Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Perfect Practice to Demonstrate Time Entry and Tracking in Real Time on a Smartphone at ABA Techshow 2015

Perfect Practice ®, an industry leader in software for the legal community, has just released Perfect Practice Mobile, one of the first real time case management software applications for mobile devices. It will be demonstrated live at the ABA Techshow 2015 on April 16 and April 17, 2015 in Chicago.

GLTYR - The Fast Growing Multimedia Marketing App - Announces Mobile Content Creation Contest for K-12 Schools

GLTYR (pronounced "glitter") - The fast growing mobile video marketing app - announces the first Mobile Multimedia Marketing and Content Creation Contest for Schools, offering them the chance to win up to $5,000 for their classrooms. The contest will run from April 1, 2015-May 31, 2015.

Hadil Amin Looks to Complete the Development of DEA (Diary Entries Anonymous) with Funding Support via Kickstarter

LogoDiary Entries Anonymous (DEA) is a lifelike diary that users can share anonymously with others or make it private for their eyes only. Users can customize their diary to match their own personal style through provided design templates or uploaded photos/videos from their album or YouTube videos.

Mr. High Def Brings the Theater Experience to Commercial and Residential Customers Alike

For consumers who have always wanted a quality sound system equal to that of their local theaters, Mr. High Def is offering the services they are looking for. This company provides exceptional quality sound systems to clients in the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey areas.

Formitize Releases Cleaners App to Make Business Paperwork Paperless

Formitize business app creators have released Cleaners App – a paperless solution for commercial cleaning and maintenance contracting businesses designed to address overwhelming paperwork issues and make businesses more environmentally friendly. The app for cleaners helps business owners go paperless so they can save time, money, and resources spent on paper documents, including printing, filing, archiving, and manually searching for the right document.

Florida UAV Announces the Availability of Sky HERO Spyder 700 Mm: One of the Most Functional UAVs

LogoFlorida UAV, a renowned provider of Avant Garde UAVs, has recently announced the availability of Sky HERO Spyder 700 mm, well-known for being in the league of one of the most functional UAVs. In addition to the high power functioning, it has a refined overall appearance too. Integrated with multirotor frames, their aerial gadget to facilitate users with ability to opt for coaxial setups (Spy Y3 or Y6, Spyder X4 or X8) to get economical and high performance. Besides this, this Sky hero model has robust frames, wide frame arms (big enough to fit ESCs inside), large canopy and tremendous payload capability.

Get Slinki to Steam: The Game Wall Studios Trying to Bring Indie Game to the Popular Platform and Store

Slinki is a PC game where games get to play as Slinki, a bunny rabbit whose home has fallen in calamity. He's got a handy weapon though, a bladed metal appendage that replaced his arm. Now he must go into the sickened heart of his once peaceful Wood to end its suffering, slicing and dicing all the way. Introduces One Plus Deals on Android Smartphones

There is a wide variety of feature-rich Android Smartphones available on the website The website offers these smartphones at cheap prices and has several exciting deals as well for the worldwide customers. For example, they have amazing one plus one offers on smartphones, allowing customers to grab two smartphones at the price of one.

HVH LED Lighting LTD. Offers LED Lighting Solutions for Residential and Commercial Use at Competitive Prices

HVH LED Lighting Ltd., based in the Shenzhen city in Guangdong province of China, offers a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial use at affordable prices. Established in 2001, the company has toiled hard to become a leading LED lighting solution providing company. Offering high quality luminaries and lighting solutions for different environs, HVH LED Lighting Ltd. sticks to quality and never fails to impress with its effective LED lighting solutions. The company is now offering reasonably priced LED lights and other lighting solutions to the clients who cannot afford to buy just anything to beautify and embellish their home or office environment.

David Babayev Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Start the Production of SlideAir, Comfortable Mobile Work Space on the Go

LogoSlideAir is an essential accessory for a laptop, created for business professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a laptop who enjoys a mobile work life. It was specifically created for those who are constantly on the go and would like to enjoy a more comfortable mobile experience when using their notebook while away from the office/desk. 

ProCom Now Installing High Speed Internet to West Virginia Businesses

LogoWhen working in an office setting, employees are utilizing computers, laptops, and the internet on a daily basis. To avoid the frustrations of a lagging internet service that constantly goes in and out, ProCom is pleased to announce they are now installing high speed internet to businesses throughout the state of West Virginia.

Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans Announced by

A list of the Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans has been announced by On this list, consumers can find details of the best and cheapest cell phone plans without contracts. Some of the top plans that made the list include TracFone's Pay As You Go plans, Virgin Mobile's PayLo plans and Straight Talk's unlimited cell phone plans.

New and Advanced MP3 Player Now Available for Free Download

LogoMP3 players have been in the market for quite some time now. That said it took a long time for these players to evolve and cater to the growing needs of the user. Today, there are advanced players and then there are the basic players. Users either have to download a highly complicated program to use their files or pay a lot of money to get a good program. The new MP3 player is however, the best answer to this dilemma.

DRAM Digital Products Class Action Settlement

LogoSamsung, Toshiba and 10 other manufacturers of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) have reached a combined $310.72 million class action lawsuit settlement over claims they conspired to fix the price of DRAM data storage chips found in computers and other digital devices.

Graphics One Announces Joint Marketing Agreement for Valiani Digital Cutter Flatbeds

LogoGraphics One and Crescent Cardboard are pleased to announce a joint marketing agreement for the Valiani line of flatbed cutters and the GO F-24 UV Small Format Printer. The agreement is reciprocal and Crescent will bundle the F-24 with its cutters and GO will bundle the various flatbed cutters offered through Crescent. The target markets for these systems is packaging and POP graphics. Announces Price Cut on Its Maiden OTDR Equipment

Fiber optic equipments continue to rise in cost and businesses and professionals who carry out fiber optic works on a regular basis are finding it difficult to cope with the rising prices. Addressing this issue recently slashed prices of its maiden OTDR equipment by $1150, making it much more affordable for its customers.

Innovative Startup Nobi Offers Cash for Old Mobile Devices

LogoThe world is in the midst of a dramatic shift in the way people communicate and find information. Global smartphone use grew from 5% of the global population in 2009 to 22% by the end of 2013. With adoption of new technology comes regular upgrades to the latest and greatest technology. But what happens to the mobile devices users discarded?

Media Freeware Launches Tattoo Font

LogoMedia Freeware has announced its Tattoo Font app for the benefit of users who want to get their bodies inked.

Formitize Introduces Building Surveyors App to Free Businesses from Paperwork

The creators of Formitize – an effective tool that has revolutionized businesses around the globe – has introduced Building Surveyors App. This powerful paperless tool monitors the progress of any mobile workforce using smart forms designed to aid in managing clients and company information in a secure ‘cloud’ setting. Offers Awesome Collections of New Apps for Android Users

Good news to all those who are looking for free apps for their email and social network activities., a new website recently unveiled their awesome collections of SMS android apps for free.

BioSys 3011- End of World, Has Got the Gaming World Addicted Battling in the Future

For a long time there was a buzz on the Internet about a new game that was being launched, no one knew what it was called or who designed it, then bit-by-bit details of the game started to emerge. The name BioSys 3011 was revealed by Finger Fun Studios, but still details were being kept to a minimum, teasing gamers, and then it was launched on May 1 2014, and all the hype lived up to its name.

Launch of Innovative New App Designed to Save Users Time, Money and Headaches

LogoNowDiscount is a free, innovative app that gives shoppers the best of both worlds – online prices at local retailers.

Sidekick Hack Publishes New Cheats, Hints and Strategies for the Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons are very likely the single greatest cultural phenomenon of the last thirty years, with only Star Wars giving it a run for its money. Whether it’s entering new words into the dictionary, endless pop culture references, or its omnipresence on TV, The Simpsons seems to be everywhere. It’s no surprise then that it can now also be enjoyed on a phone, thanks to new mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Sidekick Hack has published a new page on their website specifically to help people get the best of the game.

Inventor Sola Adele Looks to Raise $25,000 via Kickstarter for the Launch of Sholls-Guard Mobile Phone App

LogoSola Adele is an inventor, Minister, Personal trainer, and EMT. While working in the medical field, he came in contact with a home healthcare company where the owner had a problem with the staff, especially those working the night shift, caring for patients in need of 24hrs nursing care. He devised different means to combat this problem, but with little success. Incidentally, a member of staff, failed to help a patient in distress out of negligence, which resulted in a fatality.

Ozone Washer Launches to Promote Revolutionary New EcoWasher Technology

Washing machines are one of the highest consumers of energy in the household, especially when people engage in hot washes. What’s more, the cases of skin irritation have gone up in the last fifty years because of the astringent chemicals included in most detergents. Because of this, big businesses like hotels use alternative, revolutionary systems that effectively clean laundry without wasting energy on hot water and without dangerous chemicals. Those systems have been made available for the first time as a consumer product, the EcoWasher Pro Plus, which is now available from the new Ozone Washer ( website.

Dragon City Games Helps Players Increase Chances of Winning

A new website, Dragon City Games offers free downloads of hacks and cheats of the Dragon City online game.

Clash of Clans Games Offers Strategic Moves to Gain More Power

A new website, Clash of Clans Games is currently offering hacks and cheats for the online game Clash of Clans. This is good news for avid gamers who are looking for ways to win this exciting online game.