Consumer Electronics Press Releases

With "Text Engine" the Internet Is Only a Text Message Away

Gnosis Media Group, a global media company focused on effective communications, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their "Text Engine" to the rest of the world. The campaign has a funding goal of $200,000, which needs to be raised by February 26th in order to bring this technology into areas that need it the most. Text Engine is an inspired way to turn an ordinary "dumbphone" into an internet friendly smartphone with a simple text message. This technology has already been successfully launched in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. However, "Text Engine aims to bring people in less-developed communities much needed information that they wouldn't otherwise have access to" by taking Text Engine to the emerging economies of the world.

Easy Games Studio to Launch Latest Game Application Ninja Turtle Nachos

Easy Games Studio has officially announced the launching of their newest and exciting game application called Ninja Turtle Nachos. The game application has just been released and is available on Apple's app store.

D-ONE, The Innovative, German-Engineered Mobile Device Holder Aims to Raise £35,000 via Kickstarter

LogoSince its launch on Kickstarter on 30 May, D-ONE, the innovative, lightweight device which uses nanosuction technology to securely hold a wide range of mobile devices, has already reached 12 per cent of funding out of its total goal of GBP 35,000.

New Market Study Published: Mexico Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014

LogoBMI View: BMI continues to remain optimistic towards Mexico's long-term growth outlook , as a result of its booming manufac tur ing sector combined with a stronger private consumer. This should filter down to the consumer electronics sector, and we forecast spending to rise from USD13.8bn in 2013 to USD14.9bn in 2014.

New Cloud Based Service Designed Exclusively for Mobile Job Seekers Looks to Raise $50,000 via Indiegogo

LogoWhether searching for that dream job, or any job, every job seeker needs the right tools to succeed.

Pre-Release of Enemy Dawn Game App

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Nazis invasion of Poland. This event led to World War II and is being commemorated with the pre-release of a new app game called “Enemy Dawn” being released by Simplus Technologies Group.

Pre-Release of Enemy Dawn Game App

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Nazis invasion of Poland. This event led to World War II and is being commemorated with the pre-release of a new app game called “Enemy Dawn” being released by Simplus Technologies Group.

Online Audio Speaker Review Website Reviews the Top Wireless Speakers Available to Consumers, a website especially designated for reviewing audio speakers has recently green lighted a series of reviews of the best wireless speakers available in the market available currently. The full entertainment potential of music can only be reached when the speakers used to play the music are of good quality; a low quality speaker has significant negative impact on how music sounds. seeks to educate its readers about the various options available to them and the best audio speakers worth spending money on.

Halo 4 Successfully Earned More Than $200 US Dollars on the Launching Day

Halo 4, the final installment for the Halo series is regarded to be the most successful part of the Halo franchise. With its release in the year 2012, it was exclusively designed for Xbox 360 console by Microsoft Studios. According to estimation, it was reported that Halo 4 earned $200m million US dollars on the launching day and more than $300 million on the first week of its release.

Pearlriver Lighting Electric Offers a Range of LED Lighting Fixtures from China

Energy is one of the key drivers for development of infrastructure and business across the world. The means of electricity and lighting has evolved over the years and the focus has been to consume minimal energy and provide maximum output. LED lighting has recently emerged as a powerful yet low power consumption lighting arrangement. There are vast numbers of products that have been added to this range and more and more people are inclined to try them for their homes and businesses. The fact that the lighting arrangements are very attractive, besides having the capacity of providing maximum output with minimal consumption of energy makes it a great option.

REDGUM's New 'Black Signature Series' Amplifier Project Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoIan Robinson founded and designed the REDGUM Audio Hi-Fi range in Australia. Having worked in the Audio/Hi-Fi industry since the 1960s, he started REDGUM Audio in 1993 in order to produce "Stunning!" Hi-Fi gear at reasonable prices, and built for a lifetime's inspiration.

Market Report, "South Africa Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014", Published

LogoBMI View: Macroeconomic headwinds remains a major co ncern for consumer electronics vendors , as real private consumption growth in South Africa is set to slow to 1.8% in 2014, from 2.6% in 2013, according to BMI data. We expect the weaker economic outlook will mean more competition between vendors as they battle for continued revenue growth amid sluggish consumer spending.

Ian StJohn Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for the Release of His 2D Platform Game "Blue Balloon"

LogoBlue Balloon is to be released on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Ubuntu and Playstation this autumn 2014. Mr. Piggy is the guardian of the Blue Balloons in Balloon Town. The surprising importance and indeed the mystery of the Blue Balloons is revealed when you complete the game. Mr. Piggy is also a big fan of Piggy Juice and one afternoon he has a little too much to drink and disaster strikes when his collection of Blue Balloons are released into the sky.

Talk Place Corp. Looks to Raise $45,000 via Indiegogo for Further Development of Their TALK PLACE App

LogoThousands, if not millions, of people around the world are concerned about the privacy of their calls / chat on Viber, Skype, Line, Facebook, WhatsApp or similar social / communications networks. The TALK PLACE+ mobile app insures private communications because the app does not use, store or share any personal information insuring that all phone calls and chats are truly private and impossible to be seen by prying eyes such as a spouse, a boss or a government agency.

Australian App Developer Mick Rohr Looks to Raise Funds via App Catalyser for the Development of Sportsub

LogoSportsub is unique in the app market. Its strength is its main focus on social networking and social media integration. This will drive its success as users share and utilize the app daily and word of mouth will spread.

Siam Dual Screen Phone Visits AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson with Reverend Jesse Jackson

AT&T (T) CEO Randall Stephenson met late last week with Siam Smartphone founder, Darius Allen closed door meeting at AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Reverend Jesse Jackson and Senator Royce West were also in attendance. The meeting was in response to the nationwide call for major companies in the Technology Sector to address the lack of diversity in both senior management roles and strategic partnerships.

Ivan Fedorov Is Starting a Video Game Full of Cyberpranks and Black Humor

By day, Ivan Fedorov is an electronic programmer in Tel Aviv. By night, he is a gaming enthusiast, working on the next big video game.

Donald Ham Has Invented a New Bluetooth Device Called U-Hook

The Bluetooth is a handy device for people of the go, connecting to a Smartphone or other mobile device and providing hands-free operation. This is particularly critical for people driving in states where it is illegal to operate an automobile while talking on a mobile phone.

Dot Light Is the Most Versatile LED Lamp Ever Made

It’s a night light, a hallway light, a Smartphone charger, a dock station, a key holder and a picture holder. It turns on and off with just a touch.

Prediksi Motobola Delivers the Latest and Most Accurate Football News and Information

Prediksi Motobola recently announced the launch of their website with the aim to provide only the most accurate and up-to-date information about football (soccer). For sports betting fans, this is indeed welcome news. With this website, a fan can make more accurate predictions or prediksi bola based on the berita bola they publish.

Givenetwork Funds Charities Through Public Smartphone Portals

Robert Jones, CEO of was so impressed with the philanthropy work of Global Impact, an international charity, that he has developed an innovative method for the organization to collect donations from consumers in publicly accessible venues. Through Jones’s GiveNetwork Initiative, consumers are able to make contributions through special portals that can be accessed by SmartPhones.

X1 Alarms Launches Limited Time Only Discount on Home Security Package

Burglary is a very real threat to homes, and nothing is more distressing to a family than to have their private space invaded by intruders who tear the space apart and steal precious possessions. Rather than live in fear of burglars, many families opt instead to install an alarm system. Unfortunately the most advanced of these usually amount to thousands of pounds, pricing many people out of the market for safety. X1 Alarms aims to change that, with a new deal on a home alarm system for less than three hundred and fifty pounds.

Best Vacuum Info Offers Vacuum Comparison Info on New Website

Consumer advocates advise those contemplating a major purchase to avoid impulse buys and to carefully research and compare the products in which they are interested before making a decision. They also recommend sleeping on one's decision for at least one night, possibly more if the item is a large ticket item such as a car or house. The more expensive the product, the more proper prior investigation is in order. At one point in time the purchase of a vacuum cleaner might not have warranted much prior consideration, but in the past twenty years the vacuum cleaner industry has exploded in terms of options, models and price to the point that a vacuum priced right in the middle of the market might well constitute a big ticket item for many on a budget. Therefore it is with great pride that Best Vacuum Info unveils their vacuum cleaner comparison website at for the benefit of consumers attempting to discern witch vacuum cleaner is the right one for them.

Mico Studio Is Showcasing Monstermatic for the First Time at E3 This Year

LogoMonstermatic features 10 unique starter monsters, each with wildly different personalities and swappable parts for the user to create and play with. After perfecting their design, users can unleash their creature into the real world with 3D printing technology and have a full color figurine delivered to their doorstep. As Clayton Mitchell explains, “We wanted the 3D printing feature to be as easy as getting something off Amazon. All of the technicality of 3D printing is taken care of in the background and is completely transparent to the player.”

Rong Guo Seeks $3,000 via Crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the Eng Case - A Unique 3D Printed Smart Phone Case

LogoAs popular as 3D printing is these days, most people often don't appreciate how flexible this emerging technology is. The Eng Case is not just another product produced through 3D Printing; it's a combination of art and engineering design representing the future of fabricating technology. With the flexibility of 3D printing, Mr. Guo was able to make various designs without worrying about the huge initial cost of molding so common in the conventional manufacturing process. Eng Case designs fit comfortably in the hand of smartphone users and are also fun to play with. Smartphone users will enjoy the simple pleasure of spinning the gears while loading apps, checking their email or playing their next song. There's a new sense in pride of ownership as Eng Cases are simultaneously a fashion statement and conversation piece sure to mix things up at any social gathering. Customized tags can make the Eng Case a very personal statement as well.

Bandai Namco Group in Toys and Games (World): New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBandai Namco is the fifth largest traditional toys and games company globally. Its sales declined in 2012, mainly due to its significant exposure to the declining Japanese market. The company is responsible for creating major brands such as Power Rangers and Ben 10. Banda Namco was also the largest mobile gaming company globally in 2012, and owns the iconic Pac Man franchise.

China Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBMI View: Consumer electronics spending in China is forecast to continue strong growth as vendors make inroads into low device penetration in key categories such as smartphones and PCs to achieve strong volume growth. An additional boost is the package of economic and social reforms announced by the government in late 2013, which should boost consumption , which had been effected to some extent by the cessation of government subsidies in 2013 . We expect the market value will grow by 12.9 % in 2014 and we expect growth momentum will be maintained over the medium term with a CAGR of 8.3% 2014-2018 . As incomes rise in China , consumers will spend an increasing proportion on consumer electronics devices, a trend which will be amplified by declining prices for tablets, TVs and smartphones .