Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Analysis of Key Vendors, State of the Market, and Outlook 2012 - 2016


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2012 -- Content Delivery Networks (CDN) provide solutions for efficiently and effectively managing content of all types. Solutions include core services such as aggregation, management, and distribution of content as well as a variety of value-added functionality. The market need for CDN solutions correlates directly with the explosion of broadband networks, smart mobile phones, and related applications, services and content. In particular, the convergence of cellular networks supported by 4G/LTE broadband wireless, and Cloud-based applications, facilitates the need for more intelligent content solutions.

This research evaluates the current state of the market for content, CDN providers, and solutions. This report provides a SWOT analysis for major vendors and view into the future of CDN solutions and marketplace. This report analyzes the competitive threats to pure-play CDN providers from Google and Amazon. The report also analyzes threats to network operators as well as opportunities for content, commerce, and application developers.

Target Audience:
- Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors
- Telecom, ICT, and Internet infrastructure providers
- Content developers including applications, gaming and others

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1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction To CDN
2.1 What Is CDN?
2.1.1 Benefits Of CDN
2.1.2 CDN Is Not For Content Alone
2.2 Current Status Of CDN And It Ecosystem
2.2.1 Carriers
2.2.2 The Role Of Carriers In Video Content Delivery
2.2.3 Software Vendors Role In Video Delivery Networks
2.2.4 Ott Providers
2.2.5 Third Party Content Providers
2.2.6 Vas Providers

3.0 CDN Applications
3.1 Current Applications
3.1.1 Video Delivery Networks
3.1.2 Application Delivery Networks (And)
3.2 Future Applications
3.2.1 Mobile Cdn
3.3 Market Opportunity: Cdn In The Cloud
3.3.1 Ott And Cloud Offers
3.3.2 Case Study: Cloud And The Return On Investment (Roi) For Cdn
3.3.3 Advantages For Cloud Cdn

4.0 Opportunities And Market Outlook
4.1 Strategies For Network Operators
4.2 Market Opportunities For Content, Commerce, And Application Developers 47
4.3 The Future Of The Cdn Market And The Telecommunication Role
4.3.1 First Scenario (The Market With Cdn Federation)
4.3.2 Second Scenario (The Market Without Cdn Federation)
4.3.3 Marketing And Commercial Media
4.4 Conclusion

5.0 CDN Global Emerging Markets
5.1 CDN Markets In Asia (Mobile Cdn)
5.2 CDN Markets In Europe (Mobile Cdn)

6.0 Key Vendor Analysis
6.1 Akamai
6.1.1 Strengths
6.1.2 Weaknesses
6.1.3 Opportunities
6.1.4 Threats
6.2 Cdnetworks
6.2.1 Strengths
6.2.2 Weakness
6.2.3 Opportunities
6.2.4 Threats
6.3 Level 3 Communications Inc
6.3.1 Strengths
6.3.2 Weakness
6.3.3 Opportunities
6.3.4 Threats
6.4 Limelight Networks
6.4.1 Strengths
6.4.2 Weakness
6.4.3 Opportunities
6.4.4 Threats
6.5 Amazon And Google Cdns Threats To The Current Cdns Providers

7.0 Google And The CDN Market
7.1.1 Market Strategy
7.2 Google Apps Marketplace And Mobile Applications
7.2.1 Mobile Commerce In Google Clouds
7.2.2 Economic Of The Cloud And Its Benefits For Google
7.2.3 Swot Analysis For Google Cloud Services
7.3 Google And Cdn

8.0 The Future Of The CDN Market 2012-2016
8.1 The Market By Service Providers

9.0 The Cloud, Mobile Broadband And CDN
9.1 Case Study: A Day In The Life Of User With Cdn And Cloud