Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Novak Networx Invests Further Into Area-Leading WiFi Installation Capabilities

Novak Networx, one of Southern Wisconsin's leading information technology and networking specialists, announced the expansion of the company's highly successful WiFi installation service. Thanks to new investments in training and cutting-edge technology, Novak Networx will be able to offer even more attractive and cost-effective WiFi installations to businesses and others in Janesville and surrounding towns. Novak Networx has already provided highly successful WiFi installations to many of the top businesses in the region, and founded and leads the extremely popular Janesville WiFi Project.

Luna Mobile Takes on Industry Titans in Global Race for Top Smartphone

U.S. based Luna Mobile, Inc. announced today that its flagship Luna ROX V8 smartphone is in production and will begin shipping in March, 2015. The ROX V8 raises the bar with the MediaTek MT6595 SoC (System on a Chip), the world's first 'true multi­processing' 8­core mobile CPU. The MT6595 recently tested above 47,000 in initial AnTuTu tests­­ more than 20% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and OnePlus One ( GSMArena 7/15/14). The phone sports a 5.5" FHD display, Qi wireless charging, dual SIMs, HEVC H.265 video, and a 13MP camera. Luna will sell the ROX V8 online, direct to the consumer, keeping distribution costs at a minimum. The Luna ROX V8 also comes 'unlocked', allowing the freedom to switch to another GSM carrier at any time.

"SaluSafe" Is Now Available on BlackBerry Devices

Crypto Heaven would like to inform everyone that SaluSafe program is now available on BlackBerry devices in addition to Android and Desktops.

TLS Production Now Offers Theatre Lighting for Both Traditional and Modern Stage at Affordable Rates

TLS Production is now offering Theatre lighting at the most reasonable prices. TLS production is known for their quality service that is unmatched in the industry. They are a well-known for their wide ranging equipment for total event production requirements. They offer theatre lightning equipment to make their clients’ function or even the most remarkable without investing heavily on the lighting equipment. Has Now Launched, Offering the Largest Selection of LG G3 Cases

The Best LG G3 Cases website is now live and ready to help shoppers find the perfect case to protect and enhance the utility of the new flagship device from Korean device manufacturer LG. contains comprehensive reviews, breakdowns, and feature listings for all of the major and best cases available including best prices and staff opinions.

New Market Report: Argentina Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014

LogoThe short-term outlook for Argentina's consumer electronics market is weakened by economic challenges includin g soaring inflation and devaluation of the peso in January 2014. As a result we forecast the market will contract in US dollar terms in 2014. Despite this bleak short-term outlook , w e believe Argentina has very strong potential for growth over the medium term with strong mobile handset demand supporting volume growth while increased availability of devices is pushing up demand for products such as flat screen TVs and tablet computers. Rising incomes and greater availability of credit also support the market's upwards trajectory and BMI believes demand will not be significantly dampened in the long-term. Consumers are avid users of online services and the availability of broadband - key to the increasing range of connected devices in the market - continues to expand beyond the capital.

Video Game Website Entices Enthusiasts to Look Into a Well-Sought After Career in Design

The video game industry is a lucrative business. This fuels many aspiring students and individuals who want to turn their passion for video games into a profitable and fulfilling career. Be A Video Game Designer, an internet-based company spreading well-researched information on the subject matter, has dedicated their site: to lessen the conjectures with regards authoritative information found all over the web. They even have a free ebook entitled Game Designer Career Guide at a relatively significant trade-off of entering their newsletter (which by the way makes it possible for updates to reach a subscriber's inbox with new info in much faster rates).

Going Green? Consider Buying a Used Cell Phone Online says there are many good reason to purchase a used cell phone, instead of buying an expensive new one. The website offers used Sprint cell phones for sale, as well as phones for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

New Online Directory Helps Vancouver Brides Select Vancouver Wedding Photographers

LogoA new online Vancouver wedding photos directory helps Vancouverites locate the perfect wedding photographer for their Vancouver weddings.

AppToPress Helps Indie App Developers to Get Media Coverage

LogoNewly born AppToPress is a PR & Marketing tool providing promotional service for Indie app developers, offering a range of promotional packages tailored to suit all budgets. AppToPress’s service is designed to drive sufficient users to customer’s apps and ensure their presence is felt via exposure through media and blogs by improving credibility and generating influence.

Toshiba Announces Availability of Fastest Laptops in Dubai at Most Competitive Prices

LogoToshiba announces availability of the fastest laptops in Dubai at the most competitive prices. From the highest quality range of laptops offered at Toshiba, Portege Z10t is a business laptop that features two face productivity and comprises of hybrid features of an Ultrabook and a tablet, all in one that provides ease for customers.

Go Mobile or Go Bust - More Users Accessing Web via Mobile

In this day and age mobile websites are of paramount importance for every business. Being online just doesn't cut it any more as more and more customers abandon the traditional personal computer for modern-day smartphones and tablets. Almost 9 million search the web every month while 86 per cent searched for a local business, out of which 50 per cent made a purchase. According to the Australia Mobile Telecommunications Association by 2015, 95% of Australian Adults will own a smartphones.

New Report Available: Serbia Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014

LogoBMI View: Although the Serbian consumer electronics market is one of the least lucrative and developed in the region, it has strong growth prospects over the medium term, making it more attractive to global vendors. We project Serbian consumer electronics spending will grow just over 2% in US dollar terms in 2014 to USD 1.2bn, and continue to outperform regional markets over the medium term to 2018. Sales growth rates will be higher than elsewhere in the region as incomes rise and vendors tap the low penetration rates for many consumer electronics devices. Household PC penetration, despite more than doubling over the previous five years, remains at below 30%, while smartphone penetration of around 15% is also a long way below the regional average, and could more than double over the next two years.

Recently Released Market Study: Venezuela Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014

LogoThe push by the government to implement the 'fair price' law in H114, which restricts vendor margins to 30%, has worsened an already weak short - term outlook for the Venezuelan consumer electronics market . The law adds to a hostile business environment and exacerbated existing challenges from currency weakness, and economic, political and security risks that are weighing on purchasing power and consumer confidence. Taking these factors into consideration, BMI forecasts a contraction in the consumer electronics market in 2014 , with all three market segments affected , albeit to different degrees . As the economy is stabilised we believe there is considerable potential in the Venezuelan market , with vendors having opportunities as a result of low device penetration in key categories such as smartphones, tablets and flat-screen TVs .

Earhoox Announces Product Launch in over 500 Best Buy Locations

LogoEarhoox, a product that offers an innovative solution to loose and uncomfortable earbuds, will now be conveniently located in over 500 Best Buy locations nationwide.

Nitros Rock Launches the Leading Online Nitro RC Cars Resource

Remote controlled cars are a fast and fun way to combine the thrills and spills of racing with the technical aptitudes of engineering, and racing these cars develops a huge range of skills in children and adults alike. Getting the best from the experience requires a great deal of experience however, and newcomers simply don’t have it. Nitros Rock is a new website specializing in remote control car reviews, news, and insights, and has created the ultimate guide to optimizing Nitro RC cars, buggies and more.

Fitness App BodyStream Announces Plans to Reward Users with Cash & Prizes

This week, social fitness app announced that it will begin offering new ways for users of social media to win prizes and compensation. The new program, which aims to encourage and assist newcomers to social fitness, officially begins this week. Several users will walk away with giftcards to use at supplement giant GNC.

Best Vacuum Info Releases New Set of Comprehensive Vacuum Rankings

Best Vacuum Info, an informational resource aimed at those researching consumer vacuum cleaners, announced the release of its latest, up-to-the-minute rankings of the best vacuums available. Drawing on the company's own research into and reviews of the most popular vacuums, as well as customer reviews from a variety of sources, the newly published lists highlight the top models in the handheld and floor-standing categories. Best Vacuum Info is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth sources of information for those researching vacuum cleaners, and its annual rankings of vacuums are some of its most popular and anticipated features.

Innovations and Developments in the Digital Photographic World Makes Photography Interesting and Exciting

It’s an exciting time for photography! And yes, that goes for both newbies and pros as so much of innovations have come up in the arena of digital photography in recent times that clicking a good quality photograph or unleashing the creativity of vision in pictures is a perfectly achievable job.

"Indonesia Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoIndonesia is expected to be a regional outperformer during our forecast period to 2018 due to a combination of positive consumer electronic market fundamentals and a strong economic growth story. There is downside in 2014 as a result of rupiah depreciation and potential disruption from smartphone import taxes, but the medium term outlook remains positive. In addition to solid economic growth, investment in supporting infrastructure, for instance data networks and retail operations, will deepen the market. Meanwhile, declining device prices in key categories such as tablets and smartphones due to competition between local and Chinese vendors in the Android and Windows ecosystems will boost adoption rates. This trend should see rapidly rising penetration in key product categories. Overall market growth will see the market reach USD16.4bn in 2018, equal to a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%.

My RCTopia Announces Site Demystifying the Remote Control Vehicle World

An examination of the industry shows that a remote controlled car can cost over $1,000, and civilian-grade radio-controlled helicopter prices can reach $15,000. Yet there are also toy versions of both that run $30 or less. John Donaldson, spokesman for My RCtopia (, announced that the site will now be posting tips, information, and reviews to help demystify the market and teach people the important differences between the toys and the high-end hobbyist versions.

Mamabear Provides Safety Tips for Internet Safety Month

LogoJune is Internet Safety Month, offering families an excellent opportunity to examine their children’s mobile and online behavior and make some positive changes that will keep everyone in the family safe from cyberbullying, predators and identity theft.

My Doll House Android Game Encourages Creativity

“My Doll House Game” is an app for children that has recently been released on Google Play. Created by Darek Kleczek, a Polish programmer and children’s book writer, the app is virtual game for children that allows them to decorate a beautiful dollhouse. The app allows children to use their creativity to decorate and it encourages originality.

Will Microsoft's Next Acquisition After Nokia Be "Rummage"?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia has many in the industry wondering what the future holds for both brands.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign with Funding Goal of $50,000 Launched for the Development of Bluetooth Smart Home Kit

LogoApple announced a new "Home" app and service that allows an iPhone or iPad to control smart appliances, lights and locks around the home. "We’ve come up with HomeKit to allow secure pairing so that only your iPhone can unlock your garage door,” said Craig Federighi, Apple's software chief on stage at WWDC 2 Jun 2014.

Mobile App and Game Development Company Stitch Digital Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Bring Fightro to Life

LogoFightro is a mobile app built for players, by players. With Fightro, players will have a central hub to interact with other players in the FGC. Players can track battles, watch live streams, follow players, and much more!

Gowin Technology Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start Mass Production of the World's First Attachable Android Touch PC and Multi Touch Frame - Zmartframe Touch PC

LogoTouch becomes a basic input method for interactive computer systems, but requires users to replace their monitors with touch monitors before Zmartframe exists. The idea behind Zmartframe is simple, to make a device that could upgrade normal monitor with touch capability to reduce unnecessary wastage.