Consumer Electronics Press Releases

California Company Launches Indiegogo for Privacy Protection

Everyone these days has heard or seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge. The best bucket challenge actually occurred in 1755 when Benjamin Franklin electrified a metal pail and lowered a cork ball inside. Famous for his observations, Franklin was able to observe that the cork ball was NOT electrified or in any way touched by the electrical current which remained observable outside the pail. Nearly 90 years later, in 1843, electrochemist Michael Faraday used a pewter ice bucket to confirm Franklin's theory and essentially created what is now known as the hollow conductor or a Faraday cage. Using the principles of the Faraday cage, an American company, POD (Privacy on Demand) has created what amounts to a Faraday cage for one's cell phone and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring about awareness of the product as they bring it to market.

New Affiliate Program by US Gate Supply for the Access Control Industry

The access control and security installations industry is on an upward trend due to a number of factors ranging from increasing crime rates in urban areas to infrastructure development and continued focus of the government on defence spending. The growth can also be attributed to increased prosperity and a need to protect ones prized possessions.

.xyz Bobsleds Towards March 20th Global Launch, the first truly generic domain extension, promotes its highly anticipated March 20th global launch through its sponsorship of the New Zealand bobsled team for the 2014 season. Led by Founder and CEO Daniel Negari, .xyz will be a flexible, memorable, and affordable new domain platform for the next generation of Internet users.

The Best Elder Scrolls Online Gold - Offered at

Countless online storefronts can be seen to be offering game gold for the ultimate convenience of game players from all across the globe. This is because of the fact that online e gaming has become much more popular over the recent years. Online games tend to require game gold and game players must have it in order to be able to unlock new levels, players, items and much more. The Elder Scrolls Online gold, also known as ESO gold, is now available exclusively at for all those who wish to purchase it in order to enjoy the game every day by taking the experience to a whole new level.

iRobot Roomba 770 - The Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Every Filthy Nook and Cranny

Tired of that thorough house clean every week? The iRobot Roomba 770 is the best investment to rid ones’ self from hours of cleaning activities. With its smartly efficient and easy-to-use cleaning system, the robotic vacuum cleaner allows the owner to relax, watch T.V. or eat their meals while it does all the hard work for them. Gone are the days when people had to specifically put aside days for cleaning their houses.

Now Available: Video Games in India

LogoVideo games in India had testing phases in 2010 and 2011. This was because Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) were both nearing the end of their product lifecycle. Besides, Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) was not finding takers in huge numbers due to its high price. The situation changed totally in 2012 and for the better. As gamers realised that PSP and PS2 were going to be phased out totally, they moved their attention to PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in 2012. Interestingly,...

Traditional Toys and Games in Spain - New Market Report

LogoThe credit crunch once more affects Spanish householders who continue to cut expenses, including on toys. It is already the second year of decline and there are no encouraging signs of a recovery. Nevertheless, some categories seem to concentrate most of the sales and maintain positive trends, such as, for example, construction, dolls and pre-school toys. Lego drives growth in the first category, while dolls sales and pre-school toys faced the revolution of Monster High and tablets for...

Traditional Toys and Games in Thailand - New Market Study Published

LogoMid range to premium products including licensed character toys gained positive momentum from the rapid economic recovery, with the parade of heroes movies such as Transformers, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Toys designed for learning and development process were the focus of brands, given Thai parents' tendency to associate the purchase of traditional toys and games with childhood development and intelligence quotient of their children.

Market Report, "Consumer Electronics in Vietnam", Published

LogoIn 2012, Vietnam's economy faced many difficulties such as high inflation rate, frozen real estate, and rising fuel prices. As such, the majority of consumers, especially those on low incomes, reduced their budgets on unnecessary products, including consumer electronics to spend on essentials such as fresh food and grocery products. Therefore, in 2012 consumer electronics witnessed the worst performance of the review period in current value terms. Many categories such as in-home consumer...

Just Released: "Home Audio and Cinema in Greece"

LogoWith volume sales of home audio and cinema recording double-digit declines for the fourth consecutive year, 2013 was another difficult year for home audio and cinema in Greece as reductions in the disposable income levels of the majority of consumers and raging unemployment compromised expenditure on consumer electronics. It is safe to say that the majority of Greek consumers seem to be no longer interested in purchasing home audio and cinema systems, although there are exceptions for home...

DIY Surveillance Pro Now Offering Do It Yourself Security System at Marked Down Price

LogoThere are a variety of situations in which homeowners need an extra sense of security in and around their homes. If a family travels a lot, or has valuable items in their possession, a home security system in Philadelphia will allow homeowners to keep an eye on their house at all times, whether they’re home or not. To help their customers feel safe and know when there are dangers in the household, DIY Surveillance Pro is pleased to announce they are now offering a four-camera do it yourself system at a low price of $375.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac Delivered Extremely High Discount with Other 17 Apps on Paddle

LogoAs a leading and reliable multimedia software solution provider that offers professional and high quality solutions to worldwide people to enrich their digital entertainment, Leawo Software is quite glad to announce that its top-rated Tunes Cleaner for Mac is now delivering extremely high discount on Any music lover could get this music library cleaner program to clean up iTunes music library and other music folders on Mac for better music enjoyment.

2PG Launches Super Shiny Head to Create the Next Generation in the Flappy Bird Phenomenon

Flappy Bird has taken the gaming world by storm in recent weeks. A game made from the recycled parts of other games and with a simple, one-button mechanic that asked users to help a bird navigate between narrow pipes; it has caused outrage and inspiration in equal measure. The game’s own developer took it down in disgust, but where one went down a hundred more sprung up in its place, and new versions of the game are popping up all over the place. The latest takes the madness to a new level, with Super ShinyHead from 2PG that allows two players to play at once.

Get High Performance PA Systems for Hire at TLS Productions

Exhibiting unwavering dedication for client satisfaction, TLS Production in its array of requirement for production services is now offering high performance PA system for hire. These technologically advanced, portable and high powered PA systems render unmatched functionality and sound quality. With compact microphones, speakers, the Public addressing systems offered by this company is known for delivering high quality power.

Innovatively Designed and Improved Quality iPad Air Smart Cases Now Available at is now offering a large range of iPad Air Smart Cases that one can choose as per their requirement and choice. These cases are available in glossy material with anti-scratch features that offers an ultimate protection to one’s device and the screen. For many iPad users, protecting the big size screen often becomes a challenge. Now, one can choose an iPad Air Smart Case from the web store and can remain assured of the best protection and safety of their devices.

Worship Santa Muerte with iPhone App from

LogoLa Santa Muerte is a Mexican folk saint adored by millions of people across Mexico, US and Europe. Santa Muerte is a skeletal female figureand is considered a representation ofdeath. Now people can offer prayers to Santa Muerte through this iPhone app, the first of its kind.

Is the Tablet Device the Future for Online TV and Media Streaming?

To see where the future of entertainment and media consumption lies, people need look no further than the tablet in their pocket or purse. Trend researchers suggest tablets are more and more becoming the media consumption center of choice for consumers. The question is whether the entertainment industry is too slow to jump on the trend of offering multi-platform programming?

Apps for Party Goers to Get Easy Rebates on Adult Beverages Launches Fundraiser

DrinkFund, a new mobile application (app) that offers app based rebates on adult beverages, has launched a fundraiser campaign to help build capital for the app’s development. According to Darren Tanner, founder and CEO of DrinkFund, the company has already created a lot of buzz surrounding adult beverage rebates within the beverage industry.

Indie Game Developers Publisher the GameWall Studios to Launch Their First Game, Project ApocalipZ

The GameWall Studios, an indie game developers publisher based in Cambridge, has just announced that their first game—a FPS/TPS zombie shooter called Project ApocalipZ—is scheduled to be released soon. The game, which is being developed by Indieos, will be one of the first wave of shooter games to use Unreal Engine 4, an engine that is tipped to drive forward the next generation of gaming on different platforms, including Xbox One, PS4 and PC. to Offer Maximum Entertainment to All Online Gamers with Their Comprehensive List of Free Online Games offers maximum entertainment to all online gamers with their comprehensive list of free online games. It is a revolutionary platform where gamers can enjoy online games over the web for free. It is among the leading online game websites of today where people can go and play games for free.

New Market Research Report: Traditional Toys and Games in Australia

LogoIn 2012, traditional toys and games were subject to value growth of 2% to reach A$1.5 billion. Strong sales in lower-priced toy collectables and impulse purchases pushed unit sales up, but resulted in minimal value growth due to the low value of these products. As consumers were concerned about their economic prospects, due to an unstable economic environment, 2012 saw consumers display signs of caution in their shopping, resulting in fewer big-ticket toy purchases, and more pocket-money toys.

"Video Games in Australia" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoDespite an overall decline in the value sales of video games, the key driver of video games throughout 2012 was digital gaming, ie PC and console game downloads, online games and mobile games. The increased popularity of tablets and smartphones added to this growth, as consumers desired a platform that enabled them to play games in transition - whether it be travelling or waiting - as well as at home.

Market Report, "Video Games in Thailand", Published

LogoEmergence of portable gadgets shifted the trend in video games to the demand for devices able to be mobilised as hand-held video games consoles and its supported video game software. The greater penetration of smartphone/tablets with main operating systems such as iOS and Android in Thailand fostered the opportunity for mobile games and video games on social media networking sites to become the first choice of convenient video game format, which allowed gamers to enjoy modestly-priced or free...

Report Published: "Traditional Toys and Games in Germany"

LogoTraditional toys and games posted a positive performance in 2012 of 3% in current value terms. The category managed to withstand the economic turmoil within the Eurozone thanks to an increased number of product innovations. In response to the rapid development of electronic toys and games, many traditional toy manufacturers exploited their potential by introducing new and innovative traditional toys. For example, Playmobil had great success with its Playmobil Advent Calendar in the other...

Consumer Electronics in Taiwan: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoConsumer electronics in Taiwan experienced healthy current value growth in 2012. This was due to a combination of factors. In the face of intense competition and economic recovery, retailers continued to discount to make products less expensive and more attractive to consumers. Manufacturers continued to introduce a raft of new models, both improving on previous products as well as introducing products that covered various price points to appeal to price-conscious consumers.

New Report Available: Home Audio and Cinema in Singapore

LogoVolume and value sales of home audio and cinema experienced a reverse performance from the previous years in 2013. The entrance of other form of entertainment-smartphones and tablets affected consumers' interest in home audio and cinema products, as well as free time to work on their hobbies.

80% of Brits Willing to Pay More for Stronger iPad and iPhone Screens According to New Survey

LogoIncreasingly mobile savvy Brits are willing to pay up to £50 more for better quality iPhone and iPad screens after getting fed up with the ongoing need for costly repairs according to a brand new survey.