Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Korean Tech Company Launches Indiegogo to Create Rollybot

Sometimes another pair of eyes is all that is needed. Whether is watching children in another room while doing housework or watching pets in an area that is off limits, a Korean tech company has invented a versatile Robot camera to be that second set of eyes – at an affordable price. Introducing Rollybot.

Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Make Canadian Athletic Recruitment Easy with FlexSports

Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley have a dream to help Canadian athletes unleash their full potential and get the recognition they deserve. Talent is everywhere, but the lack of opportunity is equally present. Simply put, it’s all too common to be unable to achieve dreams because of the lack of money, resources, and structure. This is a common theme for many who have fallen short.

Hongjie Cable Announces Availability of Various Types of Enhanced Capacity Cables for Immediate Supply

LogoFor the efficient transmission of signals and communication, there is a wide variety of cables used by the industries. Often, procurement of high-quality cabling products becomes a challenge for many companies. Now, China based rg59 cable manufacturer , Hongjie Cable announces about the availability of a wide range of technically superior products that a company can procure on an urgent basis for their different projects. They have different types of rg59 cable with them, and one can remain assured of getting the desired specification according to their requirements.

Print Pelican Offering 40 Percent Discount on Custom Business Card Printing

Print Pelican is a renowned printing company that serves as a one-stop destination for all your personal and commercial printing needs. The company has years of experience in the printing industry and employs highly trained and skilled technicians. Print Pelican owns three fully equipped digital print facilities. Whether you need to print business cards, four-color digital brochures, pocket folders or multi-page magazines, you can always rely on Print Pelican for print quality and fast turnaround time. The company is currently offering free UV coating and free shipping on business card printing for a limited period.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls CD Key - Available at

With the amount of online storefronts increasing through every passing day, it has become immensely difficult to choose the best one that provides special game services and products. However, is known to offer one of the games online along with many other products that are beneficial to individuals in both the short and the long run. Amongst the wide range of games available on the famous online store, The Elder Scrolls Online, Call of Duty, FIFA Soccer, World of Warcraft , Guild Wars 2, GTA 5 and many such classics are included.

"Video Games in Germany" Published

LogoIn 2012, video games in Germany recorded a healthy performance. Much of this performance can be attributed to new launches. Within hand-held video game consoles, Sony Deutschland GmbH introduced the new Sony PlayStation Vita in early 2012. In static video game consoles, in November 2012 Nintendo launched the new generation Wii, the Wii U. Consumer demand for these products thus helped drive the wider video games category in 2012.

Turkey Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Report Available

LogoThere is short-term downside to our otherwise positive outlook for the Turkish consumer electronics market. Economic instability, including domestic access to credit, and the potential for the deteriorating security situation in neighbouring countries to spill over into Turkey could undermine the domestic political environment and growth story. However, our core outlook remains unchanged as we forecast rising incomes, development of retail and networking infrastructure and declining device prices in key categories should see strong medium-term spending growth. Key areas of spending growth include smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

DreamSync Allows Any Video Editor to Sync DSLR Footage with Standalone Audio Devices

LogoMaking good looking video demands great sounding audio. And great sounding audio means shooting with two devices: A camera, and a separate dedicated audio recorder. This can make editing your videos a tricky process.

Market Report, "Toys & Games in Asia-Pacific", Published

LogoToys & Games in Asia-Pacific industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2008-12, and forecast to 2017). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the Asia-Pacific toys & games market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.

Report Published: "Toys and Games in Thailand"

LogoIn 2012, rapid economic recovery in the aftermath of the flood crisis helped spur the current value growth of toys and games. The political stability of recent years provided the promising business environment in Thailand, bringing back consumer confidence. The ongoing urbanisation trend in Thailand fostered the demand for imported brands with high quality or advanced features, given the higher budget allocated for unnecessary goods. The wage hike policy could impact the cost of production and...

Like-New Cell Phones for Sale for Less on

LogoMobile Cell Mart has quickly become established as one of the leading online suppliers for no- contract replacement phones. Since their business launch, Mobile Cell Mart has provided US citizens and consumers with the chance to easily purchase replacement phones for most carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T,and Verizon. From Rugged Flip Phones, Push To Talk Phones, Text Messaging Phones that do not require Data Plans to Basic Flip Phones, Mobile Cell Mart have an extensive stock whereby consumers can simply shop around for their desired replacement cell phone, quickly place the order and receive their order within the week.

Appy Beacons Usher in New Era of Mobile Advertising

Appy Beacons are the next generation Bluetooth Low Energy Devices that supports Apple's iBeacon protocol and send Bluetooth-enabled text alerts that show up on user's mobile device when a user moves within a close distance of the beacon.

Rugged Cellphones Available for Less at says that Smartphones are a modern wonder, but they are delicate creatures, and not everyone needs, or even wants one. Folks who work outdoors for a living, or folks who want to be outdoors to live, may find Rugged Cell Phones to be more practical, economical, and even more fun! Even the accident-prone can appreciate rugged mobile cell phones for work and play.

GTA 5 & Reaper of Souls CD Keys - Now Available Online

The internet is home to millions of online storefronts that offer various kinds of products and services for customers. Online stores that specialize in providing games and CD keys are highly popular these days due to the fact that the amount of game players can be seen to be increasing through every single day. GTA 5 is one of the most played games in the present times and is considered as one the best games of all times.

CarSkreen Is a New and Innovative Technology Start Up on Kickstarter

Brian Goemmer, the president of consulting and technology business AllNet Labs, recently unveiled his new Kickstarter project, the CarSkreen, to the public. The CarSkreen is a seven-inch tablet that combines the power of a mobile high speed network, streaming, and GPS navigation into one device.

A Chance to Taste the Addiction of Flappy Bird with

LogoAny mobile owner or game addict is aware of the phenomenal success of Flappy Bird and how its success raced up the high ranking app table, and even though it has been removed from the app store by its creator on 10th Feb, its addicts and admirers just can’t seem to have had enough of it.

A Chance to Taste the Addiction of Flappy Bird with

LogoAny mobile owner or game addict is aware of the phenomenal success of Flappy Bird and how its success raced up the high ranking app table, and even though it has been removed from the app store by its creator on 10th Feb, its addicts and admirers just can’t seem to have had enough of it.

"Dental CheckApp" - A Resourceful iOS App for Dentists Released

Dental CheckApp is a feature rich application that allows dentists, consultants, dental students, dental nurses, dental assistants, medical techs, dental health professionals, virtually anyone to access, manage, examine, diagnose and enrich knowledge about the dental conditions.

Appointment Aid Launched to Manage Appointment Reminders for Small Businesses

Setting and managing appointments can be a real challenge, especially for small businesses where a core staff are managing multiple roles and having a full time PA or scheduler is not an option. Oftentimes this leads to chaos as appointments are inevitably cancelled or moved and someone is left out of the loop. Appointment Aid is a new kind of appointment reminder service that aims to offer a complete, robust solution to solving this challenge for small businesses by creating a single software that handles everything on behalf of the business including client interactions.

Market Report, "Writing Instruments in Taiwan", Published

LogoSlow population growth due to low birth rate directly impacted demand for writing instruments in Taiwan since 2002. However, while retail sales of writing instruments shrank in volume terms, unit price increases helped to achieve moderate value growth in the review period. Manufacturers focused on improving quality of writing instruments products.

PayMore Stores Introduces Gift Card Program

PayMore Stores has built a reputation as the place to go to get the most cash for electronics at . Because PayMore Stores offers cash for used cell phones at and allows users to sell tablets for cash at , many people turn to them when they want to trade in or upgrade their phones. PayMore Stores also offers free recycling and data removal for anyone with a used electronic device, even if they do not purchase anything or receive any cash for the item.

Mobile Phones of Reputed Brands at Great Prices says that they are a reputed and professional mobile phone wholesaler, reseller and distributor who are committed to offering high quality and original phones of brands like Nokia, Samsung, SE, HTC, etc. to the public. They take pride in asserting that they have been operating in this industry for the last 12 years and have been becoming more and more popular because they have not only been offering authentic mobile phones at irresistible prices but have been ensuring to make available 100% safe transactions to customers who live in the nook and cranny of the world.

Startup Kills Plastic Cards

Unlike many "wallet" apps that merely scan existing plastic cards, CardsApp enables merchants to actually create a digital loyalty card online, instead of printing expensive plastic cards, thus cutting loyalty program expenses by a staggering average of 73%. Needless to say, this allows merchants to cut loyalty programs subscription price and more importantly, focus on customers, rather than on cumbersome plastic cards logistics. Converting plastic cards to digital CardsApp cards also contributes to a greener, plastic-pollution free brand.

Fifa 14 Coins - Exclusively Available at

For all those who are highly fond of playing games online, Fifa 14 is undoubtedly one of the most played games ever. Developed by EA Canada initially, the game has surely come a long way and has millions of fans worldwide. In order to purchase players in the game and to unlock many other items, individuals are highly recommended to purchase Fifa 14 coins from at the earliest convenience. the Best Resource for Finding Exciting and Popular iPhone and iPad Apps is a must visit website for people who own iPhones or iPads and like to put fun, efficient and helpful apps in their gadget. The website features a huge variety of iphone apps, ipad ipa suitable to the likes and needs off all iPhone and Ipad users, the wide range of apps include some of the most desirable and popular iPhone and iPad apps of today. The way cellphones have evolved to become the top most important gadget in one’s life is evident by current stats which show that an amazing 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone and 56% own smart phone furthermore about 80% of the time spent on a smart phone is on different apps. After all these app which actually put the ‘smart’ in smartphones, to maximize the benefits of the iPhone and iPad a variety of highly efficient and useful apps are available on including free jailbreak apps which will help people successfully jailbreak their iPhone and make interesting changes.

Now Available: Consumer Electronics in Germany

LogoDespite the constant uncertainty in regards to economic developments in Europe due to the continuous struggles of members within the Eurozone and the rather careful estimations for Germany's GDP growth in 2013, consumers continue to have faith in the German economy; likewise their jobs and financial security, which they prove with an unbroken willingness to spend money rather than to save it. The consumer electronics market is one of many that profits from the steady increase of private...

Now Available: Home Audio and Cinema in Vietnam

LogoTowards the end of the review period, Vietnamese consumers showed higher interest in premium high-tech home audio and cinema. Therefore, there were more premium new brands and models available during 2012-2013. As the key purchasers of home audio and cinema were high-income consumers, they were less affected by the economic downturn. As such, despite the economy difficulties experienced during 2012-2013, such products gained greater popularity among high-income consumers. Bose and Denon were...