Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Happ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Revolutionary Happiness App

Happ, a revolutionary mobile app that can help users stay focused on being happy, was launched today on an IndieGoGo. Based on an experiment first conducted on Facebook, the Happ app takes a simple approach to solving one of humanity's great questions: "What makes us happy?" Happ accomplishes this goal by asking the user to check in every day and describe what made them happy that day. Hoping to encourage a healthy recognition of a more positive state of mind, the Happ app also encourages gratitude. The app's designer says it's gratitude and the recognition of an already happy life that's key to ongoing happiness. And he should know, Peter Fischer is a social designer, coach and facilitator in hot pursuit of the same.

U-Way Launches Series of Apple MFi-Approved Qi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6

U-Way has introduced newest iPhone 6 case - Qi Wireless Charging ANTI-IMPACT SHIELD for iPhone 6 (Model No.: IP6-00203), which fully certified by Apple MFi & WPC Qi. The case is fully compatible with all Qi wireless chargers, it can be simply put on the Qi wireless charger to charge up, cord free!

A New App Datissimo Gives You the Option of You Converting Your Excel Sheets Into a Full Database

Indiegogo has come up with a new project which is mainly focusing on getting backers for an app, Datissimo. This app, has been designed to help convert excel worksheets into databases that can be interpreted. People have been using excel to organize data, and make smaller databases that they can store and share. This app works on the shortcomings of excel workbook, and thus converts it to a format that is completely interpretable as well reproducible.

With a Child Reported Missing Every 40 Seconds, Parents Look Towards GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

The Huffington Post recently shared certain surprising statistics on safety of children in the U.S., one of which being that a child is reported missing every 40 seconds. Many parents might think that they are well informed on their child’s location at all times and will never lose track of their own kids, however the publication on the blog also shared that nearly 90% of parents will experience losing a child in a public place at least once.

Complete iOS 7 Jailbreak Publishes Reviews of the Top 3 iOS 7 Jailbreak Solutions

The iPhone is more powerful than the satellites that send and receive its signals. Extraordinarily, the full extent of that power cannot be readily released or utilized by users, because Apple software locks the phone into only being used as they see fit. To unleash the phones full power users can jailbreak their iPhone, a legal process by which they can open the device up to third party apps that can unlock its true potential. With so many services claiming to jailbreak iOS 7 users can find it difficult to decide which claims are genuine, which is why Complete iOS 7 Jailbreak has reviewed the three best services available to see which comes out on top.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express Recommends iJailbreak Pro as the Best iPhone Jailbreak Solution

The iPhone 5 was the best selling iPhone of all time, and was the most powerful example in the range when released. The iPhone 5 improved in almost every way over the iPhone 4 besides one crucial and stubborn weakness- the phone still would not support apps from third party developers, or allow individuals freedom to use the power of the phone how they saw fit. For this, they still required jailbreaking services. Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express was launched to provide high quality consumer advice, and recently named iJailbreak as their top performing jailbreak solution.

The Significance of Jailbreaking iPhone 4 & 4S Explained at

Apple is one of the most popular and famous brands for smartphones in the present times and has billions of users worldwide, which can only be seen to be increasing through every passing day. What makes the ‘iPhones’ so popular is the fact that they are extremely user-friendly and high-tech; exactly the kind of smartphone a person wants. However, there are some disadvantages of having an iPhone and one of those include the fact that the Apple app store does not let the users download a wide range of applications which are truly possible through android. The solution of this complicated issue was also made a couple of years ago and is known as ‘jailbreaking’, which most people are completely aware of. The process of jailbreaking iPhone 4S iOS can be complex, but it is completely worth it in the end as it offers people with a massive amount of both short and long-term benefits. The entire process of jailbreaking is available online for anyone who wishes to use it on their iPhones. One of the most essential things to do is to choose a secure jailbreak method and this includes either EvasiOn or EvasiOn7.

iOS 71 Jail Break Express Claims iOS 7.1 Jailbreak May Be Imminent

Jailbreaking an Apple device is a process by which the device is unlocked in order to provide the ability to download third party apps and use the phone carrier of choice. A recent ruling has shown that jailbreaking the iPhone is legal. The advantages however are many and obvious, but the trend has been stilted by the difficulty of breaking iOS 7.1, the latest operating system for the iPhone. iOS 71 Jail Break Express is a new website that is covering the progress toward a successful 7.1 jailbreak, and reports it is now imminent.

Leading Multiple Sclerosis Conference for Healthcare Professionals Launches Mobile App

The 2014 Cooperative Meeting of CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers) & ACTRIMS® (Americas Committee for the Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis) has introduced a mobile app that attendees can use to make their visit to the event an even more productive experience. This leading conference for healthcare professionals and researchers involved in MS clinical care and research, will take place May 28-31, 2014 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Smartphone Project Teams-Up with Ear Authentication Technology

Darius Allen, CEO of Siam Smartphone announced today that a strategic alliance was formed with Michael Boczek, President and CEO of Descartes Biometrics.

Promise or Pay Challenges You to Turn off Your Smartphone for Good

LogoPromise or Pay, an online platform that prompts people to keep their promises or donate to charity, is challenging the world to turn off their smartphones for one day in the month of May. This initiative, called #POPMAY, aims to help students in Benin, Africa gain access to the Internet and receive comprehensive computer classes, while raising awareness about the global digital divide. To participate in the challenge, promisors must sign up on and announce their participation via social media. Launches an Entire New Range of Stylish Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases, the New York based global online store supplies an exclusive collection of lifestyle goods at competitive prices. And, this online tech shopping portal has now launched a whole new variety of trendy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases. Introduces a New Line of Affordably-Priced Trendy iPad Cases is one of the leading global ecommerce retailers that have been actively delivering an exclusive collection of high-end lifestyle goods at reasonable prices to the online shoppers.  The web shopping portal has now introduced a new range of highly stylish protective covers and cases for iPad at modest prices.

Social Network Startup, DietDF Is Starting Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for the Creation of an App That Fights Obesity, and Stops Emotional Eating Disorder

LogoFounder Vivien Wu is looking to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to develop DietDF app, an app capable of fighting obesity. It works by helping people combat their emotional eating disorders. Vivien has had the opportunity to work in the weight loss surgery industry as a marketing consultant to local businesses. What she saw during that time was disturbing.

Game of 3 Halves Provides Ninja Kiwi Bloons Tower Defence Games Online

Video games are loved by children and adults alike. There was a time when separate equipment needed to be bought to play any video game. However, the advancement in computer technology and the advent of smartphones brought interesting video games on everyone’s finger tips. Besides, there are some good websites that offer online play mode of various games. Game of 3 Halves is one such website that is dedicated to facilitate download and online play of Bloons Tower Defence games by Ninja Kiwi. It has all the versions of the game including the latest in the series at

Song Beam Music Sharing App Available on Apple App Store

LogoSong Beam was designed with music enthusiasts in mind to help spread great music. Using their local iTunes music library, users can create mixes of music, then easily share them with their friends via SMS, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Recipients can easily listen to all of the music at once, learn more about the artists, and purchase the songs they like from the iTunes Store.

The Universim: A Video Game That Travels Across Time and Space

Alexander Koshelkov, owner and founder of Crytivo Games in San Diego, is calling his new video game a “unique and expansive gaming experience.”

TollTrack Launches U.S. Version of Its Toll Road Tracking and Logging iOS App

LogoToday TollTrack announced the immediate availability of TollTrack USA for iOS, the app that offers US Toll Road users the convenience of automatically tracking and logging their toll costs using their smart phone’s built-in GPS.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player Compatible with Windows 8.1 Update OS for Better Movie Night

LogoMicrosoft has officially announced its latest Windows OS, the Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1. Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update (also known as KB 2919355) include improvements that make easier to find and use favorite apps and settings, and provide more familiar mouse and keyboard options. To keep up with Windows 8.1 Update and deliver better movie experience for Windows users, Leawo optimized its Blu-ray Player to be compatible with Windows 8.1 Update OS with multiple other improvements.

EMobile Code Review by Rebates-Hut Reveals How to Achieve Success in Mobile Marketing

Ronnie M. has launched a course named "eMobile Code” The aim of this program is to teach people how to earn money promptly and easily from mobile marketing. eMobile Code requires almost rock bottom tech skills as the steps are so simple and easy to follow. This program works perfectly for both novices and experienced people. Promptly start making money by using this course.

EMobile Code Review by Rebates-Hut Reveals Solid Ways to Revamp One's Mobile Marketing

A code claiming to change people’s lives has been introduced on the internet, the e-Mobile Code system is a complete program designed by Bill McKnight which lets the users tap into the 5 billion mobile users to generate huge amounts of money.

FP Mailing Solutions Releases New M1 Full-Color High-Resolution Address Printer

LogoFP Mailing Solutions, the fastest-growing mailing systems vendor in the United States, has officially released its all-new M1 Address Printer.

China Printer Company Brings a Range of Printing Solutions Including Flatbed UV Printers for Printing on Various Kinds of Materials

Businesses are today seeking new ways of advertising and promotions. And branding or printing a variety of promotional products has emerged as a new-age success mantra and for which, one needs to have high quality printing machines. Keeping in concern this type of modern business requirements, China based World Best Import & Export Company announces to offer their new UV Printer range that can print on almost all types of materials for branding and promotions. Moreover, these printers use eco-friendly white UV ink that can provide impressive embossing effects.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player W/M Now 40% off in Mother's Day Special Sale Promotion

LogoMother’s Day is officially set on May 11th, 2014, but actually it continues and any day could be Mother’s Day as long as love exists. Gift giving is a traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day holiday and various other important festival holidays. There’re various gifts, like carnation, cards, clothes, book, theatre ticket, etc. As a professional and leading multimedia software solution developer and provider, Leawo Software provide a special movie experience for Mother’s Day celebrating by offering wonderful movie player software - 40% off Blu-ray Player in Leawo’s 2014 Mother’s Day Special Sale promotion, which ends on May 15th, 2014.

Crown Audio Lake Mary Enters Sixteenth Year of Serving Clients in Florida

Crown Audio (, Florida's home theater and audio and video installation experts, are pleased to announce that it is entering its sixteenth year of serving the Lake Mary region through its flagship Crown Audio Lake Mary location. "We worked hard to grow during this economy and others prior to it by applying unmatched service and audio and video expertise to our client's needs and we, the specialists at Crown Audio Lake Mary and Crown Audio Winter Lake, will continue to deliver the best there is to offer our Lake Mary, Winter Lake, and surrounding area clients as we grow into our seventeenth year and beyond," said Nael Yacoub, President of Crown Audio.

SafeRing Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

Novogadget Electronics Inc., innovative developer of electronics solutions to improve life, announced today the launch of its first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for SafeRing. The crowdfunding appeal is calling for help in funding final designs for the SafeRing, which gives users the means to interact with smartphones with coded commands that cause pre-set actions to occur remotely from the palm of their hand.

Crown Audio Lake Mary Announces Expansion of Its State-of-the-Art Showroom

Crown Audio, Florida's premier independent home theater designer and audio and video member in good-standing of Home Entertainment, is excited to announce that it is expanding its Crown Audio Lake Mary location and showroom.