Consumer Electronics Press Releases

GoodFellas Announces Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

Leading Scranton food joint GoodFellas has taken a further step to make its finger-licking treats more sumptuous with the announcement of Apple iPad Mini Giveaway of late. The Apple gift would be available for the V.I.Pizza members here.

ECHO Protection Technologies Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of ECHO TLC-02

All communities around the world are greatly concerned about the health, safety and well-being of its children and young people. The number of reported incidents of child abuse and neglect has experienced a sharp rise in the recent years. Though parents and carers can be held accountable for the children's safety and welfare, ECHO Protection Technologies believes that it is the responsibility of the whole community to protect children and young people from abuse and neglect.

Petronome App Launched on iTunes to Redefine a Child's Experience of Keeping Time

LogoLeave it to creative designers in the digital age to make an early 19th century tempo keeper sound like a child’s best friend. Enter, the Petronome app from Kenlos Studios. With a twist, this first in the marketplace replaces the common click of a metronome with an animal sound. Comically proving to kids that a “ribbit” or a “hoo” can make the daily practice of an instrument a whole lot more fun.

Countercepts Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Pilot Release of EVE Emergency Management Portal

LogoIt is common these days to hear disturbing news about shootings in schools, malls, government facilities, and even hospitals. Countercepts has designed a solution that can be used in all industries.  Through the cloud, as a SaaS solution, the application is delivered to any connected device. The design allows emergency management personnel to receive notifications of danger and immediately send alerts over multiple platforms.  The emergency management personnel can continue two way communication and access live camera feeds while locking and unlocking doors. This allows them to manage and isolate threats. 

The Fine Young Capitalists, Making Video Games for Charity

LogoTFYC took 5 women, gave them professional concept artists and asked them to come up with their ideal video game. Now they need you to pick the best one. To raise money for charity.

Club Penguin Mash Publishes Party Cheats for Upcoming Club Penguin Frozen Party

Club Penguin Mash has a wide array of pages containing cheats for every aspect of Club Penguin, including mini-games and extra aspects, fun Easter eggs and account trading, giveaways and item IDs. They can even help players generate trackers for every single Club Penguin character, discover secrets in every single catalog and offer step-by-step guides for completing all missions on Club Penguin's DS games. With additional tools like coin generators, item adders and even a means to view the configuration of Club Penguin's virtual rooms, there is nothing players need that they can’t find on the site.

DMI Security Website Now Showcases Premier Shutter, Door, and Gate Range

LogoA new website launched by DMI Security provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s brand of security barriers, shutters, doors, gates, grilles, window bars, fire curtains, and more. Each product is detailed on a separate page, accessible by clicking on the homepage thumbnail images. Dimensions, colours, and technical sheets are available as well as price lists.

A New Product Review Website Launched for Fair and Comprehensive Reviews of Online Products -

Faadu Review is proud to go online for making available only genuine reviews of various products being sold online. This includes laptops, cameras, smartphones, books, computers, tablets, and health products. Each of these categories covers various popular brands so that the visitors can easily find the product whose review is essential before a purchase. This means now people do not need to look somewhere else for a smartphone review, laptop review, tablet review, health product review, or a book review.

Sky Little Releases Yoga & Meditation Music Apps

Android app developer Sky Little has released their new yoga and meditation related app named the “Meditation Yoga Music” this new app will contain various smoothing and calming musical tracks suitable for meditation, yoga, Zen, Reiki and spa. People who practice yoga have been reaping the countless benefits of this 5000 year old physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Practicing yoga, meditation and Zen have many advantages not limited to only the physiological kind but also emotional and psychological. When yoga and meditation is combined with music the healing and soothing powers of both elements heightens. The Meditation Yoga Music app for android will allow people practicing yoga and meditation easy access to high quality soothing music that will uplift their meditation routine. Sky Little describe their new Meditation relax music app as:

Calgary Video Production Company, Harder Brother Productions , Launches Discounts on Animated Video Service

Harder Brother Calgary Video Production House is launching a free service to potential clients for the month of August. For a limited time, Harder Brother Calgary Video Production House is offering a free consultation and script-writing for a one-minute video without any obligation. The service will begin with a 30-minute telephone call to gather information about the project and answer any questions about video production. After the call, Harder Brother Calgary Video Production House will deliver the script within a week and there is absolutely no obligation to continue the project with Harder Brother Calgary Video Production House .

Calgary Promotional Videos Discusses Video Marketing - Not Just Another Fancy Fad

LogoVideo marketing is really the future of content marketing and fortunately, it is not exclusive to bigger brands with huge budgets. Small to medium companies, both formal and informal, can actually leverage creative video campaigns on a shoe string budget and still get the same results as their counterparts.

Printing Dojo Forms New Partnership with ATA Martial Arts

Printing Dojo, a company based out of New York City that offers marketing materials and services to martial arts schools, has recently formed a new partnership with ATA Martial Arts.

TakeOff Running Captivates the World with Its Newest Version

LogoDevelopment Innovations really took their time with launching TakeOff Running. After several months of creating such a unique, endless running game, TakeOff Running was finally birthed. Now that the new updates have been launched to the world, not only are gamers seeing what makes it so unique, but they also get to see what makes the hysterical storyline so intriguing for gamers.

The React Sidekick Looks to Change the Way People Call for Help with Connected Device

LogoRobb Monkman and Rob Bangerter are excited to be on Kickstarter for their team’s first project. Anyone who has ever worried about his/her safety or the safety of a loved one is going to be excited about the React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with the creator’s free app putting security within reach when it counts. Robb and his team are seeking help to bring the React Sidekick into production as they begin their journey to transform the way people call for help in an emergency.

Now Get Tailor Made Blu-Ray Replication and Packaging Solutions Only with iDEA Media

LogoBlu-Ray discs are valued for their space and high definition audio and video content, ensuring crisp and clear studio-like quality for its clients. iDEA Media, a vertical of InnerWorkings Company, now offers tailor-made Blu-Ray Replication and packaging solutions. Being a client-savvy entity, they ensure that the pricing structure for the offered services are reasonable and well within various budget allocations.

Skramblr Delivers a New World in Visual Communication to Your Mobile

A real contender is emerging in mobile messaging to stretch the viral growth records of some of the market leaders like What’sApp, Line and Messenger but unlike its competitors, Skramblr delivers a much richer and broader user experience.

Vampires, Werewolves, Wizards, Dragons, and You - Welcome to Nocturion

Nocturion is a multiplayer, browser-based, medieval strategy game from a community-driven, indie development team.

NicSelect Announces New E-Liquid Customers

LogoAlchem International has added over 20 U.S. e-liquid brands to the growing list of customers who use NicSelect premium nicotine in e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Offers New Advice on How Text Message Marketing Can Fit Into a Restaurant's Overall Mobile Marketing Strategy is proud to announce new findings on how text message marketing fits into a restaurant’s overall mobile marketing strategy. For those who’d like to grow their business, their company website should be user friendly. Most consumers use their phone nearly 24 hours a day for email, texting, searching for restaurants or browsing the web for information. Therefore, implementing a text message marketing strategy as part of a mobile marketing campaign will enable companies to reach customers faster and more efficiently.

Finnish Company Mekiwi Oy Launches Campaign to Pre-Sell Android App

Time. No one has enough it seems and yet, time is all one has. Time is valuable and can be bought and sold so time is money. With so many demands on one's time, how is it possible to keep track without losing time altogether? How many times are to do lists created, but nothing actually gets done? What if succeeding with one's time management was rewarded and became more like child's play? With the new Wimble Android app, it can.

The Locksmith Squad Now Offering Lock Repair and Key Service for Summer 2014

LogoThe Locksmith Squad is now offering Lock Repair and Key Service for summer 2014. With its knowledge of the inner workings of locks, the Philadelphia locksmith can create keys exactly as their customers need them. Even if home or business owners need to change their keys, they won’t have to worry about getting new locks.

Fronts Is an Edgy Webseries Drama About Religious Civil War in the U.S.

Zachary Little of Norman, OK, has a unique way of expressing his views about religion and politics.

Evercom Introduces New 4G Service in Your Local Area

4G has been rolling out around the country for quite some time. There are many benefits to this new service, and most of them relate to speed and download times. 3G might have been the best solution available in the past, but that has now changed. Experts claim that 4G can be up to five times faster, which obviously means a significant change for both business and personal users.

EcigPuff Produces Range of Electronic Products

Electronic cigarettes are gradually forcing their way into the market. It can be a perfect substitute for cigarette smokers who aren’t ready to give up smoking. The harmful consequences of smoking are well known throughout the world. The electronic cigarettes, although appear similar in appearance to the real ones, it minimizes the intensity of internal damage. EcigPuff is an online wholesaler store that has a huge collection of variety of e-cigarettes and the equipments related to the activity. Some of the key products of the store includes aspire, clearomizer, disposable e-cigs, dry herb vaporizer, e-liquid, e-juice, e- cigarette accessories, mechanical mods, beginner’s kits and more.

KRAIBURG TPE Americas Joins Two Local Community Groups

LogoKRAIBURG TPE is known for its interest in developing close relationships with its customers and the communities they live in. One of the ways that they foster this bond is to join local organizations that bring businesses and citizens together. Recently, KRAIBURG TPE Americas joined, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and The German American Chamber of Commerce. Both of these organizations represent hundreds of members and feature lectures and networking seminars to educate and enrich the lives of their affiliates.

Game Repair Inc. Announces 24-Hour Service Plan for Xbox 360 Repairs

LogoMany individuals take their gaming consoles very seriously, getting to the next level, or earning that next achievement during their free time. However, as reliable a machine as gaming systems are, the constant use can cause many problems to occur. When users experience complications with the performance of their system, Game Repair Inc. is announcing a 24-hour service plan for their Xbox 360 repairs. With this service, gamers can get back to playing and competing with little to no downtime.

Noticeboard Shop Announce Free Delivery on All Projector Screens

Enjoying a great film at home on a high quality projector brings the feel of being at the cinema. More and more families according to a recent report are buying projector screens so they can watch a great film like they would at the cinema and with prices from £59, with free delivery from The Noticeboard Shop, it can be cheaper than visiting the cinema with the family.