Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Mind Commerce Identifies Market Potential in Asia for Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming play on small screen devices has exploded within the digital gaming industry as a major trendsetter. The global mobile gaming market is expected to reach US $78.7B by 2019 with a CAGR of 20.2% from its current market value of US $31.4B.

Foodtweeks Adds Donations to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina on Behalf of Users

Foodtweeks™ announced that the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina in Winston-Salem, NC has joined the ranks of foodtweeks™-affiliated food banks. The free mobile app combines weight management with feeding the hungry in an effort to fill the gap for many Americans facing hunger on a daily basis.

Unseen Apps Review Exposes Unseen Apps for iPhone and iPad Touch

This Unseen Apps Review reveals that Unseen Apps System is a package/guide loaded with more than 50 applications that they can download and use on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Because this product has many great features, people can make the most of their favorite phone or gadget.

SMG Media Introduces Chord Organ for iPad

SMG Media has announced the availability of its second musical instrument app, Chord Organ, a vintage reed-blown electric chord organ for iPad. Professionally sampled sounds from each key and button of an authentic vintage chord organ let users play any of twelve different chords with one hand and melodies on up to four octaves with the other hand in high-quality stereo sound.

The Next Generation of the Internet Begins Now

LogoInternet users worldwide will soon see web addresses ending with .xyz - the first truly generic domain extension - as Brands are invited to register and secure their marks in the .xyz namespace during the trademark-exclusive Sunrise Registration Period. Offers Various Premium Games for Free and Unlimited Use offers many different premium games which are all unlimited and free of use. This site has developed a platform that allows people to enjoy and get entertained by the games available on its page. This website has been developing free online games for quite some time and it has already made many people happy and entertained with the presence of its incredible games. There are more exciting and more fun online games to play with. All they need is to choose the perfect one for them.

VoX Mobile App Offers Free Voice and Video Calling and Free Text Messages

VoX Communications is now promoting its mobile app for unlimited voice and video calling and unlimited text messages to other app users, at no cost to VoX subscribers. VoX can be downloaded to both Android and iOS mobile devices.

New Market Report Now Available: Consumer Electronics in South Korea

LogoConsumer electronics recorded negative growth in 2012 due to the effects of the economic downturn. Expensive consumer electronics items are often considered to be non-essential, compromising demand during the economic downturn even though the category's leading players went to great efforts to introduce new products with advanced functions. In particular, televisions and computers recorded volume declines in 2012, which has a negative influence on overall growth in consumer electronics. It is...

Home Audio and Cinema in Taiwan - New Report Available

LogoSales of audio separates, speakers and hi-fi systems have been declining for some time due to the growing popularity of digital music downloads. The impact of digital downloads on home cinema and speaker systems has been more recent in comparison.

New Report Available: Venezuela Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoIn a series of actions which are likely to put wary investors even more on edge, the Venezuelan government demonstrated it has no intention of changing course or addressing the serious economic challenges that the country faces. We believe near-recessionary conditions will persist over the coming quarters, and recent changes announced in Venezuela's management of its currency are not significant enough to reverse the overarching trend towards an official devaluation, which we expect to occur in H114. The devaluation will constrain consumer purchasing power and raise the cost of imported products for local consumers. The ascension to full membership in the Mercosur trading bloc by Venezuela in July 2012 is one of the few bright spots for local and foreign companies operating in the country. This potentially opens up new opportunities in markets such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, which Venezuelan companies can export consumer electronics products to, in order to boost growth. This is evident in the business strategies of Samsung, with its joint venture with the government, as well as VIT and Vtelca. Further, BMI expects an expanding population, rising disposable income and easier access to consumer credit to have positive effects on Venezuela's consumer electronics sales over the long term.

Lone Star Appliance Announces New Repair Model with Fast and Affordable Promise

According to industry statistics, the average life expectancy for most major appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and freezers is 13 years, with freezers typically lasting longer and microwave ovens and compact refrigerators on the short end of the spectrum. In previous years, consumers would choose to simply dispose of their appliances when they broke down, instead of having them repaired. However, according to Michael Frost, spokesperson for Lone Star Appliance Repair (, with the recent recession, an increasing number of residents are opting for repair instead of buying new.

Urban Indo Launches App for iOS and Android to Answer All Indonesian Property Search Needs

Urban Indo has created a new mobile app that aims to answer the needs of modern Indonesia by providing flexible, powerful and fully mobile property searches, allowing people to find properties on the move and search with precision for exactly what they want.

Recently Released Market Study: Home Audio and Cinema in Malaysia

LogoHome audio and cinema sales were posed with unfavourable challenges and thus experienced decelerating growth rates over the review period. Products within home audio and cinema were competing for sales with other electronics that can produce audio in addition to other functions which are used more often and in demand such as computers or digital media player docks. Product maturity and lack of new or unique appeal resulted in stagnant volume growth for home audio and cinema to settle at 542,000...

Dallas Entrepreneur Launches New American Smartphone Project

Darius Allen, founder of CRBT Inc. announces plans to launch cutting-edge smartphone to compete in Billion-Dollar Mobile Phone Industry.

Alex Pisarev and Team Seeks $50,000 via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of SmartMio, the World's First Connected & Wearable Sports Muscle Stimulator for iOS and Android

LogoSmartMio on-the-go workouts seamlessly integrate into the user’s existing training plan and target significant muscle strength & endurance gains in just 6-8 weeks

Vandere Launches Aurobot & Aurtobot HD on iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android

Vadnere is proud to announce the release of its newly developed unique game 'Aurobot' for all iOS & Android devices on the iTunes Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store. Aurobot & Aurobot HD will be available from 21st Mar 2014 on iTunes Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store for $0.99.

Vandere Launches Aurobot & Aurtobot HD on iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android

Vadnere is proud to announce the release of its newly developed unique game 'Aurobot' for all iOS & Android devices on the iTunes Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store. Aurobot & Aurobot HD will be available from 21st Mar 2014 on iTunes Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store for $0.99.

The Latest Saga of the Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a forthcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing video game from ZeniMax Online Studios. It is a segment of The Elder Scrolls video charter. From this charter of The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls Online is coming out as the first unrestricted multiplayer episode. It was declared on the 03rd of May, 2012 and it was disclosed exclusively by Game Informer. Previously the information of TESO was also revealed in the monthly issue of magazine in the similar month. On the 23rd of January, 2014, some actors were revealed to cast their voice for the diverse characters of The Elder Scrolls Online. The prominent characters integrate John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Lynda Carter, Alfred Molina and others.

Linq Services Reduces the Headache of Cell Phone Services for Businesses

LogoIt can be extremely frustrating to deal with wireless service providers, especially for businesses that have a lot of different cell phones. There are certain businesses that can provide  wireless expense management  services so that companies won’t have to deal service providers at all. Linq Services has quite a bit to offer when it comes to helping businesses by eliminating the need to call carriers.

Consumer Electronics in Mexico - New Study Released

LogoAll macroeconomic indicators pointed towards a stable economy in 2012, which translated into higher confidence when buying consumer electronics in Mexico. It has been observed that consumers are willing to buy more of these products, demanding the latest technologies, to the detriment of mature product types. Tablets and smartphones are at the heart of the dynamism observed in consumer electronics. While other product types are languishing, the overall effect on consumer electronics remained...

Xbox 360 and Other Gaming Accessories Are Now Being Sold at Affordable Rates on

The aptly named website features a large variety of Xbox 360 and other gaming accessories for some of the most affordable prices available on the internet. This website is a one stop web store for all those who love gaming and wish to enhance their gaming pleasure through the addition of gaming accessories.

WTI Receives Patentability Report for Its Portable Vaporizing Technologies

LogoWisplite Technologies Incorporated ("WTI" or "the Company"), a developer and licensor of vaporizing technologies for the electronic cigarette, medical marijuana and homeopathic remedy industries, announced today that it has received a favorable International Preliminary Report on Patentability ("IPRP") from the International Searching Authority ("ISA") relating to its integrated electro-mechanical platform.

Sound Bar Review Launches Consumer Site Offering Sound Advice

According to a recent industry report from IBISWorld, the outlook for the TV and Home Installation Services industry looks optimistic, with revenues expected to increase at an average yearly rate of 4.2% to almost $14 billion in the next two years. Improved economic conditions are expected to increase consumer spending, encouraging buyers to allocate more on electronics, such as TVs and home theaters and their associated accessories such as sound bars.

Blaze Waves Entertainment Launches an Exciting New Zombie Game

Blaze Waves Entertainment is a startup entertainment media company that focuses on developing mobile applications, publishing and marketing. The firm has now launched a new Zombie game that is really exciting and fun to play.

Fifa 14 Coins - Exclusively Available on Sale at

Individuals these days can be seen to be indulging in playing different kinds of games online. One of the most famous and exclusive games involve Fifa 14. The online game is not only exceptionally famous but it can be ranked amongst one of the best online games of all times. In order to unlock new players and many other items in the game, Fifa coins need to be purchased at the earliest convenience.

Best New Designer Watches for 2014 from (SIHH) Salon International de la Haute Horlogene

LogoEach year the world's finest watch makers showcase the latest creative and fashionable timepieces at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogene (SIHH.) While the focus seems to be purely based on fashion and luxury, look close enough to find fashionable and luxurious, yet affordable treasures. All designer watches are available at Timepiece Perfection.

Highly Anticipated Dirt Bike Games 365 Launches to Collate the Best Free Bike Flash Games

Flash games are a great way for people to spend their leisure time, offering amusement, challenge and distraction for those looking to unwind, even if only for a few minutes at the office. Flash games are hugely varied, but most players tend to express a preference for a particular kind of flash game. One of the most popular genres is dirt bike games, where players must coordinate balance, motion and momentum to navigate a challenging course of contours. Dirt Bike Games 365 has been launched to provide a single hub for fans of these games to find the very best of the web.