Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Vorty Keyless Smartphone Home Access System Seeks Crowdfunding

Imagine if you could open all your doors, gates, and your garage just with a touch on any smartphone. Vorty is the world's first complete solution for using your smartphone to unlock all your home's entrances without using your home's automation hub or Wi-Fi.

Weever Apps Enters Strategic Partnership with Xerox Canada to Deliver Mobile Data Solutions from Coast-to-Coast

The term innovation may be a trendy buzzword, but its core meaning - to reinvent, to rethink, to evolve – will always be at the heart of great companies that do great things.

I-Ox Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Kickstarter for I-Ox Smartphone Grip - A New Way of Keeping Mobile Phones Secure

Mobile phone companies and retail outlets around the world are making a fortune each year from mobile phones that are damaged through being dropped or mobile phones that have been lost because they have not been secured properly. Damaged and lost mobile phones have become a big money spinner for mobile phone companies; however, those days could be numbered thanks to GIC Nexus, and the i-Ox Smartphone Grip. GIC Nexus have designed the i-Ox Smartphone Grip, which changes the way people hold their mobile phones, lowering the risk of losing their phone or damaging it.

Now Clients Can Get a Superlative Assortment of Solar Garden Lights Only at Strictly LED's

Strictly LED’s is counted among the largest and most trusted online destination for low energy outdoor and decorative lights, and the company fortifies its position further by offering a superlative assortment of solar garden lights. These lights are high-quality, highly-efficient and ideal for enhancing the beauty of any house’s exterior (garden or patio), festivals or any other celebratory occasion.

Strictly LED's Announces Availability of a Versatile Range of Low Power Consumption Gu10 Led Bulbs

Strictly LED’s has recently announced a versatile range of Gu10 Led Bulbs for low power consumption at the most affordable prices. The company is offering the highest standard LED Bulbs and lights which are an excellent alternative to boring and dull halogen lights. These are high-quality bulbs which consist of excellent components, and the best part of these bulbs is that they consume low energy, but emit a great level of light. These high-quality bulbs use 4 watts of power, but have the ability to emit the same level of light just like a 50w halogen bulb. Furthermore, these bulbs have 50,000 hour life expectancy which make them very durable lights.

Tag a Cat Launches Ultimate iPhone App for Taking and Sharing Cat Pics

The internet has been likened to ancient Egypt in its worship of cats, and cat pictures are among the most populous of any topic online. Such is the fascination with these adorable predators that a new iPhone app has been developed to become the next big image sharing app. Tag A Cat was launched three weeks ago after months of development, and is a free resource for those who can’t get enough of taking and sharing pictures of cats.

Strictly LED's Brings a Whole New Range of Led Grow Lights at the Most Competitive Prices

Strictly LED’s brings a whole new range of LED grow lights at affordable prices. The company is delivering quality LED grow lights that help the plants and seeds to grow in the most optimum light. These lights are meant for indoor plants where sunlight cannot reach and the plants can’t grow to its expected level. Strictly LED’s is exclusively bringing these lights to foster the growth of the plants especially during winter season.

Mamabear Offers Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Instagram

LogoParents who have tweens with smartphones are undoubtedly aware of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram remains one of the top apps used by kids with over 200 million users. While much of what happens on Instagram involves the harmless sharing of ubiquitous “selfies” and silly photos with friends, the app has features leaving open for vulnerabilities like location tagging and exposure to inappropriate content.

Learning Korean Could Be Fun with the New "Learn Korean 6000 Words" Android App

For all Korean language enthusiasts, Fun Easy Learn now brings an interesting and exciting way to learn the language. The famous language learning apps developer has now created " Learn Korean 6000 Words " Android app, which is available on Google Play Store for free download. Any Android device user can download the app and start learning the Korean language in their free times. Offering High Quality Digital Cameras at Competitive Prices has done a commendable job in offering a wide range of high quality products to its humongous customer base at dirt cheap prices. The customers can purchase superior quality products that include apparels, accessories, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, IT related products to name a few. The online store is surging ahead with the idea of serving its customers to the best of its ability. Aiming at the ultimate level of customer satisfaction, offers a fine blend of quality products and equally endowed services.

Hong Lin Hui Technology Co LTD Offering Innovative and High Quality LED Lighting Products at Reasonable Rates

With a wide array of patents to their name, Hong Lin Hui Technology Co Ltd has emerged as a name synonymous with high quality lighting solutions at lowest possible prices. It strives hard to come up with viable lighting solutions that meet the diverse and ever dynamic needs of its clients to perfection. It has become a preferred destination for homes and businesses looking for lighting products like LED Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Panels, LED Plug Lights, LED Down/Ceiling Lights, LED Track Lights, LED Strip and Cove Lights, LED Spot/PAR/AR lights to name a few.

HVH Led Lighting LTD. Offers Energy Efficient LED Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures at Affordable Prices

HVH Led Lighting Ltd. is doing a remarkable job by offering quality lighting solutions to its clients at reasonable rates. Being in business for over two decades, the company has successfully garnered great reverence and an impressive clientele base. Customer satisfaction is the prime goal of the company and accordingly, it does everything possible to enhance the buying experience of the customers. The lighting solution provider offers a wide range of LED lighting products that are high on quality, affordability and functionality.

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Live Stream TV App on Ipad Iphone Mac

LogoWorld Cup 2014 Live TV app: The highly recommended 2014 FIFA World Cup app written by: Kerlos With the coming 2014 FIFA World Cup, most people deserve to get all the information concerning this auspicious event that takes place after every four years. To ensure that you will be able to get all the live Stream HD TV updates from Brazil using your iPad, iPhone or in your Mac, you must have access to World Cup 2014 Brazil Pro app. With this app, nothing will pass you by since it gives the best experience compared with other apps.

"SaluSafe" Is Now Available on BlackBerry Devices

Crypto Heaven would like to inform everyone that SaluSafe program is now available on BlackBerry devices in addition to Android and Desktops.

TLS Production Now Offers Theatre Lighting for Both Traditional and Modern Stage at Affordable Rates

TLS Production is now offering Theatre lighting at the most reasonable prices. TLS production is known for their quality service that is unmatched in the industry. They are a well-known for their wide ranging equipment for total event production requirements. They offer theatre lightning equipment to make their clients’ function or even the most remarkable without investing heavily on the lighting equipment. Has Now Launched, Offering the Largest Selection of LG G3 Cases

The Best LG G3 Cases website is now live and ready to help shoppers find the perfect case to protect and enhance the utility of the new flagship device from Korean device manufacturer LG. contains comprehensive reviews, breakdowns, and feature listings for all of the major and best cases available including best prices and staff opinions.

Video Game Website Entices Enthusiasts to Look Into a Well-Sought After Career in Design

The video game industry is a lucrative business. This fuels many aspiring students and individuals who want to turn their passion for video games into a profitable and fulfilling career. Be A Video Game Designer, an internet-based company spreading well-researched information on the subject matter, has dedicated their site: to lessen the conjectures with regards authoritative information found all over the web. They even have a free ebook entitled Game Designer Career Guide at a relatively significant trade-off of entering their newsletter (which by the way makes it possible for updates to reach a subscriber's inbox with new info in much faster rates).

Going Green? Consider Buying a Used Cell Phone Online says there are many good reason to purchase a used cell phone, instead of buying an expensive new one. The website offers used Sprint cell phones for sale, as well as phones for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

New Online Directory Helps Vancouver Brides Select Vancouver Wedding Photographers

LogoA new online Vancouver wedding photos directory helps Vancouverites locate the perfect wedding photographer for their Vancouver weddings.

Toshiba Announces Availability of Fastest Laptops in Dubai at Most Competitive Prices

LogoToshiba announces availability of the fastest laptops in Dubai at the most competitive prices. From the highest quality range of laptops offered at Toshiba, Portege Z10t is a business laptop that features two face productivity and comprises of hybrid features of an Ultrabook and a tablet, all in one that provides ease for customers.

Earhoox Announces Product Launch in over 500 Best Buy Locations

LogoEarhoox, a product that offers an innovative solution to loose and uncomfortable earbuds, will now be conveniently located in over 500 Best Buy locations nationwide.

Nitros Rock Launches the Leading Online Nitro RC Cars Resource

Remote controlled cars are a fast and fun way to combine the thrills and spills of racing with the technical aptitudes of engineering, and racing these cars develops a huge range of skills in children and adults alike. Getting the best from the experience requires a great deal of experience however, and newcomers simply don’t have it. Nitros Rock is a new website specializing in remote control car reviews, news, and insights, and has created the ultimate guide to optimizing Nitro RC cars, buggies and more.

Fitness App BodyStream Announces Plans to Reward Users with Cash & Prizes

This week, social fitness app announced that it will begin offering new ways for users of social media to win prizes and compensation. The new program, which aims to encourage and assist newcomers to social fitness, officially begins this week. Several users will walk away with giftcards to use at supplement giant GNC.

Best Vacuum Info Releases New Set of Comprehensive Vacuum Rankings

Best Vacuum Info, an informational resource aimed at those researching consumer vacuum cleaners, announced the release of its latest, up-to-the-minute rankings of the best vacuums available. Drawing on the company's own research into and reviews of the most popular vacuums, as well as customer reviews from a variety of sources, the newly published lists highlight the top models in the handheld and floor-standing categories. Best Vacuum Info is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth sources of information for those researching vacuum cleaners, and its annual rankings of vacuums are some of its most popular and anticipated features.

Innovations and Developments in the Digital Photographic World Makes Photography Interesting and Exciting

It’s an exciting time for photography! And yes, that goes for both newbies and pros as so much of innovations have come up in the arena of digital photography in recent times that clicking a good quality photograph or unleashing the creativity of vision in pictures is a perfectly achievable job.

My RCTopia Announces Site Demystifying the Remote Control Vehicle World

An examination of the industry shows that a remote controlled car can cost over $1,000, and civilian-grade radio-controlled helicopter prices can reach $15,000. Yet there are also toy versions of both that run $30 or less. John Donaldson, spokesman for My RCtopia (, announced that the site will now be posting tips, information, and reviews to help demystify the market and teach people the important differences between the toys and the high-end hobbyist versions.

Mamabear Provides Safety Tips for Internet Safety Month

LogoJune is Internet Safety Month, offering families an excellent opportunity to examine their children’s mobile and online behavior and make some positive changes that will keep everyone in the family safe from cyberbullying, predators and identity theft.