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Ares Drones Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Drones That Everyone Can Fly

Flying a drone has always been every common man's dream. However, this is easier said than done because flying a drone requires a certain level of technical acumen. Ares Drones is looking to change this forever by creating easy-to-fly drones that completely eliminate the need to use complicated controls and cameras.

Ares Drones Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Drones That Everyone Can Fly

Flying a drone has always been every common man's dream. However, this is easier said than done because flying a drone requires a certain level of technical acumen. Ares Drones is looking to change this forever by creating easy-to-fly drones that completely eliminate the need to use complicated controls and cameras.

Noticeboard Shop Announce Free Delivery on All Projector Screens

Enjoying a great film at home on a high quality projector brings the feel of being at the cinema. More and more families according to a recent report are buying projector screens so they can watch a great film like they would at the cinema and with prices from £59, with free delivery from The Noticeboard Shop, it can be cheaper than visiting the cinema with the family.

MoGate Technology Announced a New Mobile Wallet Method for International Money Transfers

It’s actually pretty amazing that you can send money just about anywhere in the world by using a mobile device and the Internet. In some situations, however, this process is simply not good enough.

Antenna Deals Offers HDTV Options

LogoAntenna Deals has brought out indoor and outdoor TV antennas that let home owners watch their favourite channels in HDTV quality without having to pay those exorbitant cable and satellite bills.

List of Best Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phones Released by has published its list of the Best Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phones. Readers will now find on the list high quality Android smartphones by LG and Samsung at budget prices. In addition, there are regular feature phones with touchscreens, qwerty keyboards, wifi connectivity, email messaging and more - all the features that users seek in phones these days. To understand how TracFone cell phones work, readers can browse over the TracFone Review.

iDEA Media Now Offers Client-Specific CD Duplication Services

LogoOptimally using advanced techniques of disc replication, iDEA Media, an Inner Workings company, is now offering client-specific CD Duplication Services delivering super speed turn times. Duplicating CDs was one of the basic endeavors of the company as part of their optical disc media services, and over the years their proficiency has become unmatched. They take custom orders in which they carry out copying and packaging on short notice and their avant-garde mechanized facilities also empower them to manage and complete bulk orders. In other words, whether the order is big or small, iDEA Media’s products and packing is done as per their client’s specific requirements.

Leawo Announced 3 Best Blu-Ray Copy Software to Losslessly Backup 3D/2D Blu-Ray

LogoBlu-ray copy software has become a quite hot item since more and more people turn to back up their Blu-ray collections for avoiding disc scratches, fingerprints, breakage, loss, kids playing with them, etc. But the problem is that there are countless Blu-ray copy programs in the market, which makes it quite hard to tell which one is great and which one is just so-so. So to help people make a wise choice, Leawo Software carefully picked out 3 best Blu-ray copy software to let them protect the investment just by backing up Blu-ray movies onto blank disc, or copying onto computer for keeping digital copy instead.

Zepto Racer III Features 3D Multiplayer Racing

Enhanced High speed 3D fun is coming to the console gaming industry. Featuring multi-controller and online multi-player support, complicated track designs, multiple vehicle types, and amazing graphical effects; Zepto Racer III game will showcase improved professional art and sounds. Gamers will enjoy the upgraded realistic game play available through this video game. This project is the brainchild of Travis Berthelot, who has numerous console games to his credit.

DIY Surveillance Pro Announces Sale Price on Night Vision Home Security Camera System

LogoAs individuals are constantly surveilled in public places throughout their daily endeavors, many homeowners are beginning to install surveillance cameras to keep their property protected when out of the house. With a number of spy cameras and counter surveillance kits, DIY Surveillance Pro is pleased to announce they are now offering sale prices on their high-quality night vision home security camera system. Originally marked at over $300, customers can now purchase a DIY wireless camera system for the low price of $215.

Kamere Kicks-off Crowd-Funding Campaign to Raise Money for Mobile Application

LogoKamere (, a start-up company that makes people feel great through the power of inspiration, has launched a 30-day crowd-funding campaign that will generate funding to support the development of its mobile application. The campaign will be kicked-off today at a media and VIP event at the Urban Hive where many of Sacramento’s leaders will reveal what inspires them about living and working in Sacramento.

Floating MIGHTY Speaker Withstands the Elements

A beach-worthy Bluetooth speaker, called the MIGHTY Speaker, will enter the marketplace capable of being used in the shower or on a boat or pool due to its ability to withstand water, sand and dust. This innovation will not skimp on music or other audio quality, as it's capable of defying elemental exposure and aquatic assaults. There's nothing comparable in its class.

Small Business Aims to Revolutionize the Landscape of Aerial Photography

Offshore Aviation has launched a campaign for safer and more effective ways of aerial photography through training and development strategies.

SAPD Launch Their New Branded Phone Charger - Dead Mobiles Will Be a Thing of the Past

SAPD the well know promotional items supplier based in Bovingdon is proud to announce its latest innovative, brand able product, the PowerBank. Set to become one of 2014's most popular promotional items. The PowerBank both promotes your company's brand and provides exceptional functionality to you potential customers.

Snappy Apps Now Offer Free Quote and Consultation on Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps are fast becoming the way in which most people interact with services, thanks to their convenience, speed and usability. Mobile apps are now used by everyone from games companies to banks to businesses to make their content and services easier to access and action. For many businesses however, getting an app developed seems like an impossible task. Snappy Apps are iPhone app developers in Brisbane, Australia who not only make it possible, they make it fast too. The company has now created a policy to offer a free consultation and quote to all businesses, so they can illustrate how they can make their ideas a reality.

Mobile Defense System Now Providing the Best Safety Application This Summer

LogoFeeling safe is no longer an issue because Mobile Device System is now offering the best safety app on the market today. With Mobile Defense System’s personal security application for android and IPhone devices, people don’t need to fear while being out in the public. This company has created an application that ensures the safety of others.

Get Smart and Prompt DVD Duplication Services Only with iDEA Media

LogoEmpowered by a team of experienced DVD duplication experts and state-of-the-art equipment, iDEA Media, an InnerWorkings Company, is providing smart and prompt DVD Duplication Services, meeting even bulk orders in a timely manner. They capitalize both on the proficiency of their specialists and new-age techniques to ensure superlative quality small DVD runs similar to that of big studio releases. Besides this, immaculate packaging and high-resolution printing results in products that are neat and high-quality in overall appearance, as well.

CHOETECH 50W 10Amps 6-Port USB Rapid Charger for iPhone, Android Phone and Tablets Becomes a Leading International Travel Charger

CHOETECH has become a leader in developing state of the art charges with their wireless chargers to travel charges. Now with the CHOETECH 50W 10Amps 6-Port USB Rapid Charger for iPhone, Android Phones And Tablets, it is no wonder they receive so have received rave reviews from gadget experts.

Home Security Systems Canada Publishes Comparison Review of Best Home Security Companies

Home security is a serious matter for anyone who owns valuables or has a family, as those things are only as safe and secure as the home that shelters them. Finding the right home security system can be difficult however, with so many providers and so many systems, it can be tempting to think that only the most expensive offer comprehensive protection, but this would be a mistake. Home Security Systems Canada reviews the nations largest and best home security companies to give homeowners invaluable buying advice, and has now created a comparison review of the top three. Now Offering Widget Registration Page for Businesses Interested in Text Message Marketing is proud to announce their new widget registration page that is available to businesses that are interested in text message marketing. This widget allows businesses to put the code on their landing page or website. Once a user fills out the form, they automatically opt-in to receive text messages from 84444.

What We Need to Know when Shopping for the Best Gaming Laptops Under $500

LogoGamers has a lot to consider before choosing the best gaming laptop at a very low price. The best gaming laptop must have a set of features and specifications in order for it to work properly as expected to the games currently available in the market and provide the best gaming experience. Here are the things that we need to know when shopping for the best gaming laptops under a budget of $500.

Now One Can Have Fun with Minecraft Games

Minecraft has led the game world for the past few years. This game is not only a fun to play because of its remarkable concept of building any kind of construction, but one can also change the specifics of the entire game itself. To do this change in the game like the texture or skins, one can create their own texture or skins to replace the evasion ones. If one want to change, remove or add new things to the game, one can use Minecraft mods. Announces New Arrivals of Cheap Android Cellphones & Waterproof Phones with FREE Shipping

People looking for stylish and functional smartphones at cheap prices can now visit the website of Stoga Technology Limited to check the new arrivals of Android Cellphones and Waterproof Smartphones, available at cheap prices. The website has an adorable collection of smartphones for the worldwide customers to purchase at discount prices.

How Do Americans Protect Their Home Without a Home Security System (BHSC) conducted a survey asking Americans who do not use a home security system how they protect their home from intruders. With over 1,000 responders, the survey showed Americans have found a variety of alternative ways to protect their home.

Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Make Canadian Athletic Recruitment Easy with FlexSports

LogoJoel Musambi and Elliot Barkley have a dream to help Canadian athletes unleash their full potential and get the recognition they deserve. Talent is everywhere, but the lack of opportunity is equally present. Simply put, it’s all too common to be unable to achieve dreams because of the lack of money, resources, and structure. This is a common theme for many who have fallen short.

De Luxe Banquet Hall Launches New Mobile Responsive Website

According to industry statistics recently released, 93% of brides stated they use the internet to plan their wedding with 71% stating they used local websites as opposed to national sites. While certainly no surprise to many, the overwhelming number has sent many local businesses scrambling to improve their internet presence. With this in mind, a number of local wedding related businesses have upgraded their websites, preparing for the shoppers who no longer necessarily utilize the dinosaur desktop computers.

How to Stop Kidney Disease: Healthy Kidney Publishing Program Launches

Measuring 4.53 inches tall, 2.44 inches wide, and half an inch thick, the Hydro Plus is an ultrapocketable device that's easy to maneuver with one hand. It also weighs just 4.16 ounces, so people won't have to worry about it being a heavy burden inside the jeans pocket.