Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Micro Motion Systems Partners with Finisar to Provide Optical Modules and Transceivers to Canadians

Micro Motion Systems has just partnered with Finisar, a leading optical transceiver and component supplier, to meet the demand of Multiple System and Telecommunication Companies who desire top quality, affordable, 100% compatibility (with original router and switch manufacturers) fiber optic transceivers. Finisar designs, manufactures and tests every transceiver in their own manufacturing facilities.

Intulon LLC Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Scale Up Z-Command Production

Intulon LLC has recently completed the creation of Z-Command, a wireless device for home automation, security and energy monitoring. This small and unobtrusive device makes it a breeze for the users to monitor, control, automate and secure their home and office, saving both money and energy at the same time. The responsive web interface works seamlessly across different screen types. Announces New Arrivals of Cheap Android Cellphones & Waterproof Phones with FREE Shipping

People looking for stylish and functional smartphones at cheap prices can now visit the website of Stoga Technology Limited to check the new arrivals of Android Cellphones and Waterproof Smartphones, available at cheap prices. The website has an adorable collection of smartphones for the worldwide customers to purchase at discount prices.

How Do Americans Protect Their Home Without a Home Security System (BHSC) conducted a survey asking Americans who do not use a home security system how they protect their home from intruders. With over 1,000 responders, the survey showed Americans have found a variety of alternative ways to protect their home.

Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Make Canadian Athletic Recruitment Easy with FlexSports

LogoJoel Musambi and Elliot Barkley have a dream to help Canadian athletes unleash their full potential and get the recognition they deserve. Talent is everywhere, but the lack of opportunity is equally present. Simply put, it’s all too common to be unable to achieve dreams because of the lack of money, resources, and structure. This is a common theme for many who have fallen short.

De Luxe Banquet Hall Launches New Mobile Responsive Website

According to industry statistics recently released, 93% of brides stated they use the internet to plan their wedding with 71% stating they used local websites as opposed to national sites. While certainly no surprise to many, the overwhelming number has sent many local businesses scrambling to improve their internet presence. With this in mind, a number of local wedding related businesses have upgraded their websites, preparing for the shoppers who no longer necessarily utilize the dinosaur desktop computers.

How to Stop Kidney Disease: Healthy Kidney Publishing Program Launches

Measuring 4.53 inches tall, 2.44 inches wide, and half an inch thick, the Hydro Plus is an ultrapocketable device that's easy to maneuver with one hand. It also weighs just 4.16 ounces, so people won't have to worry about it being a heavy burden inside the jeans pocket.

Aerial Camera Systems Increase Presence at Wimbledon with Unique Specialist Cameras

Sporting events have become more compelling than ever to watch as camera technology has allowed broadcasters to capture moments in dynamic and interesting ways. From high speed cameras and tracking shots to new angles and aerial filming, it can make the experience of watching from home more fulfilling and insightful than watching live. ACS has a reputation for excellence in driving forward such innovations offering their distinctive perspective on this year’s Championships for the AELTC and the BBC.

Fun Easy Learn Launches Their Latest Android App "Learn Japanese 6000 Words"

Fun Easy Learn has recently launched their latest free Android app for anyone who wishes to learn Japanese easily and in an engaging manner. The ability to speak multiple foreign languages and knowing the basic vocabulary goes a long way in successful business relationships and guarantees a comfortable time when one travel to any country.

Fun Easy Learn Releases "Learn Portuguese 6000 Words" Android App - Fun Way of Learning to Speak Portuguese

With the recent release of Learn Portuguese 6000 Words, it is now possible to learn this wonderful language without spending thousands of dollars and hundred of hours working with a speaking tutor. Instead, the application will provide a fun and unique approach to learning this unique and exciting new language.

Social WiFi Inc. Announces Partnership with Largest Commercial Vending and Video Jukebox Provider in Three States

LogoTo create greater marketing opportunities for 600 local business owners in the hospitality industry Social WiFi Inc. announces its partnership with Apple Vending. Recently lauded in the Philadelphia press as the new smart way to increase sales, Social WiFi will also enjoy the broader reach Apple Vending brings. The mutually beneficial partnership will employ Social’s proprietary E-Pay WiFi system and bring the area’s hospitality industry monetized Internet access.

Saints Computer Introduces Apple Service to Keep Products Tuned to Ideal Levels

Apple devices are known for their outstanding design and capabilities, but like any other piece of technology they are capable of going wrong, and even experience catastrophic failure. In these cases users need to take them to a repair center and this can take many weeks. Saints Computer do things differently, and will repair a product while the user waits, so they never need to let their phone out of their sight. To add to this outstanding service, they now offer an Apple Service option which helps devices run optimally after heavy use.

Prismit App NOW Available on Itunes and in AppStore

Prismit is a new photo editing and sharing application that allows easy image processing and a large selection of filters. Prismit provide an easy-to-use format where users can both edit and alter their photos all in one. The Prismit app has an simple user interface that’s easy for anyone from beginner to expert to use.

The Next Big Thing in Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Has Arrived with Xoundstar

A new and exciting Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has been launched called Xoundstar. The new speaker system is poised to break the mold and give real high-quality sound from mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other devices that have Bluetooth enabled.

Connekd Launches E-Mail List to Schedule Users for Rollout of New Social Media App

Pew Research reports 72 percent of Internet users over the age of 18 make use of one or more social networking sites in the United States. According to their research, 67 percent make use of Facebook, those who live in urban areas and women are more likely to participate in social networks, and African Americans, Latinos, and women like to use sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The new Social Media App being launched by Connekd will make using these sites even easier.

The Laptops 4 Low Income Company Announces the Availability of a New Program Offering Free Laptops for the Poor

LogoThe Laptops 4 Low Income, a project by Juju Mobile Detroit is recently established with the aim to provide poor people with laptops, tablets and other electronics at the most affordable and low prices possible. Their new program, called Free Laptops for Low Income (FL4LI) quickly gained popularity, so the company is spreading awareness about the requirements that make American citizens qualified for this program.

Atomic Methods L.L.C. Looks to Raise $165,000 via Kickstarter to Start Producing Banzeye

LogoThe operation of Banzeye is controlled by a software. It is made to work on WIN, Mac OS and Linux, and supports all types of monitors and laptops. A user can be warned by a photo, video or a sound. The software is very user friendly and flexible. It allows a user to customize Banzeye to their computer or TV.

Keeping Travelers Entertained and on Track with New Mobile App from MTC Limousine

MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach, Inc. is, once again, staying ahead of the industry pack by launching a first-of-its-kind mobile app designed to “tackle in-vehicle and in-flight boredom” while making it easier for travelers to access specific reservations and information.

Windows 8.1 Users Now Accommodated with EzACH Direct Deposit Software released the new edition of EzACH deposit software with updates for Windows 8.1 customers. This ACH direct deposit software is even more appealing to small business owners using Windows 8.1 with the new bill me later option when checking out with PayPal. Business owners can’t afford to pass up this rare opportunity to download and start receiving payments immediately.

GTA 5 Cheats Reveal Cheats for 2013's Best Selling Video Game

GTA 5 Cheats reveals cheats for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) F, the best-selling video game of 2013 which should pose as good news to more than 30 million players of the well-loved video game franchise.

PopSoda Digital Commerce Today Announces Fly Balloon, Fly! 1.5, an Update to Their Flappy-Style Game for iOS, Android and HTML5

LogoPlayers are challenged to navigate their balloon through the skies in this simple but addictive game. The balloon must avoid hitting the flying swords or the game is over. Version 1.5 includes several important updates such as an enhanced game play, revamped graphics, newly drawn space backgrounds, a new exotic desert town backgrounds. New unlockable character "Rocket Man" if you reach 15 points. Weather effects added (rain, snow).

Say Goodbye to Pinching and Stretching Your Mobile Device Screens on Apple and Android Smartphones with the Introduction of Sofos Mobile Browser

LogoMany people accessing the internet from mobile devices are tired of pinching and stretching their mobile screen to see web sites on their phone. Nicholas Trataris faced the same problem, and this led to the creation of Sofos Mobile Browser. This is a new mobile browser anyone can use on their phone to make a web page appear in a more user-friendly way that only requires scrolling. Therefore, no more pinching and stretching needed!

Cubefield Induces Adrenalin Rush for Free

A new online game site opens with new exciting games that offer endless thrills and excitement. This site does not require any registration fees to be able to play the available games. Online gamers can now spend all the time they want playing whatever game excites them.

StreamTek's Cabinet Panel Cooler - Getting the Best out of Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures

LogoThere are four types of cooling electronic or electrical equipment housed in enclosures and cabinets / cabinet cooler. They are thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based air conditioners, vortex coolers, and air-to-air heat exchangers or heat pipes.

Pointers to Follow Prior to Hiring an App Developer

LogoIf one is thinking of creating the next smash-hit app, and is starting from scratch, he’ll need a crash course in programming and a healthy marketing fund, to even get noticed in today’s populated app market. Offers Hottest Speaker Updates

The has compiled more than 60 SoundSpeaker articles on the latest trends and updates about speaker-related gadgets. People can count on them for reviews of even the freshest speaker devices in the market for surely, their contributors will come up with an interesting assessment on every item.

Diametric Games Seeks Funding from Kickstarter to Augment Their New Venture GAS

LogoPlayers balance their gas in a toxic race to get to the bathroom in time! Diametric Games needs funding assistance to add more features and further development to their new game GAS.