Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Novak Networx Invests Further Into Area-Leading WiFi Installation Capabilities

Novak Networx, one of Southern Wisconsin's leading information technology and networking specialists, announced the expansion of the company's highly successful WiFi installation service. Thanks to new investments in training and cutting-edge technology, Novak Networx will be able to offer even more attractive and cost-effective WiFi installations to businesses and others in Janesville and surrounding towns. Novak Networx has already provided highly successful WiFi installations to many of the top businesses in the region, and founded and leads the extremely popular Janesville WiFi Project.

Luna Mobile Takes on Industry Titans in Global Race for Top Smartphone

U.S. based Luna Mobile, Inc. announced today that its flagship Luna ROX V8 smartphone is in production and will begin shipping in March, 2015. The ROX V8 raises the bar with the MediaTek MT6595 SoC (System on a Chip), the world's first 'true multi­processing' 8­core mobile CPU. The MT6595 recently tested above 47,000 in initial AnTuTu tests­­ more than 20% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and OnePlus One ( GSMArena 7/15/14). The phone sports a 5.5" FHD display, Qi wireless charging, dual SIMs, HEVC H.265 video, and a 13MP camera. Luna will sell the ROX V8 online, direct to the consumer, keeping distribution costs at a minimum. The Luna ROX V8 also comes 'unlocked', allowing the freedom to switch to another GSM carrier at any time.

How to Purchase a Used Replacement Cell Phone Online

LogoWithin the past 20 years cell phones have become irreplaceable communication devices.People rely on cell phones to keep in touch with spouses, children, friends, schools, businesses and more. Anyone who has ever left the house without their phone knows the panic that can result!

CHOETECH Releases New and Innovative Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5

LogoChina-based third-party applied tech company CHOETECH has released a new, exciting and innovative Qi wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will not affect the smartphone’s waterproof feature.

LED Lights Offered at Wholesale Prices from Pealriver

The LED lights remain the most popular of choices when it comes to choosing lights that are both efficient and low-energy consuming. The LED lights are not just durable but also ensure lesser utility bills at the end of the month whether it concerns the household or other commercial purposes. Over the past years the technology giving birth to LED lights has evolved in a faster pace. This has already led to an upgrade in performances while taking down the costs it also suggests that the consumers need to be wary so as to avoid paying extra for the energy consumed. Whether in the domestic sphere or in the commercial areas the use of LED lights brings down the energy consumption and overall cost to a lower amount. Pealriver is Chinese company dealing in the manufacture and wholesale of LED lights. The products manufactured and sold by the company include LED flood light, LED ceiling light, LED down light, LED street light etc. The products are sold at competitive prices.

Love Journal Photography Offers Its Services for Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most eventful occasion in a couple’s life. Apart from making the day most beautiful and grand, people want to make it memorable as well. Moreover, what else can make it memorable than taking it in the frames? Photography plays a large role in capturing every beautiful moment on the wedding day. Wedding photography is different from usual photography. It needs capturing the emotions as well besides capturing the event and happenings. As it is that wedding is the most cherished event in the life of a person, the details of the special occasion can only be documented in the photographs. Love Journal provides services in wedding photography. They are based in Melbourne and offer services in wedding photography, pre wedding photography, and videography to the residents of Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong Area, and Yarra Valley in Australia. Love Journal follow creative wedding photojournalism.

.xyz, the Next .com, Launches Globally, the first truly flexible and affordable new top level domain extension (gTLD) with universal appeal, launched into global general availability today. As the most anticipated new domain extension, internet users worldwide now have the opportunity to upgrade their online presence with a .xyz domain name.

Rancho Cordova Based Efilliate Inc. Updates Its Popular Reseller Program of Tech Accessories

Efilliate Inc., one of the leading wholesale distributors of low-cost tech accessories, has recently announced that they have updated their highly demanded ‘Reseller Program’ by adding more hard-to-find items, improving their ‘Reseller Client’ dedicated website and providing more discounts.

A Range of One Click Cleaner & Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Available with Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek International Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of fiber optics cleaning products. The China based company announces the availability of one click cleaner and Portable Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits for the worldwide buyers.

Mamabear Family Safety App Releases Version 3.0

LogoThe makers of MamaBear Family Safety App are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the popular mobile app.

9Game Offers Access to Thousands of Game Downloads for Android Users now supports Android games download with no cost at all. Users are provided with thousands of the best Android games available and can play these freely on their Android mobile phone.

9Game Offers Access to Thousands of Game Downloads for Android Users now supports Android games download with no cost at all. Users are provided with thousands of the best Android games available and can play these freely on their Android mobile phone.

Shenzhen Ecoillumi Tech Announces to Offer LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting with Up to 80% Energy Savings

Energy conservationists and environmentalists often recommend to focus on green energy sources. In the recent times, LED Lights have emerged as an environment friendly energy source that is affordable as well. LED lights reduce the energy consumption to a significant level and help save energy. Now, China based Shenzhen Ecoillumi Tech Company brings a wide variety of LED lights that can help people save up to 80% of energy and will also reduce their monthly energy bills.

Pcdata Looking to Expand Product Line with Innovative Wearable Mobile Technology

LogoPcdata is eying the introduction of a new innovative product to include wearable mobile technology (Smart Glasses). Testing the product concept at CeMAT 2014, attendees responded very favorably; the cloud-based technology and wireless communication tool is similar to Google Glasses, but optimized for the picking industry.

Now Available: Turkey Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014

LogoDownside risk derived from a reliance on external financing and domestic political instability continues to present short-term downside to an otherwise positive outlook for the Turkish consumer electronics market. Economic instability, including domestic access to credit, and the potential for the deteriorating security situation in neighbouring countries to spill over into Turkey could undermine the domestic political environment and growth story. However, our core scenario remains unchanged, as we forecast rising incomes, development of retail and networking infrastructure and declining device prices in key categories to drive strong medium-term spending growth. Key areas of spending growth include smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

"Peru Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014" Published

LogoA strong consumer growth story underpins our view that Peru will remain one of the more dynamic markets in Latin America over our forecast period. Economic growth is relatively broad-based compared to some other regional markets, boosting consumption of devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and flat-screen TVs. However, in 2014 Peru continues to trail the majority of its regional peers in terms of device penetration rates in most consumer electronics device categories. This feature does have upside, allowing vendors to capitalise on strong growth if they are competitive on price. BMI forecasts consumer electronics sales to grow by 8.3% in 2014, backed by a rise in consumer spending and low penetration of devices such as PCs and smartphones. Meanwhile, the launch of 4G LTE by Movistar in January 2014 should boost sales of mobile handsets at the higher end of the market.

iPhone Owners Wake Up to See That Their Smartphones Have Been Hacked via "Find My iPhone" App

LogoThe device will not be physically lost; it will be locked - making the phone useless, until a ransom is handed to the hackers. iPhone owners in the UK and Australia woke up in awe seeing that their phones have been hacked and a ransom is demanded to unlock them. Announces Newest HID Kit is proud to announce that its newest HID kit, the 35W CANBUS, is now available for sale on its website, as it joins other quality HID kits already enjoyed by countless customers across Canada and the United States. Customers in the market for HID conversion kits, as well as items like ballasts, warning cancellers, and power relay harnesses are invited to visit to find premium quality merchandise that is perfect for their automotive lighting needs.

New Market Study, "Game-Changing Technology Key to Capturing the New Online Travel Consumer", Has Been Published

LogoOnline travel consumers are changing as they increasingly embrace mobile internet devices, demand more personalised real-time services and enjoy sharing travel reviews and services with their peers. 2014 is expected to be another year of strong innovation for online travel in particular in the fields of wearable technologies and of a wider usage of Big Data by travel companies in order to offer a more tailored consumer experience, at the same time increasing conversion rates...

Czech Republic Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014 - New Market Study Published

LogoThe consumer electronics market in the Czech Republic experienced a dip in growth in recent years as a result of market saturation in some key product categories, as well as challenging economic conditions. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most lucrative in Central and Eastern Europe as a result of relatively high income levels and the strength of supporting infrastructure such as data networks. Sales of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs all offer vendors opportunities for strong unit and value growth in 2014. However, there is downside risk, with the weakening of the koruna pushing up prices of imported products and acting as a drag on growth.

Jarrell's Air Care NW Expand Range of Services as Summer Blaze Approaches

Summer is now just around the corner, and it’s at times like these when HVAC systems need to be operating in peak condition. Air filters need to keep pollen at bay, conditioners need to keep temperatures down and deodorizes need to work extra hard to keep air fresh. Anticipating this, Jarell’s Air Care NW of Oregon has expanded their range of heating and cooling services to include new cleaning and maintenance operations that will help keep systems operating at peak conditions for the busiest time of the year.

Candy Crush Tuts Undertake Comprehensive Website Redesign to Better Serve Users

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive, and often one of the most infuriating games ever created. It’s simple game mechanic, colorful display and fun sounds make the game surprisingly engaging and often incredibly difficult. In order to progress, many players need to seek advice on how to beat certain levels. Candy Crush Tuts is a resource center to address this very need, and it has recently redesigned its website in order to make it easier than ever for their thriving community to unlock the secrets to victory.

Hungary Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014 - New Study Released

LogoThe Hungarian consumer electronics market has operated in a challenging economic environment for several years, stymieing spending growth as consumers have faced a continued squeeze. Although several macroeconomic indicators are forecast to move back to positive territory, a depreciation of the forint against the US dollar will mean trading conditions remain challenging. Despite the ongoing drag on growth, we believe the Hungarian market retains the potential for medium term growth. The Hungarian consumer electronics market still has considerable latent growth potential, and pent-up demand after deferred purchases 2008-2013. Home computer penetration remains low compared with peer group countries while internet penetration is also relatively low as a percentage of households. Meanwhile, in the handset market, consumers are increasingly becoming data-centric, offering scope for smartphone adoption as vendors offer low-cost devices.

Edward and Mike Seek Funding via Rockethub to Introduce the Smartest & Coolest App "Vinviter" for Smartphone

LogoVinviter allows users to create and locate events – especially parties and other social gatherings - regardless of location. After the party, event, concert or fun time, the best memories and experiences can be shared with others via photographs on the app's event history. Vinviter keeps everyone in the loop on all the parties, events, and other entertainment based on their interests. Vinviter allows everyone to create events and promote them by inviting their followers or share it with other people who share the same interests.

New Online Portal Launched for Selling Used Non-Fiction Books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes is a website which offers a great opportunity for people who ask the question ”where do I sell my books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes and get the best possible price for their items?” The website offers more than just computer generated and algorithm calculated prices for the item people submit to the website for selling. is made up of a team of real people who evaluate the value of each item submitted. This novel approach to buying used stuff online adopted by ensures that the website considers all Used Non-Fiction Books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes offered to be sold to them including items which other websites refuse to take. Offers HDTV Antennas with a New Trend

Antennas work on simple science but, they have in a way revolutionized the average TV viewing experience. They are now a huge threat to cable connection suppliers. What makes antennas a game changer is the one time expenditure they come with. All it takes is one installation process and a onetime payment that can ensure uninterrupted TV viewing for years to come. That said not all antennas are equipped to deliver this. Antennas sold on are however, an exception to the rule.

Gaia Town Is a 3D Environmental Education Game

LogoThe movement to become more environmentally responsible and create a sustainable society has taken root all over the world. Most experts agree that this will be a gradual process with future generations becoming more accountable for this change.