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EmergenSee Named One of "The 2014 OnMobile 50 Companies to Watch"

Scheduled to receive a coveted award at Palo Alto’s AlwaysOn World Headquarters Friday, November 14th EmergenSee officially becomes a part of a coveted list. Named by AlwaysOn as one of “The 2014 OnMobile 50 Companies to Watch” the company that brought the marketplace an unsurpassed personal safety app rises in the ranks. Deemed notable by the technology companies, investors, bankers, journalists and industry insiders that select the winners for the award, EmergenSee is lauded for its innovation. It ups the ante on 24/7 personal security with an app that offers a way to have a virtual 911 in one’s pocket. "We are honored to be selected as one of the Top 2014 OnMobile Companies to watch” said Phil Reitnour, founder of EmergenSee.

eLiquid Oasis Announces Grand Opening with Promise to Sell 100% American Made E Juice

E liquids are more popular than ever before. Once the preserve of a niche vaporizer market, the products have been made exponentially more popular as a result of the e-cigarette, a cleaner alternative to traditional combustible smoking. As a result the market has been saturated with opportunities to purchase low quality, imported eliquids that are poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. eLiquid Oasis LLC has been launched to change that, offering only 100% American Made e liquids from top brands to ensure users have the best access to affordable, high quality products. Releases a New Line of Samsung Galaxy Note 3S Capacitive Touch Stylus Pens

Mobile phone accessories are abundantly available in the market, both in physical as well as online stores. It is the quality and pricing of these accessories that often confuse the smartphone users while making a purchase., one of the leading online stores, which sellssmartphones and accessories like Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases , and iPhone cases, recently released its new line of Samsung Galaxy Note 3S Capacitive Touch Stylus Pens.

Home and Recreation Reviews New Grocery Store App from Programmer Scott Tucker

A recent article from Home And Recreation introduces and reviews the latest mobile app from Scott Tucker.

Where to Get Like-New Apple IPhone 3Gs with Wifi on AT&T or Unlocked Cell Phone

LogoThe iPhone 3gs is still a very useful device with excellent features including video camera and excellent apps for music and more. For people who don't want to spend over $500 for a cool phone the used Apple iPhone 3Gs may be a stylish and functional choice. One of the best Android type cell phone made and will always be a very nice phone. A Great Replacement Cell Phone for AT&T Used or New.

How to Get New or Used Cell Phones with Bluetooth, MP3 Players Fast

LogoUsed devices are great and will help people save significant money when buying cell phones without service contracts. This time, the company is offering a large range of used AT&T cell phones gives full customer service and They update their inventory from time to time and the new collection of used AT&T cell phones for sale comprises of no-contract cell phones which are in excellent condition. Thus, one needs to keep checking their website on a regular basis to come across the new collection of AT&T refurbished phones for sale and cell phones from other companies, and can take advantage of their offerings.

Fitness App Honors Celebrity Trainer Kali O'Mard

This week, fitness app announced that Celebrity Trainer Kali O'Mard would be named their first “Endorsed Trainer of The Month.” The title comes with both bragging rights and a valuable set of prizes.

Deep Meditation System Review: Is It Legit?

This Deep Zen Meditation Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Deep Zen Meditation new revolutionary program. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Deep Zen Meditation are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Deep Zen Meditation Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews. Announces the Most Competitively-Priced Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases is a very popular ecommerce shopping portal amongst shoppers for lifestyle goods and products. Presently, the retailer has announced very attractive reasonable prices for its entire range of Samsung Galaxy S5 cases.

Laabai.Lk Releases New Cool Gadgets in the Home Electronics Market today announced the release of most cool gadgets in the home electronics segment. The online store is also offering money saving deals on a number of products including portable DVD players (, webcams (, external hard drives (, power banks ( and motherboards ( among other.

New Anti-Spying Protection for Smartphones Available

LogoZiklag Systems, the leading developer of next-generation security products for enterprise applications, announced today the launch of Office Anti-Spy™, a new anti-spying App for Android Smartphones. Designed for use by corporations and executives, Office Anti-Spy™ makes it impossible for a hacker, intruder or spy to listen to or record private conversations and meetings.

Takara Tomy Co Ltd in Toys and Games (World) - New Market Research Report

LogoTakara Tomy is the fourth largest traditional toys and games company globally, however its sales have declined in 2012 mainly due to its majority exposure to the declining Japanese market. The company is responsible for creating major brands such as Pokemon and Beyblade. Takara Tomy also originally produced Transformers, which is licensed to Hasbro for international markets outside Japan.

Recently Released Market Study: Home Audio and Cinema in Romania

LogoHome audio and cinema in Romania contracted in 2012 in volume terms. While volume sales declined by 2%, value sales declined even faster at 4%. This clearly indicates that the average unit price, or the price that the average consumer was willing to pay for these products, declined slightly in 2012. However, Romanians increasingly prioritise products that are discounted or represent the best value for money in consumer electronics.

EaseUS Improved Its Mobile Data Recovery Tool to Guarantee a Better and Easier Recovery

LogoAs the world’s leading data recovery solution provider, EaseUS Software ( is always devoting itself to improving its existing products and developing more useful new products. Recently, it improved its free iPhone data recovery software and Android data recovery software, EaseUS MobiSaver, aiming to offer better mobile phone data recovery result and more comfortable user experience.

SMAART WiFi TM to Make Its Big Debut at the National Restaurant Show

Today, Wi-Fi technology enables users to access the World Wide Web by simply connecting their device to any available open network. It provides a convenient, easy and most of all, a very economical way to stay in touch with the world. SMAART Wi-Fi is now taking this experience to the next level. Their new take on Wi-Fi helps all parties involved get something in return for their investment.

The Free Hand Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices Makes Driving Safer

Speaking on a mobile phone is not only illegal in a large number of states in America it can also be dangerous. Searching for your mobile phone while trying to keep an eye on the road can result in a serious road traffic accident, that is why The Free Hand Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones and GPS Devices ( was launched, to make driving safe. Driving safety experts are trying to get the message across that having a mobile phone on your lap is dangerous, revealing last year over 3,000 deaths resulted in people texting while driving. Offers Free Gift Package with Every Purchase of Smartphone and iPad Cases is an international online wholesale and retail firm that sells a wide range of lifestyle products. The e-commerce portal has now announced a free gift package worth $30 with every purchase of smartphone, ipad, and ipad mini covers.

Epichackers Launches Free Steam Games for Online Gamers

Steam games have been one of the frontrunners of the video games in the present century. 7 out of 10 adults know what a steam game is, whether or not they play the game. This alone shows the popularity of the game. It has been recorded that an increasing number of people join the game on a daily basis.

Arena Publishes the Best 3D Printer Arena in Its Blog Site

3D Printer Arena, a blog site centered on 3D printing announced its opening on the internet. People who are interested in 3D printing and those who are in this business can use this website to get the latest information and tips related to 3D printing.

Free WIFI Gets SMAART at the National Restaurant Show

John Bailey, CEO of The WiFi Company, explained why this event was selected for the debut, "Over the last 10 years, we have built our business by providing wireless network management and in-store radio to restaurants, retailers and franchises across the country and I felt the National Restaurant Show would be the perfect event to debut SMAART WiFi, as it’s the premiere 4 day event where more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.”

How to Shop for a Like-New Cell Phone Cheap on the Internet

LogoWithin the past 20 years cell phones have become irreplaceable communication devices.People rely on cell phones to keep in touch with spouses, children, friends, schools, businesses and more. Anyone who has ever left the house without their phone knows the panic that can result!

MobileCellMart Offers Used Droid Smartphones for Much Less Than New Ones

LogoAndroid operating system cell phones are extremely popular, and extremely expensive when purchased brand-new from one of the major carriers. Most carriers now offer new plans where it appears that the cost of a smartphone is greatly reduced. Sometimes the cost of the phone is spread out over the lifetime of a one or two year contract. However new Android Smartphones cost hundreds of dollars, no matter how you slice it.

MobileCellMart Has Durable Waterproof Cell Phones for Sale

LogoSometimes communication is the most important function of a cell phone. Construction workers, landscapers, oil-field employees, even outdoors enthusiasts such as hikers and bikers can benefit from a really tough cell phone that is waterproof and resistant to dirt and grime.

PeepMe, The Fun Social Network Allows Users to Compare Millions of Products and Find the Best Prices

Consumers are spending hours on their computers trying to find great deals on products, hours that could be better spent having a laugh with their friends and getting out to the pub for a social gathering. A new social network called PeepMe has made it easier for people to find the best prices for products they are interested in buying by allowing users of their social network to share products and the prices they have paid with millions of users. Shoppers no longer have to pay the first price they see or spend hours on the Internet looking for great deals. By using the social network users, can see what everyone else has bought and where they have bought them from and see how much they have paid. Reveals the Best SWTOR Strategy in an Exhaustive SWTOR Class Guide

LogoAppabundance.Com now offers a great SWTOR class guide for all gamers who are tired to struggle in Star Wars: The Old Republic without any successful tactic and strategy. The main reason for fail is the lack of experience in contrast to the popular belief that the reasons are bad skills and poor gear.

TaskMyMail Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Simplify Task Lists

LogoThe makers of the TaskMyMail app have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in support of their new time management app. With it the app creators ask, “Where does the time go?” Consumers spend close to one third of their time checking and responding to emails. Time that could be better spent completing the thousands of tasks that must be done every day. TaskMyMail condenses all daily tasks and emails into one clean, simple interface.

Recent Study: Traditional Toys and Games in Taiwan

LogoSimilar to the previous year's performance, traditional toys and games in Taiwan continued to show negative growth in 2012. The reversal of the declining growth trend in the national birth rate in 2012, the Chinese year of the dragon, stopped more significant value decline in traditional toys and games overall and growth decreased less in categories within traditional toys and games such as baby (0-18 months) and infant (19-36 months). However, traditional toys and games still underperformed in...