Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Mail in Mobile Teams with Hope Phones Charity to Supply Cell Phones

Mail In Mobile ( just donated 62 cell phones to the Hope Phones charity, in an innovative way to fund the global efforts of Medic Mobile, an organization that works to advance healthcare in 16 different countries with mobile technology.

iGeneration Mobile Phone Franchise Company Announces New Director of Business Development

A Tampa FL mobile phone franchise company, iGeneration, has recently added several new members to their executive franchise team, with the latest being a gentlemen by the name of David White. Mr. White brings 20 years of franchise consulting experience to the team and is considered a "great asset" in regards to the company's future growth plans.

Kickstarter - Snakable the Unbreakable Cable

LogoWe have all fallen victim to the inevitable broken connector on our cell phone cable or other gadget charging cable. There is a weak point in any design, and with the current USB charging cables, that weak point is right below the connector on either side of the cable. Snakable is a beautifully designed USB cable for your mobile device, that protects the wires at the cables' connectors from over-bending and eventually breaking. Like so many of us experience, with typical cables. This is due to the patent pending strain relief assembly on both connectors. The Snakable will be available as backer rewards, in Apple Lightning & Micro USB configurations. Color options will also be available: Red, White, Black, Green, and Orange. Lightning Snakables will be Apple Certified under the Made for iPhone (MFI) program. The Snakable Kickstarter is live now through May 25, 2014.

Moviixx Assures Expert Business Video Production at Affordable Rates

LogoVideo based marketing is steadily gaining ground when it comes to online business promotion today. The entrepreneurs looking for a credible support for their promo video need not search further, leading Indian video production company Moviixx has assured to extend premium expert business video services worldwide at affordable rates.

BlazeVideo Offers Free Movie Maker to DIY Home Movie as Mother's Day Gift

Amazing news reporting that a Texas mom instinctively became a ruthless fighter when a pit bull attacked her 2-year-old daughter jumped into our sight recently. People have to admit that a mom’s instincts to protect her children are wildly powerful. It is time to show love to mothers on this Mother’s Day! Right here, right now, let’s honor dear mothers with a meaningful 2014 Mother’s Day Gift from BlazeVideo is presenting full license codes of video maker BlazeVideo SmartShow at this festival to warm worldwide mothers’ hearts, starting from April 25 to May 15, 2014.

Photographer Melissa Avey Goes Prop-Free to Give Unique Portraits

LogoProfessional photographer Melissa Avey has committed herself to giving every client a unique set of photos that capture life as it happens. One of the only photographers to go prop-free in her portraits of children and newborns, Avey gives her customers beautiful portraits that show people in a candid light.

Digital and Offset Printer 4OVER4.COM Shares Brief History of Business Cards with Blog Readers

LogoOnline printing leader 4OVER4.COM shares the most interesting facts about the origins of business cards. The popular format has survived the rise of social networks and business networking apps. And as the post explains, the tradition started with Chinese visiting cards.

Rugged Cell Phones Are a Good Choice for Clumsy Consumers and Construction Workers

LogoSmartphones are a modern wonder, but they are delicate creatures, and not everyone needs, or even wants one. Folks who work outdoors for a living, or folks who want to be outdoors to live, may find rugged cell phones to be more practical, economical, and even more fun! Even the accident-prone can appreciate rugged mobile cell phones for work and play.

Independent Game Studio RYM Games Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Their Upcoming Release 'The Conjuring House'.

LogoThe conjuring House is a Paranormal Horror Experience where the game takes place in an abandoned house. The players will encounter all kinds of evil paranormal activity, and confront the devil that haunts the house. Fear and foreboding are the pillars on which "The Conjuring House" is based. The game's goal is to maintain immersion, and explore the concept of fear within the player’s engagement with the game. It’s the same concept used by Lovecraft, or any good creator of horror, who realizes the most crippling dread comes from a person’s own imagination.

Uiee Introduces Unique, New Charger for All Devices via Indiegogo

LogoUiee is a portable charger and a wall charger combined together in one tiny product. Users can use the built-in battery to charge their devices when they are on the go and they can also use Uiee to charge their devices at home by plugging it in to any wall socket.

Quality and Price Explanation of iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer from Ecever

LogoAre you running a cellphone repair shop or reselling replacement parts for cellphones? Have you ever bought iPhone 4/4S LCD Screen from China for your repair business? You may answer yes! First thing you should know is the quality grade. Maybe you find a good supplier who is providing you good quality lcd screen. But today, a professional iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen supplier called ecever would tell you more details about the Different Quality and Price for iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer from Whole China. This will help you to choose good quality products to avoid any disappointing experience in future.

New Android App Launched: RAM Booster to Help Clean the RAM of Android Phone

New android app has been launched in the market to help people clean the RAM of their Android device. The Ram Booster is made with advanced features, making cleaning and maintaining Android device’s Ram easy and hassle-free.

New Market Research Report: Video Games in Taiwan

LogoWith the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile games have become very popular. Consumers are entertained by mobile games during leisure time or when taking public transportation. Both smartphones and tablets have seen a fast increase in uptake by local consumers. The growth in popularity strongly drove value growth in mobile games during the review period. However, the other categories besides digital gaming within video games, namely video games hardware and software, were slightly... Offers Its Online Shop for Selling FIFA 2014 Coins

The gaming industry has transformed itself and come of age when it comes to options and quality. The industry has some professional gamers and real life like games to play around. Almost each segment has seen rise of one or the other popular games in the last decades. Similarly, the range of gaming consoles and their efficiency levels have increased drastically. One of the games which have been popular for years is the FIFA. One can say it is the best game for football and is comparable to none when it comes to gaming experience. The game comes with advanced scenarios and can get the gamers hooked up for a long period. The game is available for PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX, and iOS as well. It is not only the kids who love to play this game but also a large number of adults stay hooked to the game as well.

Consumer Electronics in the Czech Republic - New Market Research Report

LogoSales of consumer electronics were influenced by the economic downturn in the country which caused consumers to spend less money on electronic equipment and the average replacement cycle of electronic devices in their households increased. Certain categories such as camcorders, video players and portable media players recorded significantdecreases in consumer demand as all their functions were offered by smartphones, tablets and other portable computers which are fast developing and have...

NIGHTSTICK Raises the Performance Bar While Expanding Instrinsically Safe Certifications

LogoSir Henry Royce once said, “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” This principle is at the heart of the research, development, and design at Nightstick, a leading innovator of LED safety lighting solutions, as seen in its recent unveiling of a number of enriched products. In addition to enhancements made to the XPP-5420G and XPP-5420B Intrinsically Safe, Non-Rechargeable Polymer Flashlights, even the very popular XPP-5422G and XPP-5422B Intrinsically Safe, Non-Rechargeable Polymer Dual-LightTM got a boost—proving Nightstick’s dedication to exceeding expectations through continuous product improvement.

Gallas Label & Decal Installs VersaCAMM VSi Wide Format Digital Press

Gallas Label & Decal, a well-known local Chicago custom label printer company for over 65 years specializing in bespoke labels, decals, and packaging, now offers printing with the 54” Roland VersaCAMM VSi Series, one of the top options for wide format digital printing and cutting.

Best Vacuum Info Launches Information Rich Website to Simplify Research

In an attempt to help consumers sift through the seemingly ever more complex process of vacuum cleaner selection, Best Vacuum Info recently launched an information rich website intended to simplify the process of considering options, prices and vacuum cleaner features. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), vacuum cleaners currently have the greatest volume of sales of any home appliance in the United States -- the carpet cleaning industry estimates that 98% of homes in the U.S. currently have a vacuum cleaner. Considering the vast array of flooring surfaces in American homes and the degree to which consumer needs vary, Best Vacuum Info provides the vacuum cleaner reviews necessary to permit consumers to make discerning choices.

Gavin Birchall Offers Profit Launcher with 7 Warrior Special Offers (WSO) at the Price of One for Limited Time

A new offer from Gavin Birchall is available to provide people with access to more products. One of the biggest is a profit launcher, which is a premium warrior special offer so that it’s easier to get profits launched than ever before. Another product is that of blog cash secrets so that people know what they should be doing within their blog to turn it into a cash machine. Sells Cheap Replacement No-Contract Cell Phones

LogoMobileCellMart has quickly become established as one of the leading online suppliers for no contract replacement phones. Since their launch, MobileCellMart has provided consumers with the chance to easily purchase replacement phones for most carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. From Rugged Flip Phones, Push-To-Talk Phones, Text Messaging Phones that do not require Data Plans to Basic Flip Phones, Mobile Cell Mart keeps an extensive stock giving consumers lots of options.

New Tutorial Available on How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

LogoAmazing iPhone Data Recovery Software gives people opportunity to recover deleted text messages from iPhone. This iPhone Data Recovery review will provide customers with information on how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

Flappy Bird Creators Set to Release New Flying John Game for Facebook, iOS and Android

LogoAlready enjoying the success of millions of plays for their wildly popular online game Flappy Bird, the Dutch company G-Projects ups the ante on what a digital bird aloft can do. Known affectionately by its creators as “Flappy 2.0” the Flappy Bird follow-up is entitled Flying John and will thrill gamers worldwide in late April. Flying John is already available for Android in the Google Play store and will be available on iOS and Facebook later this month. The game will give players a new and fully customizable experience. An experience with the ability to unlock new birds and change the game’s background via coins earned through successful play.

Flappy Bird Creators Set to Release New Flying John Game for Facebook, iOS and Android

LogoAlready enjoying the success of millions of plays for their wildly popular online game Flappy Bird, the Dutch company G-Projects ups the ante on what a digital bird aloft can do. Known affectionately by its creators as “Flappy 2.0” the Flappy Bird follow-up is entitled Flying John and will thrill gamers worldwide in late April. Flying John is already available for Android in the Google Play store and will be available on iOS and Facebook later this month. The game will give players a new and fully customizable experience. An experience with the ability to unlock new birds and change the game’s background via coins earned through successful play.

Easter Bunny Hops Into "League of Angels"

To celebrate the Easter holiday, League of Angels (Proficient City Limited) have updated to Version 3.0094. Besides, The brand new Easter Bunny mount is going to make you cooler than ever, and is only available this time of year. Enjoy the fun of smashing Easter Eggs.

Wholesale-to-Go Offers Accessories for Apple and Blackberry Products

Apple and Blackberry are among the leading manufacturers of smartphones across the globe. Both the companies hold a considerable market share in all the countries across the world. While the phones are very much in demand, the accessories are among the widely purchased products. They include protective cases, decoration cases, back covers, repairing components, etc. There are several companies across the globe who is involved in manufacture of these cases. However, not all offer the accepted standards when it comes to quality.

Team iTOMO Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Manufacture iEAR Bluetooth4.0 Bone Conduction Headset

LogoiEAR headset adopts bluetooth4.0 Low Energy and Bone Conductive technology. While enjoying their music, people should also hear the ambient sounds (car horn sound, doorbell sound, etc.). iEAR ensures that listeners can respond to various situations and don’t miss important messages they shall be aware of.The iEAR can be connected to a compatible mobile phone / device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android smart phone) and any computer that supports Bluetooth wireless technology. In a Bluetooth connection, the headset and the other device should be within 10 meter (33 feet) of each other.

Recently Released Market Study: Consumer Electronics in Indonesia

LogoThe consumer electronics industry has enjoyed a robust performance over the review period with the emerging middle-class phenomenon and overall improvement in the standard of living. In particular, mobile phones' rapid growth in penetration aided by the boom of social media from Facebook to Twitter ensured the strong performance of the industry up to 2012. In the past, a lot of consumer electronics products were seen as luxury items with few exceptions such as televisions, but this attitude has...