Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Taker - A Bluetooth Headset Broke with Traditional Headset, Launches in Crowdfunding Campaign

Most people wear a Bluetooth headset while driving for the safety and convenience. If someone calls while driving, a conversation is simple enough but what happens when an important point needs to be written down? With Taker, drivers no longer need to touch their mobile phone or jot notes while driving. Drivers enable to focus on the road and reduce distraction.

Finnish Company Mekiwi Oy Launches Campaign to Pre-Sell Android App

Time. No one has enough it seems and yet, time is all one has. Time is valuable and can be bought and sold so time is money. With so many demands on one's time, how is it possible to keep track without losing time altogether? How many times are to do lists created, but nothing actually gets done? What if succeeding with one's time management was rewarded and became more like child's play? With the new Wimble Android app, it can.

Hidden Object Games 365 Launches to Bring Together the Very Best Hidden Object Games

Flash games are a style of online playable game that uses simple game mechanics and colorful scenarios to provide light entertainment for those looking to relax or waste some time having fun. These games come in an astonishing array of different styles and genres, and gamers often identify themselves by which kind of flash game they play. For many, hidden object games are the pinnacle of this accessible form of entertainment, and Hidden Object Games 365 has now been launched to bring together the very best from the genre into a single online location.

Just Released: "Czech Republic Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014"

LogoThe consumer electronics market in the Czech Republic experienced a dip in growth in recent years as a result of market saturation in some key product categories, as well as challenging economic conditions. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most lucrative in Central and Eastern Europe as a result of relatively high income levels and the strength of supporting infrastructure such as data networks. Sales of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs all offer vendors opportunities for strong unit and value growth in 2014. However, there is downside risk, with the weakening of the koruna pushing up prices of imported products and acting as a drag on growth.

Consumer Electronics in Turkey - New Report Available

LogoAs the Turkish economy continued to recover from recession during the second half of the review period, consumer confidence increased between 2010 and 2012, resulting in significant volume and value growth in consumer electronics. Manufacturers and distributors alike pushed new products featuring the latest technologies, encouraging consumers to replace their existing products and try new product categories. This trend led the government to take preventive measures to prevent such rapid growth...

Racing Games 365 Launches to Provide a One Stop Shop for Online Racing Games

Racing games are one of the most popular genres of online flash game. Flash games themselves are increasingly popular, as their simple game mechanics and free to play status make them accessible to all and at the same time nostalgic for an era of gaming that has now since passed. Finding the best racing games however can take an age, and require scouring through hundreds of gaming sites to find the best releases. Racing Games 365 has been created to answer that problem by bringing together all the very best racing games to a single online location.

Telcom & Data, Inc. Now Offers New Age Polycom Wireless Conference Phones

With a view to meet the contemporary call and conferencing requirements in offices and professionals settings, Telcom &Data, Inc. now offers new age Polycom wireless conference phones. These products save users from the mess of cluttered wires and allow a better organized and neat conference room tables. These cordless Polycom Phones enable mobility and erase spaces as the constraints give users the ability and the freedom to hold conference calls from anywhere. In fact, it is a great device for easy team coordination as it permits conferencing even in those rooms that are devoid of phone lines.

Conference Bridges Now Offers Collaboration Technologies Including Video Conferencing and Conference Call Phones

Conference Bridges now offers collaboration technologies including audio and web conferencing systems, Conference Call Phones, Video Conferencing and Hosted Conference Call Services. Conferencing offers a fast and inexpensive alternative to travel from weekly sales meetings, help desk support, and distance learning, to customer end user. They believe teleconferencing is no longer a luxury; it is a strategic requirement to manage information effectively and remain reasonable.

Dress Up Games 365 Launches New Website to Host the Best Dress Up Games on the Net

Flash games are an amazing way to kill some time, and are loved by adults and teenagers alike as a means by which to procrastinate in an enjoyable way. The types of games different players are interested in however varies greatly, and there are an astonishing number of online flash game genres. One of the most surprisingly popular is that of dress up games, where individuals can move through a wardrobe of items from the fashionable to the fantastical, to decorate their character as they see fit. Dress Up Games 365 is a website dedicated to collecting the best examples of these games together so gamers looking for the genre need look no further.

Make Up Games 365 Launches to Provide a Home for the Best Makeup Games Online

Flash games are one of the most popular ways to spend downtime amongst younger generations because they offer simple game play mechanics, colorful concepts and are free to play. The games come in a huge variety of different genres, so there really is something for everyone. Many girls like to play makeover games, in which individuals can take control of a make-up kit to recreate different styles on a digital model. Make Up Games 365 is a website newly created to play host to the very best games from this genre.

Find the Best Samsung Galaxy Cases, Covers, and Accessories at

The Best Samsung Galaxy Cases website has recently launched with all the latest updated information regarding popular Samsung Galaxy cases, covers, and accessories. has everything for the Samsung phone.

New Report Available: Argentina Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoArgentina's domestic consumer electronics devices market, for mobile handsets and AV products, is projected at US$5.7bn in 2013 by BMI. The market has recovered since a sharp deceleration in 2009 and spending is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% to US$7.1bn by 2017, driven by demand for flat-panel TV sets, notebook computers, digital cameras and other key products, and also by rising incomes and greater credit availability. Spending will be constrained by an uncertain economic outlook and our data show prices rising faster than shopping centre sales, with consumers cautious due to an uptick in unemployment. We still expect sales of mobile handsets, plasma TV sets, digital cameras and other categories of consumer electronics products to grow in 2013, as monetary and fiscal policies remain highly expansionary. BMI has warned of the risk of a substantial currency devaluation, which would have an impact on the affordability of IT products and services. Although local PC, TV and mobile phone production in Tierra del Fuego state has expanded rapidly, most of the imports used for assembly are still imported. The tax on 'luxury goods' such as mobile phones and digital cameras has dramatically boosted the sales share of locally produced goods, while sales of imported consumer electronics devices have fallen sharply.

New Market Study, "Iran Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014", Has Been Published

LogoAlthough the outlook for the Iranian consumer electronics market improved after the US lifted sanctions on handset imports in May 2013, the positive impact of the decision continues to be outweighed by economic and political challenges in the country. A further drag on sales growth comes from the government's extension of Rightel's monopoly over the 3G market until September 2014, which will limit the growth potential of 3G and sales of 3G-enabled devices. While the market is challenging for vendors, it does have many attractive underlying features, such as a large population and low penetration of PCs and smartphones, meaning significant opportunities still exist. Sanctions have resulted in some positive developments, for instance the creation of a local manufacturing sector, which has the potential to achieve scale by servicing a population of 74mn. We believe the market lacks the technical expertise to launch products that rival major international brands and consumers have already demonstrated an ability to acquire devices from neighbouring markets, meaning demand for domestically produced devices is low.

Audio4fun Announces the Advanced Addition in Voice Changer Software Diamond

LogoVersion 8 of Voice Changer Software Diamond was released in November, 2013 as a premium voice changing program with advanced features for voice manipulation and modification, and since then it has been satisfying its many users, even the pickiest ones. The new File Morpher module helps users to load and morph any pre-recorded audio file and then save it in one of many audio formats. It can also perform batch functions on a group of files, or even an entire folder at once with speed and precision. In-depth specifications and a trial download for testing can be found at Announces a New Range of Batman Games for the Batman Fans

Batman is easily one of the most popular superhero characters of all times. Both kids and adults love this dark knight for its adventures, costume, gadgets and his undercover image. And, for all the Batman fans,, recently announced a new range of Batman-themed games, and some of these new Batman games include Batman Save Gotham, Batman Stunts, and Batman the Scarecrow’s Revenge. Offers an Extensive Variety of Dress-Up Games Online is one of the leading gaming websites on the internet with a great reputation amongst the online gamers. The website now brings a host of free dress-up games online to the fashion-savvy gamers.

Christian Dating Singles Chat App Released: The Premiere Dating App for Christians

Nowadays, dating is pretty easy as people can easily find someone to meet and date in almost everywhere they go. However, this is not the case for Christians looking for fellow Christians to date. Fortunately, Christian Dating Singles Chat here. This is an app that can help Christian looking for partners easily.

Optoma Presents the Next Generation HD Projector for Home Theaters

Optoma has once again proven that they are the premier suppliers of projectors and HD technology by introducing the Optoma HD66 projector. The projector is equipped with DLP technology which has been provided by Texas Instruments. The device also has the Brilliant Color Technology which, as the name suggests, provides the viewer with bright and eye-catching color display. The projector is able to play HD videos of up to 720 pixels. The 2500 ANSI Lumens is also provided for the most cutting edge display and images that flash continuously across the screen. The Lumens is also available in 3000.

Shure SE535 - Earphones to Block out the Rest of the World

The most common problem that people face when they invest in earphones is their short life-span. In only about three to four months they stop working and people have to buy another pair. If not that, then the sound quality is not up to the mark. The sound is either too thick or too squeaky. With the all new Shure SE535 earphones, all these complaints are history. The Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone is equipped with high-end technology that will awe the user with its clarity and sound optimization. Listening to music will never be the same again.

VoiceAmerica Releases New Talk Radio Mobile App for Kindle

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in Internet Talk Radio programming, today announced the release of a new Mobile App for Kindle available on Amazon to enhance its leading edge content delivery platform.

Instagram Likes Are Now Easier Than Ever to Get Through Newly Updated LikeZilla App

LikeZilla, an app that allows users to get free Instagram likes, has just released the newest 1.4 version. The free app, which is available through the Apple iTunes store, was created by Reaction Games, a company that is devoted to building quality iOS applications. In addition to offering faster and more “likes”, the newly updated app has also fixed the bugs that were present in previous versions.

Mobile App Dinect, a New Global Worldwide Communication Platform Is Here

Siberia may be a vast territory with sparse population, but with a new program, Mobile App Dinect, has created a Global Worldwide Communication Platform that allows manufacturers and retailers to communicate directly with customers. Not only that, but Dinect is designed to work as a universal discount card.

Toys and Games in Hong Kong, China: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoDespite the economic instability during the review period, overall toys and games in Hong Kong saw healthy growth. Traditional toys and games was supported by the strong performance of baby toys in this year of the Dragon including ride-on vehicles, construction toys, dressing-up and role play, and dolls and accessories. Video games outperformed traditional toys and games because of the strong growth of digital gaming, especially mobile games which was supported by the high smartphone...

My RCtopia Highlights Advances in Remote Control Vehicles

According to, Nikola Tesla first described a remote control device back in 1893, in one of his patents. Over time, the military began using this type of technology for military purposes, with the German navy using motorboats controlled by radio to attack enemy ships during World War I. "Over time, inventors started using the technology to create items the average consumer could use, including television remote controls and toys such as the remote control boat," John Donaldson of My RCtopia explains.

Johann Verbroucht and Associates Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Release Their Upcoming Multiplayer Game Dungeon Rushers

LogoDungeon Rushers is a challenging multiplayer rogue like game, combining the gameplay of a 2D tactical RPG with the huge possibilities of a dungeon builder

ESO Game News and Game Gold Information - Available at

The Elder Scrolls online is one of the most played multi-player online games in the present times. Game players can be seen to be highly interested in getting the news of the game as well as all the information regarding the game gold which is quite mandatory for everyone. Individuals who are not exactly aware of the benefits of game gold should know that it is highly important to purchase in order to unlock various things such as items and levels of the game. It is being provided online at many gaming online stores for the utmost convenience of players from all across the globe. In order to get to know about all the places from where buying ESO Gold is rather easy and quick, individuals are highly recommended to visit

New Market Report Now Available: Toys & Games in Canada

LogoToys & Games in Canada industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2008-12, and forecast to 2017). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the Canada toys & games market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.