experience.

Power Bank Launched to Ramp Up the New Year One Charge at a Time

Offering the gift that keeps on giving PowerMobile Co. launches a necessity for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Able to charge up to three mobile devices at one time, the PowerPal Portable Charger is a mini must-have. Amping up the spirit of the new year, the external charger is offered in original and limited edition versions; proving practicality is just simply fun to give away.

MyPhoneRobot Offers Automated Prank Call Services Online

LogoPrank calls though annoying often carry an element of surprise and it can be fun as well. Adults love to play pranks on each other and it delights them completely. What makes the prank calls interesting is the anonymity. Most often the users receiving the calls won’t realize who is calling and it leads to incredible fun. With technology advancements, there are websites that provide fantastic prank call online services at affordable costs.

Website Announces Launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack Tool for Multi-Platform

A recent survey shows that online video games are increasing at a fast rate with gamers demanding for more challenging games. Avid online players will be familiar with the thousands of different games available online. Call Of Duty, for a very long time have been enjoying a special attention from male gamers for its innovative features and smooth controls. Black Ops 2 is the latest Call Of Duty Series and according to records, it has millions of users, including both old and new players.

BBee, New App Reduces Phone Costs Offering Free Calls for Credit

In today's world, it is almost impossible to find anyone without a smartphone. Even in countries where owning a computer may be cost prohibitive, owning a smartphone is allowing internet access equality. Statistics show that nearly 90% of the world owns and frequently uses a smartphone to access the internet for shopping, information and communication. Now, that communication has just improved with the Android and iOS, availability of BBee, allows more users than ever access to free calls and free text, photo and pdf messages.

Original Photo Design Studio Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Hilixxia, The First Game Application and Auction

LogoHILIXXIA is a unique mobile game with a built-in auction system giving people an enhanced gaming experience. Original Photo Design plans to have the game available for Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices. Players are engaged in the game by choosing 250 photos from 1000 or more images they would like to win. Once they have picked an image the fun begins in a HILIXXIA Casino Slot style game with a twist. To win the images chosen, players must match images played with the image they selected. Gamers are allowed a specified number of attempts to win that specific image they're shooting for. All of the images they have chosen will be stored in a virtual gallery where they can view their customized collection whenever they like.

WorldSIM Presents Its Wireless Services to the Global Mobile Customers

People across the world are travelling more than ever. With more number people travelling from one part of the other the need for a single mode of communication expanded more than ever. To facilitate this need and eliminating all kinds of roaming costs, WorldSIM has come up with its global wireless services. The service not only helps in staying connected but also helps in keeping communications cheaper. The idea is simple as they say ‘the world’s local sim’. Presently the customers are receiving incoming calls for free and make outgoing calls at 1p/min. This is available for more than 90 countries as of now.

VeriShow to Showcase New Visitor's Camera App

LogoThis new application from VeriShow, “Visitor’s Camera” includes improvements to audio and video chat. Yuval Moed, CEO of VeriShow, announced new improvements including : echo cancellation by optimizing echo reduction in video chats, this applies to when using speakers, rather than a headset and is particularly noticeable in higher volume levels. Improved video quality has been.

Kickoff Alert Brazil 2014 Is Now Available in the iTunes App Store

World Cup 2014 has begun in Brazil and the matches are heating up. Kickoff Alert Brazil 2014 by bg9, is a quick way to keep track of all the favorite World Cup 2014 matches. All matches can be saved within minutes and alerts are sent no matter what country or time zone one is in. Kickoff Alert Brazil 2014 can be installed directly from the website: or with this link:

Colonoscopy Helper, The Popular Smartphone App for Colonoscopy, Available in Spanish for Android Phones

The ColonoscopyHelper, the convenient and popular smartphone app that assists colonoscopy bowel preparation, is finally available in Spanish. Although many have already benefited from this app, Hispanics, many of whom have limited facility with English,have been unable to utilize this very useful smartphone app until now. Ironically, those who only speak Spanish are probably ones who would most benefit from the guidance provided by this app, given relative paucity of resource available to them.The magnitude of this problem is evident from the fact that Hispanics constitute over 17% of the U.S. population, and are the largest and most rapidly growing ethnic minority in the nation.

New "Tubby Bird" Game Promises More Fun-Filled Action Than Wildly-Popular "Flappy Bird" Game

If you loved the original wildly-popular Flappy Bird game you’re going to go crazy over the new Tubby Bird game.

Exciting Promotional Offers on Smartphones Available at

Online shoppers from across the world can take advantage of the promotional offers on a new range of smartphones brought to them by, for buying smartphones at cheap prices. deals in high quality smartphones, tablets, and other accessories from some of the leading brands, such as Haiwei, Lenovo, ZOPO, CUBE and others. They have a significantly large range of products and shoppers can now take benefit of the promotional offers they have on different mobile phones.

See the DPRK Like Never Before with the World's First North Korea Travel App

LogoLargely off limits to foreign journalists, North Korea has for long been a mystery wrapped in an enigma. But now, for the first time, the North Korea Travel app allows users to explore the world’s most secretive nation from the comfort of their own home.

HVH Led Lighting LTD. Provides Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions at Reasonable Prices

HVH Led Lighting Ltd. has gone from strength to strength and poised to make new forays in the time to come. It has earned great reverence and reputation by offering superior quality lighting solutions at affordable rates. Keeping 100 percent customer satisfaction as its main target, the company offers the widest assortment of excellent quality LED lighting products that incorporates the best-in-class technology. In addition to the quality products, they also offer best services aimed at bettering the customers buying experience.

HVH LED Lighting LTD. Offering the Widest Range of LED Home Lighting Solutions

HVH LED Lighting Ltd., the leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting devices, is offering the widest range of LED home lighting solutions that can help the homeowners to reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company has been serving the energy-efficient lighting industry for years by producing a versatile range of LED luminaries and lighting devices that are designed to last for ages. The company’s production facilities are ISO 9001 accredited and located in the heart of Shenzhen, which is renowned as a booming technology city of Asia.

Worlds Best Import & Export Co. LTD. Presents a Range of Flatbed Inkjet Printing Solutions

Technology has made inroads to virtually any task we do. The presence of technology can vastly be felt in businesses where machines act as the source of carrying operations. One of the devices which are vastly used at both small and big organizations is the printers. The printers have evolved since they were launched and come in various shapes and sizes.

Game Repair Inc. Now Offering Free Estimates for Their Repair Services

LogoAs prominent video game platforms are continually releasing new consoles with improved features, individuals have built up their collection of games and gaming profiles on their existing platform. With the amount of time spent on the console, whether it is playing games, watching movies, or browsing the web with the various apps and features on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, users can experience a system malfunction that makes them unable to play their games or turn the device on. Rather than spending a fortune for a new console, Game Repair Inc. is announcing they are now offering free estimates for their console repair services this summer.

I-MobileAlerts Expands Suite of Life-Saving Apps

Logoi-Mobile Alerts, the company that creates life-saving technology, has released an expanded suite of apps that can be tailored to alert friends and family in the case of an emergency. The company is now offering the i-Heart Alert, the i-Emergency Alert, and the i-Emergency Alert LITE. This expanded suite of apps increases the chances that a victim of a life threatening situation can alert family and friends that emergency assistance is needed.

Alan Cable Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter for the Development of Whome the Pioneer Multiroom Wi-Fi Speaker & Color Led Bulb

LogoAs a new interactive media system, Whome consists of three parts: the Whome app, the Whome multi-room hardware manage system and the Whome bulb. Whome bulb is both a light bulb and a speaker.

I-Ox Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Kickstarter for I-Ox Smartphone Grip - A New Way of Keeping Mobile Phones Secure

Mobile phone companies and retail outlets around the world are making a fortune each year from mobile phones that are damaged through being dropped or mobile phones that have been lost because they have not been secured properly. Damaged and lost mobile phones have become a big money spinner for mobile phone companies; however, those days could be numbered thanks to GIC Nexus, and the i-Ox Smartphone Grip. GIC Nexus have designed the i-Ox Smartphone Grip, which changes the way people hold their mobile phones, lowering the risk of losing their phone or damaging it.

Now Clients Can Get a Superlative Assortment of Solar Garden Lights Only at Strictly LED's

Strictly LED’s is counted among the largest and most trusted online destination for low energy outdoor and decorative lights, and the company fortifies its position further by offering a superlative assortment of solar garden lights. These lights are high-quality, highly-efficient and ideal for enhancing the beauty of any house’s exterior (garden or patio), festivals or any other celebratory occasion.

Strictly LED's Announces Availability of a Versatile Range of Low Power Consumption Gu10 Led Bulbs

Strictly LED’s has recently announced a versatile range of Gu10 Led Bulbs for low power consumption at the most affordable prices. The company is offering the highest standard LED Bulbs and lights which are an excellent alternative to boring and dull halogen lights. These are high-quality bulbs which consist of excellent components, and the best part of these bulbs is that they consume low energy, but emit a great level of light. These high-quality bulbs use 4 watts of power, but have the ability to emit the same level of light just like a 50w halogen bulb. Furthermore, these bulbs have 50,000 hour life expectancy which make them very durable lights.

Tag a Cat Launches Ultimate iPhone App for Taking and Sharing Cat Pics

The internet has been likened to ancient Egypt in its worship of cats, and cat pictures are among the most populous of any topic online. Such is the fascination with these adorable predators that a new iPhone app has been developed to become the next big image sharing app. Tag A Cat was launched three weeks ago after months of development, and is a free resource for those who can’t get enough of taking and sharing pictures of cats.

Strictly LED's Brings a Whole New Range of Led Grow Lights at the Most Competitive Prices

Strictly LED’s brings a whole new range of LED grow lights at affordable prices. The company is delivering quality LED grow lights that help the plants and seeds to grow in the most optimum light. These lights are meant for indoor plants where sunlight cannot reach and the plants can’t grow to its expected level. Strictly LED’s is exclusively bringing these lights to foster the growth of the plants especially during winter season.

Mamabear Offers Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Instagram

LogoParents who have tweens with smartphones are undoubtedly aware of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram remains one of the top apps used by kids with over 200 million users. While much of what happens on Instagram involves the harmless sharing of ubiquitous “selfies” and silly photos with friends, the app has features leaving open for vulnerabilities like location tagging and exposure to inappropriate content.

Learning Korean Could Be Fun with the New "Learn Korean 6000 Words" Android App

For all Korean language enthusiasts, Fun Easy Learn now brings an interesting and exciting way to learn the language. The famous language learning apps developer has now created " Learn Korean 6000 Words " Android app, which is available on Google Play Store for free download. Any Android device user can download the app and start learning the Korean language in their free times. Offering High Quality Digital Cameras at Competitive Prices has done a commendable job in offering a wide range of high quality products to its humongous customer base at dirt cheap prices. The customers can purchase superior quality products that include apparels, accessories, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, IT related products to name a few. The online store is surging ahead with the idea of serving its customers to the best of its ability. Aiming at the ultimate level of customer satisfaction, offers a fine blend of quality products and equally endowed services.